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Community - Pub Quiz Night on Atlantean!

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:08 am

Tonight Omni-Pol are hosting a pub quiz in Rompa, at 19:00GMT on Atlantean.

Everyone is welcome and we are accepting teams, with up to 6 people in each team, to take part!

There will be a series of questions about Rubi-Ka and its inhabitants and a first and second prize given!!

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Post by Ukblizzard » Sat Jul 07, 2007 9:29 am

Thank you to everyone who attended! The event was a lot of fun.

Congratulations to Gainer for coming first and winning 30m credits
Congratulations to Zombeh for coming second and winning 15m credits
Congratulations to Aleilyn for getting the worn out chair! :)

A log of the event follows:


[Vicinity] Virta: Welcome everyone to the spectacular Pub Quiz night here in Rompa bar, Omni-1 Entertainment district!
[Vicinity] Gainer: yay!
[Vicinity] Virta: And oh boy do we have some questions for you!
[Vicinity] Virta: I will read each question for you, and I require complete silence so everyone will be able to hear it correctly. I will not be repeating the questions!
[Vicinity] Virta: You have 30 seconds to reply.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: k
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: who do i reply to
[Vicinity] Virta: This intimidating looking lady here *nods towards Ukblizzard* is the one who will be judging your answers, so do not send them to me, but to her!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: wait
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i send a tell to her?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: or we form teams?
[Vicinity] Virta: That means send your answers to Ukblizzard, in a tell.
[Vicinity] Virta: Contrary to the advance information, the jury has decided that no teaming is allowed, but in that case the winner alone gets all the money! Please send your name to Ukblizzard now.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i say we all be in a team so everyone wins :D
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: :p
[Vicinity] Gainer: ooh, no teams. i'm doomed.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: that way i wont be a failure :D
[Vicinity] Silverguard: aw well
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lets see
[Vicinity] Scenegg: puts in uber brain symbiant of intelligence :p
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: im over here in this team
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: D4
[Vicinity] Gainer: hey Zombeh
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Hi Zombeh
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: you sunk my battleship!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: can i be on both teams?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: :D
[Vicinity] Kendor: heya Zombeh
[Vicinity] Virta: Please send your name to Ukblizzard if you are taking part in the quiz.
[Vicinity] Silverguard: is there a back entrance to this joint?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: no, it's omni
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Anyone want a drink?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: didnt think so
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: thegenerator
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: so what is last place prize again?
[Vicinity] Virta: Please send your name to Ukblizzard if you are taking part in the quiz. And please stand closer to me so I do not have to shout!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: why do you pour your drink over your head?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: I'm resisting the urge to pour it on yours
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: whaaa? speak up young man, i'm not hearing you :p
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: grins
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: so are there teams?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: if only i had a stick to poke virta with & blame silver
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Ok, so far I have the following participants
[Vicinity] Virta: No teams.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: ok i lost already
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =(
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Silverguard, Playboyfixer, Zombeh, Eeod, Gainer, Ofabulous, Dabblez
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: ZOMG
[Vicinity] Virta: Thank you.
[Vicinity] Virta: The prize money today, awarded for the highest score, is...
[Vicinity] Virta: Are you ready?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: no
[Vicinity] Kendor: don't see me in there Ukblizzard?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: silver with that 1 cred i can buy a ancient novictum refiner and sell it for 8 millz
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: 2 credz
[Vicinity] Virta: Thirty THOUSAND credits!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: :D
[Vicinity] Virta: Oops.. wait it is more.
[Vicinity] Eeod: woohoo!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: weeee!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: coughs
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: 30 mil?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: 30thousand & 1 cred :p
[Vicinity] Virta: The prize money today, awarded for the highest score, is THIRTY MILLION credits!
[Vicinity] Gainer: 30k... can we also get parking ticket amnesty?
[Vicinity] Eeod: thats 2 speeding tickets!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: What happened to the other 20 mil virta?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: awwwwwwwwwwww
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: grins
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Yes, paerking ticket amnesty please
