Community - 17.8 Preliminary Release Notes

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Community - 17.8 Preliminary Release Notes

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:07 pm

Preliminary 17.8 Release Notes

New Content and Major additions

- New Dust Brigade Quest instance.

- High level players can continue their investigations into the recent increased Dust Brigade Activity.

- The Dust Brigade Security Codes recieved from the Dust Brigade quest lines can now be used to enter a new team instance at the dig site.

- New PVP System

- Three new ranking systems added for PVP

- Solo PVP ranking records progress from kills achieved while engaging in PVP

- There are separate solo ranks for each profession as follows:

- Soldier: Private, Gunner, Lance-Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, Grenadier, Major, Brigadier, Lieutenant General

- Martial Artist: Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yodan, Godan, Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan, Kudan, Judan

- Engineer: Tinkerer, Dabbler, Designer, Builder, Manufacturer, Constructor, Architect, Draftsman, Inventor, Artisan

- Fixer: Scripter, Cracker, Rigger, Hacker, Shifter, Programmer, Operator, Analyst, Security Expert, Guru

- Agent: Prowler, Marksman, Hunter, Sniper, Killer, Eliminator, Executioner, Liquidator, Eraser, Professional

- Adventurer: Runner, Drifter, Poacher, Traveler, Vagabond, Chaser, Explorer, Desperado, Pioneer, Outrider

- Trader: Hustler, Peddler, Retailer, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Dealer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Capitalist, Broker

- Bureaucrat: Receptionist, Assistant, Supervisor, Manager, Leader, Chief, Administrator, Executive, Director, Tycoon

- Enforcer: Mook, Brute, Cutthroat, Obliterator, Slayer, Slaughterer, Crusher, Pulverizer, Eradicator, Destroyer

- Doctor: Chiropractor, Pharmacist, Intern, Aide, Resident, M.D., Physician, Practitioner, Specialist, Archiater

- Nanotechnician: Theorist, Technician, Illusionist, Catalyst, Accelerant, Elementalist, Kineticist, Thaumaturge, Nanobinder, Arch-Magus

- Meta-Physicist: Clairvoyant, Mentalist, Psychic, Medium, Diviner, Visionary, Psion, Spiritualist, Summoner, Harbinger

- Keeper: Ward, Squire, Chevalier, Knight, Banneret, Conqueror, Crusader, Hallowed, Partisan, Templar

- Shade: Stalker, Butcher, Silencer, Defiler, Mirage, Obfuscator, Hazed, Veiled, Eidolon, Dominus Umbra

- Team PVP ranking records progress from kills achieved while engaging in PVP while in a team.

- All members of the team that are in the vicinity gain credit for the kill.

- The Team Ranks are: Scout, Suppressor, Captain, Tactician, Leader, Commander, General, Distinguished, Honored, Hero

- New Duel mode added with its own progression type. You can use the /duel command to start a duel

- Once accepted a countdown of 5 seconds will start until the duel commences.

- Players dueling must stay within 30m of the duel beacon that appears (meaning the duel area has a 60m diameter in total)

- If you leave the area of the duel you will get a warning and have 5 seconds to return to the duel or it will be counted as losing.

- When dueling you will not be effected by outside buffs or heals. NOTE: Mobs can still damage you so remember to duel in a safe location!

- You can end a duel by typing /duel stop. NOTE: This counts as losing the duel.

- Zoning or otherwise \'evacing\' counts as a loss when dueling.

- You can auto-refuse duels with a new option in the F10 menu

- The Duel Ranks are: Student, Freshman, Rookie, Apprentice, Novice, Neophyte, Veteran, Experienced, Expert, Champion

- The following new stats are visible on your character sheet:

- Solo Kills

- Team Kills

- Duel Wins / Losses

- Profession Duel Wins / losses

- You can choose which rank to show by selecting it in your options menu.

- The old PVP ranking system has been deactivated, you can however choose to show your old title instead of your new one through options.

- PVP kills outside of the battlestation are affected by a system of diminishing returns. Kills are remembered for four hours, Accruing more remembered kills on the same target reduces the benefit until reaching more than five remembered kills on the same target will result in recieving no reward for that target.

- New Notum Wars Focused nanos for Engineers and Fixers have been added to the OFAB vendor.

