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Community - AOU May Update

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri May 01, 2009 1:11 pm

As the Easter Leet appeared to fail to bring the AOU team any chocolate this year, I suppose it is about time to move on, get over it and just tell you about what has been happening within the team for the last few weeks since our last update. (Obviously, if the Easter Leet had brought us chocolate we would have all been too busy to do anything other than eat chocolate.. it must be a conspiracy to make us all work more).

The AOU Modification (available to download here) to the Graphical User Interface is still undergoing testing and we have gained some really valuable feedback from the community who have been using it! There was a slight issue with ?óÔé¼?ôscreenshot mode?óÔé¼?Ø reported in a few forums as well as our own, but this has been addressed and a new update for the mod will follow very soon. We are really sorry for any problems caused to anyone who clicked the button and then found they couldn't easily get their screen back to ?óÔé¼?ônormal?óÔé¼?Ø again. Just a reminder though, the AOU mod is still in BETA phase, and any bugs, though not wanted, may be lurking.

Further updates to the AOU Mod will be posted in our news section.

Social Events and AO Universe
This last month, AOU welcomed two new members to the team. Copperneedle, who is Channel42's newest moderator and Lightingfist who is AO Universe's new Social team member. Both of these people have joined the team in the hope of being able to run promotional events for Channel42 and AO Universe. So, watch this space!

Knowledge Base
Well, surprisingly enough the knowledge base has had more work contributed to it by the team over the last month. We have had new guides for the Legacy of the Xan Booster pack as well as new guides and editing to older guides in most game-play areas. We always welcome feedback in this area, especially as we know our guides are one of the most frequented areas of the site.

Timeline Project
Khuri very subtly asked whether we will be releasing the People of Rubi-Ka Timeline any time soon, to allow people then to input their own timeline data. I would hope that with a little more time spent internally on this project that we will in fact be able to launch really soon in its primary stage and look into what additions we need to make to allow it to be a successful tool for the community to use.

Thanks again for using AO Universe, to all of you who contribute and to those of you who like to contact us in-game to find out how you can get more involved!!

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