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: the other 20 mil goes to last place :D
[Vicinity] Silverguard: thinks hmmm 30mill i could do alot with that
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: where did the other 470M go to?
[Vicinity] Virta: No amnesty I am afraid.
[Vicinity] Scenegg: it paid for Gens bar tab
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =(
[Vicinity] Gainer: gah
[Vicinity] Virta: Ukblizzard, these ones sure do look like smart people? What do you say if we go straight to the EXTRA-HARD questions?
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: You sure you think they are THAT smart?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: jaaa
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: only if you add 470M :p
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Took 10 minutes just to send me their names!
[Vicinity] Virta: Some of them look like it.
[Vicinity] Virta: I will crank it up to EXTRA-EXTRA-HARD!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol i only got 1 millz
[Vicinity] Eeod: beams
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Good plan!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Go for it, I am ready with my mark sheet!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: p-l-a... ehm *calculates square root of 5* oh yeah... y
[Vicinity] Virta: Here comes the first one. You have 30 seconds to answer. Send the answer with the question number to Ukblizzard please.
[Vicinity] Virta: 1. Who were the 2 persons who signed Tir Accord?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wew i lost
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: You get a point for each correct answer on that one
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: lol
[Vicinity] Kendor: what's a Tir accordian?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: oh dear i forgot my history
[Vicinity] Scenegg: opposite to an omni trombone
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wooo
[Vicinity] Uragon: It's an accordion.
[Vicinity] Zombeh: i am doomed
[Vicinity] Eeod: I thought it was about pubs....
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: *cough* internet *couch*
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: <3 google
[Vicinity] Uragon: What's an interweb?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: *whispers answers are blue & shark*
[Vicinity] Dabblez: hi Lynn
[Vicinity] Gainer: heya Lynn
[Vicinity] Virta: 2. What are official names of Athen and Rome?
[Vicinity] Kendor: Heya Lynn
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Free drinks here!
[Vicinity] Virta: I think I will have to shout.
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: what do u mean official?
[Vicinity] Virta: 2. What are official names of Athen and Rome?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: Athen and Rome?
[Vicinity] Scenegg: pinky and perky
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Stink town and Uber town
[Vicinity] Silverguard: the ritz and the sewer
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: yeah, rome = stink town
[Vicinity] Virta: 3. Who is Colonel Fredrick Graves?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Playboyfixers iq = -5 :P
[Vicinity] Scenegg: PBFs mom :p
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wait
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: is this also for RL stuff or just AO stuffs?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_o
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: ao ofc
[Vicinity] Virta: 4. Name at least 1 other hypercorporation than Omni-Tek. A bonus point for 2.
[Vicinity] Virta: Am I going too fast?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: omni-tek is a hyper corp?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wait
[Vicinity] Dabblez: why, afraid of speeding ticket?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Drinks, get your drinks here!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: hyperwataorperation?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg
[Vicinity] Dabblez: RUR of course
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: one that actually does the job right they mean dabblez :p
[Vicinity] Silverguard: hehe, whatever
[Vicinity] Scenegg: hyper corporation = coffee addicted businesses
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Kendor: I'm going back to Robots, atleast there I don't feel stupid.
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: oh, what's the name of that crat again ;p
[Vicinity] Virta: We are making you earn your money!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: been 30 seconds
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: next :p
[Vicinity] Kendor: Not unless I get creds for being clueless
[Vicinity] Silverguard: yeah next pls
[Vicinity] Deadlypower: lol idk
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: omnis can't read time
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Sorry, it takes forever to check if you guys are right or wrong :p
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hey toyo, where are those 10 creds you ow me?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: they're wrong
[Vicinity] Virta: Next I have 4 historic events, and you need to tell when they happened. I hope you have done your homework.
[Vicinity] Virta: 5. When was Philip Ross shot?
[Vicinity] Gainer: pretty safe to just compare against Dabblez' answers, i figure
[Vicinity] Toyobashi: oh, one moment
[Vicinity] Virta: The year is sufficient
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: laughs
[Vicinity] Toyobashi: gets out his cred chip
[Vicinity] Toyobashi: there you go
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: what year is it now?
[Vicinity] Scenegg: 1980
[Vicinity] Toyobashi: hands Thegenerator 10 creds
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Thanks
