Patch - Downtime

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Patch - Downtime

Post by Ukblizzard » Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:57 pm

Downtime should be starting soonish at 1200GMT and be lasting for approximately 6 hours...

QUOTE "Scheduled Downtime for Update - 19th February
The Anarchy Online server will come down for an update (related to the launch of the new booster pack) on Thursday, 19th February at 12:00 GMT / 7am EST. The downtime is scheduled to last about 6 hours.
Oli 'Tarib' Kunz
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Post by Scene » Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:10 pm


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Post by Ukblizzard » Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:43 pm

**18.0 Update Notes**

**Legacy Of The Xan - Booster Pack**

This update brings the highly anticipated Legacy Of The Xan booster to the live dimensions.

Explore two enormous new adventure areas, and discover a new central hub the hidden-away city of the Xan civilization.
Throw yourself into three new team instanced encounters.
Progress through hundreds of new solo and team missions and seek to uncover the truth in the complex Dust Brigade and Alien Invasion storylines.
New powerful symbiants, spirits, and deck items - enabling you to boost your character to new heights.

Also included in this update:
New PVP Fear nanos added to the OFAB PVP vendors.
MP pets and Carlo Pinnetti pet durations should now be increased to 2 hours.
Orbital Strike Mechanics updated - Orbital Strikes will no longer kill players at full health caught in the the strike. Players caught in the affected area will now be knocked away to a significant distance, damaged, and snared for a short amount of time to disperse the crowd...rather than kill it outright.
Bow has been added to the Champion of Light Artillery perk line. The two associated perk specials (Collapser + Implode) can now be used with a bow equipped.
Cool-Down timers will now display visually on icons on the shortcut bar for nanos and perks. This can be enabled/disabled in the options window.
Agents have now been granted FP access to some previously unusable nanos.
QL 300 MP-spawned Unpolluted Crytals should now be fillable on QL 255 towers.
Form Of Risan should now correctly require SI/PM and no longer has an associated runspeed debuff.
Fixed several significant exploits.

Not included in this update

A serious issue with the booster final 12-man raid was discovered too close to the downtime to release it safely without delaying the update. It will be included in the next available update.

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