Universal Gridfeed - New downtime

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Universal Gridfeed - New downtime

Post by Trgeorge » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:02 pm

From http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showth ... p?t=505497 :
Pharamond wrote:The downtime will commence at 1400 CEST (for what that means in your local time, click here). We anticipate five hours of downtime.

The update notes:

17.5.2 Update

- Rage nanos will no longer overwrite the Blessing of the Xan nanos.

- Amended some geometry and added additional collision in The Dig Site to prevent some exploits.

- The Mutant Shadow Eremite should be spawning correctly in Albtraum again.

- The Cold Blooded buff should now work correctly with zoning.

- Droid Damage Flurry should now proc correctly on the droids attacks.

- Grand Theft Humidty should now use its nano timers correctly.

- Hypnagogic Xum-Ixi Shere have updated his friends about his whereabouts, and waypoints to his location should now be correct.

- The Prowler Armor Hood should now spawn correctly again.

- Supply Master Eel will no longer ignore neutral citizens.

- Stacking on Enhanced Deathless Blessing should now work correctly.

- Player Shop transaction logs should be working again.

- Fixed various spelling errors and typos in the quest dialogues and items.

We will also be using this downtime to make some additional upgrades/fixes to the server hardware.
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