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (( lol are we 2007 or 2008? ))
[Vicinity] Silverguard: ((2007))
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: (( got it ;p ))
[Vicinity] Silverguard: ((u tool :P))
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_o
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: $_$
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: (>")>
[Vicinity] Virta: 7. What year did Philip Ross become CEO of Omni-Tek?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: this takes too much thought power
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: A year after he died
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: what about 6?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: what happened to 6?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: u missed no. 6
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Yeah Virta!
[Vicinity] Scenegg: that was the next question
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: sheesh... omnis :p
[Vicinity] Keanne: 29447 ?
[Vicinity] Kendor: told 6 straight to me so I could try and catch up
[Vicinity] Kendor: didn't work :-/
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: You all can't count, it's 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: can Omni-Pol count?
[Vicinity] Virta: We skipped question number 6.
[Vicinity] Gainer: ah - answers to Ukblizzard, Keanne :)
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: but thanks for telling us
[Vicinity] Virta: There is no number 6. :)
[Vicinity] Scenegg: sighs
[Vicinity] Keanne: shrugs
[Vicinity] Gainer: hehe
[Vicinity] Kendor: I WANT MY SPEEDING TICKETS VOIDED: if I was doing 66 in a 55 then what happened to the number 6!!!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: I am not a number, I am a free man!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg
[Vicinity] Scenegg: I am not a number I am a free man!!!
[Vicinity] Eeod: UKBizzadd? I was sending tells to UKBlizzet
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: inbd
[Vicinity] Gainer: Ken has a point.
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: man?
[Vicinity] Scenegg: damn u Dabblez
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: next
[Vicinity] Scenegg: u beat me
[Vicinity] Dabblez: grins
[Vicinity] Darkirbiska: zabiju ty cisniky
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Let's all beat Scene
[Vicinity] Dabblez: So, question 5.5
[Vicinity] Scenegg: never I R Genius
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: agreed :p
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: grabs his ballbat
[Vicinity] Deadlypower: well this is really maken me feel stupid so i think ima go lol
[Vicinity] Kendor: tells Silly Bugger II to pick up Thegenerator and beat Scenegg over the head.
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Bye
[Vicinity] Silverguard: question 8 yet? or are we skipping again?
[Vicinity] Kendor: later
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lets dance
[Vicinity] Scenegg: put on ur red shoes and dance the blues
[Vicinity] Virta: 8. When were the alien invaders spotted for the first time?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: seems like ukblizzard didn't do her homework either
[Vicinity] Darkirbiska: kdo je tady seff?
[Vicinity] Eeod: hey, non of these questions are pub related..
[Vicinity] Scenegg: they are
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: In PBF's underpants
[Vicinity] Scenegg: they're being asked in one
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is afk
[Vicinity] Virta: No worries, this was the last with the year numbers.
[Vicinity] Scenegg: makes them all related :p
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is back
[Vicinity] Gainer: the year, or exact date?
[Vicinity] Virta: Year is sufficient
[Vicinity] Keanne: And the real date or official... I mean, should they be different of course.
[Vicinity] Virta: And remember.. Thirty THOUSA.. Thirty MILLION credits for the winner!
[Vicinity] Gainer: but no parking ticket amnesty
[Vicinity] Virta: 9. Who was Loren Warr?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Not me
[Vicinity] Virta: Please, answer with the question number. Your otherwise perfect reply might be misunderstood if you do not use the question number.
[Vicinity] Scenegg: !'m Loren Warr... and so's my wife :p
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so you married yourself
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and they say i'm vain
[Vicinity] Dabblez: no one else understood him
[Vicinity] Virta: 335 questions to go.
[Vicinity] Gainer: cries a little
[Vicinity] Keanne: and the headache always occurs at the same time for all participants...
[Vicinity] Virta: 10. Who developed insurance technology?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: He said "So" is his wife
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: It's the name
[Vicinity] Silverguard: who do you mean the actual person?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: you omnis search it too far
[Vicinity] Scenegg: we have google eyes :p
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: You clams don't search at all
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Some of your answers are making me giggle.. not quite on the right lines, but hilarious.. never knew this stuff actually!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: XD
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: :p
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i just make stuff of the top of me head sometimes
[Vicinity] Scenegg: wigs?
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Well, I think we might need to fix the history books!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: and dont make fun of my answers that not nice T_T
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: you might try to make another style
[Vicinity] Virta: Next question is number 12, so do not be shocked.
