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Community - Trick or Treat?! Halloween is almost here!!

Post by Ukblizzard » Wed Oct 24, 2007 3:19 pm

The servers are up following the patch to 17.6.3 and Uncle Pumpkinhead is on the loose again! Are you going to be locking the door tight or joining the masses in hunting him down and reaping your rewards!

Check out the Community news to see the new items you can get your hands on over the Halloween festivities by following this link: clicky

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Post by Hahnsoo » Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:46 pm

According to Silirrion:
We will be keeping the content active for the next ten days or so (I think until next Sunday the 4th of November).

The limited edition bike will be available from the paid points vendor until 17.7 is released to the live dimensions.
First of all, it's really dark and foggy out. You can solve the Fog problems by using:
F10 -> Environment -> Fog and Ground -> Fog Mode: Off

Also, there is a bug in which the fog gets turned back ON after you are blinded. Simply go into your settings and turn it on, then back off again.

Also, there are a variety of fun polymorphs in the game that may cause graphical glitches when you log off while polymorphed. Usually, you can't see a thing, except for the GUI and the chat windows. If this happens when you log back in with a polymorph, cancel the morph and relog.

Wild Uncle Pumpkin-Heads

[img] ... 07_UPH.jpg[/img]

The Uncle Pumpkin-Head mobs hang out near tower fields. They are generally in the level range of the tower field, although you may run into higher level ones in certain zones. Thus, the highest level ones hang out near tower fields in PW, Belial Forest, etc. They are social, and they have a nasty stun and a weak DoT. Most importantly, the Wild ones have a boatload of health, like a mission boss.

Because they spawn near tower fields, I would highly suggest turning Auto-Attack off. Otherwise, you might trigger a tower attack.

They drop the following items:
The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Top - NoDrop, Female only (Screenshot)
The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Bottom - NoDrop, Female only (thank god!) (Screenshot)
The Midnight Pumpkin Boxer Shorts - NoDrop, non-Female only (Screenshot)
Dear Liza's Shirt - NoDrop (Screenshot)
The Grinning Devil shirt - NoDrop. Possibly two types? <- Fixed in 17.6.4
Splat Shirt - NoDrop (Screenshot)
Halloween Pitchfork - NoDrop, Dual wieldable
Gothic Lolita - Halloween Edition - NoDrop, Backslot (Screenshot)

Wicked Tights of the West
Wicked Tights of the East
Good Stockings of the North - YESDROP. These items can be changed to the next one down the list by right-clicking.

Lya's Sangi has about a 10-20% droprate:
Lya's Sangi Glasses - (NoDrop, Intelligence/Psychic) NanoC Init, ALL Nanoskills
Lya's Sangi Gloves - (NoDrop, Stamina/Agility) Multi Melee, Multi Ranged, Sharp Object, Grenade, Heavy Weapons, Melee Init, Ranged Init, Physical Init
Lya's Sangi Patch - (NoDrop, Agility/Sense) Agility, Sense
Lya's Sangi Shirt - (NoDrop, Stamina/Agility) 1HB, 2HB, 1HE, 2HB, Brawl, Dodge-Rng, Evade-ClsC
Lya's Sangi Sleeves - (NoDrop, Strength) Stamina, Strength, Bow
Lya's Sangi Slippers - (NoDrop, Stamina/Agility) Buffs MA, Piercing, Melee Energy, Sneak Attack, Fast Attack, Map Nav, Duck-Exp, Evade-ClsC
Lya's Sangi Trousers - (NoDrop, Stamina/Agility) Pistol, Rifle, MG/SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Duck-Exp, Dodge-Rng

They also drop UNIQUE items called Weird Looking Candy Cherry. They can either give you a 24 hour bonus or polymorph you into a monster.

The QL of the Weird Cherry determines what bonus/polymorph you get:
QL 1 = Anvian (Screenshot)
QL 2 = Tac-Mutant (long tentacle arm) (Screenshot)
QL 3 = Floater/Breiflabb (Screenshot)
QL 4 = Add All Defense +10
QL 5 = Savage Medusa
QL 6 = Snake (Screenshot)
QL 7 = Enigma (Screenshot)
QL 8 = Primitive Chirop (flying grub) (Screenshot)
QL 9 = Brain Dog (Screenshot)
QL 10 = Horror (Screenshot)

WARNING: Do not eat the Cherries while wearing a Battle Suit! It will trigger the old "Battle Suit Polymorph" crash bug and you will be dumped out, and possibly not able to come back until it wears off!

The Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Head appears in PvP zones like Omni Ent Arena and just Southeast of the Whompahs at 2HO (and possibly tower fields with low suppression gas). While they can vary in level, some of them spawn as a MASSIVE Uncle Pumpkin-Head with a level of around 300. They drop the EPEEN shirt (Front, Back) and may also drop Freedom Arms 3927 G2, Sunburst Mk III guns. They also drops the highest QL of Lya's Sangi Armor on occasion and the Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats. The QL 300 ones take a long time to kill and will require at least one TL7 character to tank.

