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Community - AO Universe Update

Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:37 am

Hi Everyone,
wow it is March already and quite honestly, the amount of work going on within the AO Universe team has been staggering. So much so, that I felt it was time to tell you all about what we have done, what is being worked on and what our hopes are for the following months to come.

The AO Universe Knowledge Base
We know that a lot of people who visit AO Universe are here for our knowledge base. Our guides get thousands of hits every month. So, to make sure that everyone continues coming to check them out, we continue to spend a lot of time updating, adding new ones and generally making things look better!

Over January and February, the amount of guides that we have worked on has been immense! Quilluck, Niodemus and myself particularly have been really investing a lot of time into the section. As a quick overview all sections of the knowledge base have been poked, but with regards to new content:

Classic AO: 7(ish) new guides were created
Notum Wars: 2 new guides were created
Shadowlands: 1 new guide created

and lastly.. the Booster Pack section.

Well, the Booster Pack section has almost all the new guides that people have been itching to get their hands on since the release of the Legacy of the Xan Booster Pack ready to launch. However, due to a small poke we read by Means over at the official forum regarding how people always have the guides ready within a day, we decided that we would take some time to make sure that we ran through everything together as a team and work on completing the research and then will launch them within a week or so. This should mean that everyone has had a chance to have a go for themselves and won't see all the spoilers here yet!!

Despite what we have read about some people thinking that we magically get all quest information spoon fed to us, we don't. The AO Universe team actually physically do all questlines for themselves and gather information that is put into the guides we write. On occasion, people external to the team do want us to publish their information, but this is players.. and not Funcom supplying it!

Anyway, back to LoX. A few AOU team members have been inundated with requests for the guides like NOW NOW NOW!! We do promise they will come soon.. just not yet!

Rubi Ka Times
Our new RP driven Online Newspaper has been really active since its launch just before Christmas. There have been a few small glitches along the way, but these were definitely to be expected with it being such a new venture for us. I am sure we would be na?â?»ve to think that there won't be anymore slight hiccups, but we definitely hope that RK Times will continue to be popular and articles, written by the community as well as those within our team will be submitted to keep it alive and up to date!

Windguaerd and Starchaser9 on the AO Universe team have been particularly active with regards to articles being submitted for RK Times, and we have even seen Starchaser9 broadening the scope of her articles by including videos with the text. Keep it coming, it is fantastic!

SceneGG has been sat with Photoshop open for the last two months I think! He has been working a lot on creating new advertising banners for organisations and other community sites for us to use within our rotation on the front page of AO Universe and on our links page as well. He has also made more wallpapers for our gallery and I am sure has many other projects ongoing * winks *

What is on the horizon for AO Universe?
Quite a lot I hope!! We have a massive to do list with ideas, hopes and dreams on it.

Timeline Project
AO Universe has very recently teamed up with Project Omega to look into working together on a Timeline project. Although the research has been ongoing for a long time, the actual groundwork for ?óÔé¼?ômaking it happen?óÔé¼?Ø is still in its early developmental stages. I would sincerely hope though that this is a project that we can involve more of the community in over the course of the following months.

Knowledge Base Overhaul
Our knowledge section just keeps growing, so a hope for this year is that we will work on making the layout of it a little more friendly.

As well as these two large areas, we also want to make sure we continue with adding features to tools we already have and to look into ways we can work with other community led projects, especially CaptainZero and RecipeNET.

We love what we do as a team here at AO Universe, and if you would like to discuss us getting involved in any projects you are running in relation to AO, if you would like to join our team or perhaps if you have any ideas that you want to share with us to help us make AO Universe a better resource, please get in touch!

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Post by Windguaerd » Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:36 pm

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Post by Scene » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:19 pm

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Post by Snakebite » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:49 am

Windguaerd wrote:First post!
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