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Newsentries to be discussed

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Community - Servers Are Up with 17.9..

Post by Ukblizzard » Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:06 pm

and, as usual New Patch means NEW Guides!! YAY

New 17.9. related guides:
Dust Brigade / Locating the Threat
Escaped prisoners
Cloak of Reanimated
Crude Upgrades
Blade of Khione's Will
SoM upgrades

17.9. related updates to guides:
Steps of Madness
Temple of Three Winds
Crypt of Home
Smuggler's Den
Abandoned Facilities (Biodomes)
Camelot Castle
The Inner Sanctum
Cyborg Strongholds

Other new guides (old stuff, we\'re just missing guides for it):
Nano Breed Service Suit Armor
Creation of Nano stims
Special Emergency Treatment Laboratory
Special Stims and Kits
Standard Emergency Treatment Laboratory
Treatment Laboratories and First-Aid Kits
Charged Liquid Bomb
Special Arrows
Mission Pulling

Disclaimer: Info about new content was gathered on TestLive server. As such it can be a bit inacurate, if FC decided to change anything before patch went live. We'll provide links to items as soon as any of the databases update ( or

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