Community - Friday with Means July 3rd 2009

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Community - Friday with Means July 3rd 2009

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:06 pm

This weeks Friday with Means gives us all insight into a questionnaire given to the DNW Community. You can see it here: ... p?t=556889

This weeks edition also talks about the AO Learning Curve.

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Post by Niodemus » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:11 pm

Interesting survey on RK3 and opinions there.... what would have been more interesting is a total German community on all servers... I know (or knew - some have left already) by far more Germans on RK1 & 2 than I have ever seen during CET prime times "alive"... or in other words active ever.

There is even a complete German organisation on RK1 (DSA) with quite a strong memberbase - don't know about all their activity status though...

However ... yes I failed to start on RK3.. kinda FCs fault since they haven't really mentioned that server when I was starting out ... or didn't it exist at those times? No clue to be honest.

Personally I feel like being at home on RK1 .. having more friends etc etc. Language barrage isn't mentionable though ... and to be honest I have learned quite a lot English while being not on RK3 (not going to start on some of the dumb replies of ... well once high valued people).
Still no doubts there are quite many on RK3 who want to remain within it's community .. being it language barrier or other reasonings.

Well.. I better stop before going astray on... uhm... what was the topic again? :oops:


*scratches head wondering whether or not this should be submitted before realising it is already uploaded*

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