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Community - AOU April Update

Post by Ukblizzard » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:58 am

Hi everyone!

March has completely zoomed by and I am sure you are all really eager to know what has been going on within the team.

Ok, I would imagine 80 to 90% of you reading this aren't really interested in the progress of the whole team, and perhaps more so interested in the development of the AOU GUI!

AOU GUI(I have been told to write that it goes beyond just a GUI! and those that said it are right is is NOT JUST a GUI.. its pretty neat!!)
I have to say, I am so excited that almost the whole team has been able to contribute time, development ideas and participate in discussions to enable this project to have travelled at a rate of knots -- especially SceneGG who has pulled off a piece of work that is likely to even convert me from using the standard GUI!

Windguaerd has posted a lot of fantastic screenshots showing off the work so far in the AOU Gallery and Scene has said that he really hopes that he will be able to release a BETA version for public testing soon TM.

We have been really grateful for all the constructive feedback received so far across the AOU Forum, Official AO Forum and AO Froobs and we really are itching to release the BETA version... but as we honestly do not want to screw up everyones install, please be patient so all the necessary work can be completed! We did find last weeks Friday with Means quite funny, where he specifically mentioned that noone likes their GUI to be tampered with... it's not 100% true Mr. Director, Sir!! *grins*

Knowledge Base
Aside from the GUI work, even MORE work has been completed in our knowledge base. 40 guides have had our mits on them and those included the waited for Legacy of the Xan guides. We know we still have some gaps, but rest assured we will continue adding to the guides we have when we can!

Channel42 - Atlantean
Uragon has been busy with a couple of coding projects for the AO Universe, however this month I have been able to see from my desk that he has been working on some additional functions for Channel42 and I have been told that they are almost ready to be launched! Watch this space for information directly from Uragon.

AO Universe Newbie Program
Also launched this month is a trial period for the AO Universe Newbie Program. Basically, members of the AO Universe team have placed some alternate characters in our own new organisation and are going to be spending time over the coming weeks on the Shuttleport island.

So, come and team with us on the island and let us help you find your way and give you any advice you may need. If you have encountered us on the island or if you perhaps had a terrible experience teaming with Windguaerd, please let us know!! *giggles*

It's crazy, the team has worked their little cotton socks off this last month, but the "to-do" list keeps growing instead of being made shorter!! If you want to join our team and give something back to the community, and help us make our "to-do" list a little shorter, please get in touch with us via our contact form or contact us directly ingame.

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