Occasionally, GMs will spawn a large horde of UPH in the cities. The low level UPH in these hordes drop the Grinning Devil T-shirts. Otherwise, the loot table is similar to that of the Mission UPH combined with the Wild ones, with Pumpkin Helmets, Pumpkin Baskets, Pumpkinhead Dolls, Lya's Sangi, all of the social clothing, and of course, Candy Cherries.

Halloween Missions

You can find Frankenleet and Draculeet all over the home cities of all factions. For Omnis, this means Rome Red and Omni Ent (near the billboards). For Neutrals, this means Borealis. They ask you if you want a "Trick" or "Treat".

"Trick" is a polymorph, and can change you into some of the more well-known denizens of Rubi-Ka like Tri-Plumbo or Morgan Le Fay. It lasts for quite a long time, and while you cannot attack in this form or use any other polymorphs while you are using one currently, you can cancel them and pick up other polymorphs at any time.

List of Polymorphs:
* The Shades
* Reapers
* Morgan Le Faye
* Draculeet (Screenshot)
* Frankenleet (Screenshot)
* Skincrawlers
* Biofreaks
* Tri-Plumbo (Screenshot)

"Treat" gives you several choices. The "I want old school phatz!" gives you a Kill Person mission where the target is an Uncle Pumpkin-Head. You have a (very small) chance of getting the Freedom Arms 3927 line, as well as Sunburst Mk III, Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats. These no longer drop on RK. The Uncle Pumpkin-Head in the old school phatz mission will also drop a Weird Looking Candy Cherry quite often.

The other choice ("I heard you know where to get Halloween dolls and lanterns!") also gives you a Kill Person mission with Uncle Pumpkin-Head, but the rewards are (about 50% droprate):
Pumpkinhead Doll Pumpkin Basket (Screenshot)
Pumpkin Helmet (Screenshot)
Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns <- Cannot confirm drop.
Tertium Quid (floating Pumpkin Wen Wen) (Screenshot)

The Uncle Pumpkin-Heads from these missions are much easier than the Wild ones, as they have lower Health. They also have a chance to drop Lya's Sangi Armor (at about 10-20% droprate).

You can run one of each mission at a time. Once you complete the mission, you can return to the Draculeet or Frankenleet for another mission. You have no choice where the destination of the mission will be, but you can delete the mission, say "Goodbye" to the leet, and then talk to the leet to ask for a mission again. In the vast majority of either mission types, you're only going to get a Candy Cherry for a drop. Thus, you may need to run multiple missions before getting all of the loot that you want. The QL of the mission will be equal to your level. The maximum QL of these missions is QL 200 (making it easy for folks with SL to complete).

The fastest way to "farm" all of these mission social items is to roll up a mission on a low level character, copy the key, and give it to one of your alts. This way, you can get to the location quickly (usually a home city) and kill the UPH quickly.

EDIT: Linked some items.
EDIT: I cannot confirm the drops of Hanging Pumpkin Lanterns and the Grinning Devil T-shirts.
EDIT: Confirm drops of the Grinning Devil shirts from a GM spawned horde.

= The Hallowphats Checklist =
From "Halloween Doll" missions and Griefing UPH:
( ) Pumpkinhead Doll
( ) Pumpkin Basket
( ) Pumpkin Helmet
( ) Tertium Quid (floating Pumpkin Wen Wen)

From "Old School phats" missions and Griefing UPH:
( ) Sunburst Mk III
( ) Freedom Arms 3927 Notum (QL 108-149)
( ) Freedom Arms 3927 Chapman (QL 150-157)
( ) Freedom Arms 3927 G2 (QL200)
( ) Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats

From Griefing UPH ONLY:
( ) EPEEN shirt

( ) Lya's Sangi Glasses
( ) Lya's Sangi Gloves
( ) Lya's Sangi Patch
( ) Lya's Sangi Shirt
( ) Lya's Sangi Sleeves
( ) Lya's Sangi Slippers
( ) Lya's Sangi Trousers

From Wild outdoor UPH:
( ) The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Top
( ) The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Bottom
( ) The Midnight Pumpkin Boxer Shorts
( ) Dear Liza's Shirt
( ) Splat Shirt
( ) Halloween Pitchfork
( ) Gothic Lolita - Halloween Edition
( ) Wicked Tights of the West (Note: Converts to the other two with right click)
( ) The Grinning Devil

From Paid Points:
( ) Phasefront Banshee - Death Rider
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Post by Hahnsoo » Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:45 pm

Warning! Do not eat a Cherry when you are in a Battle Suit. You will trigger the old "Polymorph Battle Suit" bug and crash.
"Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed." G.K.Chesterton
Years of experience means years of learning bad habits.
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Post by Ran-san » Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:58 am

FYI, The Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-head also drop Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats, and Freedom Arms 3297, at probably around the same rate as the Old Skool Phatz Pumpkin-head does.

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Post by Jaymonay » Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:50 am

I can confirm that the Grinning Devil shirt *did* drop. It was on the first spawn of Uncle Pumpkin-heads right after patching up. Saw a fe of them in the first hour of camping, havent seen one drop since. even in the waves and waves of UPH that GM Vichen spawned in Borealis (tho they did drop all of regular outdoors UPH loot).

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