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Community - Beware of the BAN STICK!!

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:12 pm

As the title says, beware of the ban stick. Recently a user posted a video of how to cheat in AO using a program. Such postings are not allowed as per our guidelines "Discuss exploits or behaviour that is against the terms of service of Anarchy Online. Such posts will be removed. "

AOU Forum Moderators jumped on the post fast and removed it, we'll be dealing with the user who posted the thread.

This is a gentle reminder. Exploits and cheats are not welcomed here, if there is another post of this nature I will discuss with the team a little rewrite of our guidelines to not only permanently ban the user from the forums but block his IP altogether so he can't even access the guides or any page here at AOU. Considering we got hundreds of guides which people use daily, not a good idea for any active player.

In other news, Rimor is quiet at 7AM in the morning, yeah, very quiet.
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