- New Social Clothing Mode

- There is now an additional tab called \'social\' under your wear window.

- Items in this window do not check requirements (apart from gender and breed) but do not give any benefits.

- If you equip an item in the social weapon slots then combat is disabled.

- In your F10 options menu you can now choose from new social clothing modes.

- You can either show only your main gear, only your social gear, or a combined option where it will show the social gear above the normal gear (i.e. if a slot has an item in the social tab it will display that, if the slot is empty in the social tab it will show what is in your wear tab)

- New Inspect functionality

- You can now choose to inspect other players equipment by selecting the inspect option in the target window (target someone and press T)

- You can opt out of the inspect functionality with a new option in your F10 menu. If you opt out of inspect you cannot be inspected or inspect others.

- New options for disabling your helmet visuals.

- New tooltip option added allowing you to see item and icon description on mouseover.

Perk Changes

- Changed perk action chains that required several professions perks to chain.

- The following perks now also work without the chain running, but with a reduced effect when the required chained perk action isn\'t present. NOTE: The effects are as they were and unchanged when used as part of the chain

- Nano Shakes, Notum Repulsor (L3) No Stun without Big Smash running

- Blast Nano, Notum Source (L4) No nanoSkill Debuff without Zap Nano running

- Strip Nano, Notum Repulsor (L6) 75% nano dmg with only Zap Nano running, No NCU removal without Blast Nano running

- Annihilate Notum Molecules, Notum Repulsor (L8) 75% dmg without Notum Overflow running

- Bleeding Wounds, Ferocity of Nature (L2) 75% dmg without Disable Natural Healing running

- Incapacitate, Spiritual Master (L7) 50% init debuffs without Bleeding Wounds running

- Detonate Stoneworks, Mountaineer (L5) 75% dmg with only Encase in Stone running

- Shadow Killer, Shadowstalker (L6) 75% dmg without Chemical Blindness running

- Night Killer, Shadowsneak (L10) 75% dmg without Shadow Killer running

- Sabotage Quark Field, Tinkerer (L2) 75% dmg and No Nanoskill Debuff without Quark Containment Field running

- Accelerate Decaying Quarks, Theoretical Research (L6) 75% dmg if only Quark Containment Field running, No Nanoskill Debuff without Sabotage Quark Field running

- Power Combo, Power Up (L10) 75% dmg and No NCU removal without Accelerate Decaying Quarks running

- Snipe Shot 2, Sharpshooter (L5) 75% dmg without Triangulate Target running

- Easy Shot, Shotgun Mastery (L7) 25% dmg without one of Grasp, bearhug or Grip Of C. running

- Ignition Flare, Tinkerer (L4) 75% dmg and No DoT without Napalm Spray running

- Flesh Quiver, Spiritual Master (L9) 75% dmg and No AC debuff without Tremor Hand running

Nano Changes

- Updated requirements so the False/Assume/Mimic can be refreshed before they time out. NOTE: You can only refresh with the same profession as you already running. If you wish to switch to a different profession you will have to wait till the end of the nano as before.

- Resolved an issue with Constant Barrage so that it now fires on only the intended target.

- Descriptions of nano and crystal for Improved Mongo Crush! are now consistent

- Fixed head text displayed for Omni version of Keeper wrath nanos.

- Resolved issue with NCU cost of Sentinel Ward.

- Fixed NCU usage on the aura part of the Keeper Ambient/Tone heal line.

Item Changes

- Fixed issue with level requirements of the Silenced Kyrz\'Och Rifle Type 3 so that it is back to level 210

- Fixed several typos and grammatical errors in item descriptions

World and NPC Changes

- Pets should now respond faster in situations with a lot of enemy mobs and activity.

- Hunter Droids v5.3 should now carry liquid coolants with them more often.

- Resolved issue where players could occasionally not receive the reward from parts of the Dust Brigade quest line.

System Changes

- It is no longer possible to use items while in a mech.

- Friendly buffs no longer removed on death in the battlestation.

- lasertags can no longer be placed during grace period.

- Leaving the battlestation before the end of a session will now result in a debuff that locks you out from re-entering for 10 minutes.

- Resolved a server crash
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Post by Koudman » Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:18 pm

Sounds really good.
Can't wait.

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