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Community - AO 8th Birthday Celebration

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:50 pm

Borealis is a city which is usually quite busy, today is no exception and from what I have heard it has been busy for the last few days and is likely to continue to be...

If you have no idea WHY it is busy, then you need to go and take a look yourself because Borealis is the place where you can get your hands on this years Birthday Presents and be flung into the air by a trigger happy Game Director (I am sure it was him that keeps pushing the button!)
[img] ... button.jpg[/img]
The effects of the I WIN Button
So, to get your hands on some presents, you need to go speak with Chip Daler. He is in Borealis at 670 x 519 and you really wont miss him.
As soon as you open dialog with Chip, he will give you a Photon Embedded Cloak. With other dialog options from him you can also:

- Be ridiculed for not knowing about the party this weekend
- Take him some Atrox Wonder Pie (Available from most Food Vendors), because it's Mr. Squeaky's Birthday, in exchange for the pie, you will get a Squeaky Birthday doll. (Birthday Squeaky)
- You can get your hands on a Birthday Placard, Play Costume, Fairy Wings, Serenity Island Costume (But you need to take him a beer jug in exchange for the suit! I didnt have much luck with Bartenders, but the Good Time Party Mixer in Newland was happy to sell me one.)

Also in Borealis at, 669 x 564 is a Party Planner
The Party Planner is the person to talk to if you want to get yourself an Anniversary Gift. When you open this gift, inside you will find:

Advanced Experience Construct (Add XP bonus on use)
Experience Construct (Add XP Bonus on use)
Citizenship Companion (Wear it to gain XP bonus)
Anniversary Painting

From her, you can also buy the following things:

Age of Colin Hologame
A Very Nice Glass
Birthday Placard
Delicious Cream Cake
Funny Arrow
Glittering Black Shirt
Glittering Long Black Sleeves
Glittering Short Black Sleeces
Karlsson Propeller Cap
Leetzilla Doll
Monster Sunglasses
Ornamental Grey Dress
Party Mix

You can also learn about Colonial day.. which if you read her dialog, you will see she is a little confused on her years...

So, don't forget .. it's party time this weekend. You can read more about the celebrations going on across the planet here: ... p?t=555906

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