[Vicinity] Gainer: Eeod's got a robot, that's cheating!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and 11? :p
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_o
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lolz
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I dont think Virta likes odd numbers
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: why not? he's odd himself
[Vicinity] Virta: 12. Who was blamed for the Corporate Wars, fought over the course of 53 years and claiming 120M lives?
[Vicinity] Virta: Hey.. minus point for PBF
[Vicinity] Scenegg: Virta has Google eyes :p
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: laughs at PBF
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: it shows he does
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i thought he was just cross-eyed
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Anybody who got thirsty and would like a drink? White Wine? Cup of Tea? Omni-Champagne?XXX-Plumbo Beer Can? Hit-The-Floor-Jack?
[Vicinity] Eeod: raises hand
[Vicinity] Virta: 13. What is the name of species invading Rubi-Ka because of killing of The Beast?
[Vicinity] Virta: Get it right!
[Vicinity] Zombeh: does spelling count?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: What would you like?
[Vicinity] Gainer: sneezes into her comm
[Vicinity] Silverguard: um those big bugs?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: dont you just call them pests?
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Jay calls the mScooter
[Vicinity] Gainer: that one thing that calls himself "the" pest gets all snitty about it
[Vicinity] Silverguard: hehe
[Vicinity] Gainer: is back
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: To [Ukblizzard]: durkahiboboboos? [Ukblizzard]: Oh I wish it was that answer, I like that word
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I think it is a good word!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: i wasnt refering to the floating erm testicles
[Vicinity] Gainer: indeed
[Vicinity] Virta: Next we have some trivia questions about Omni-Pol.
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Donuts
[Vicinity] Silverguard: nooo
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wooo
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: i can answer that
[Vicinity] Dabblez: oh sorry.. I'll wait for the qiuestion
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: hey, real trivia
[Vicinity] Zombeh: i suxxorz at trivia
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i fail
[Vicinity] Gainer: the NLF.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: :D
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: every answer = they're gimp"
[Vicinity] Silverguard: hehe
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Minus another point over there
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: thats not nice
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omni pol is not gimp
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: -.-
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: He is used to it
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: just backwards :p
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: they are stronger than clans so clans must be worst than gimp
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_o
[Vicinity] Virta: 14. How many active departments does the player run division of Omni-Pol currently have?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: can anyone find that out who isnt a pol?
[Vicinity] Gainer: watches OP's grid server slow down
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Virta might be a second, he seems to be having hair issues or something
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: his wig is falling off again?
[Vicinity] Gainer: it's those helmets, all the little parts probably get caught
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: It gets knotted I think
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg
[Vicinity] Silverguard: he should use superglue, should keep it on
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: did u hear about the rambo omni org attacking other omni orgs towers?
[Vicinity] Virta: Erm.. where was I?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: midafternoon reveries is going rambo
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: You were just there!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: you were in tir near silverstone without armor
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: already destroyed 2 omni orgs tower areas
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: >.<
[Vicinity] Virta: 16. (Skipping question 15.) How many security cameras are placed in Borealis?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: eh!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: 4309.3
[Vicinity] Virta: Right, as if we are disclosing that information. I will move to next one.
[Vicinity] Virta: 17. What is the name of Omni-Pol guild's president?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Jerry McBob
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: now that one i know well enough ^^
[Vicinity] Virta: Tired yet? Want more?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: no
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Tired
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: no morez
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: get on with it :p
[Vicinity] Zombeh: i want my money
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Hurry Up Virta!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: we know nothing else we stupid as hell
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: ;P
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: snores
[Vicinity] Virta: 18. Name three types of Rubi-Ka land vehicles. One point for each.
[Vicinity] Virta: 19. Which weapon has the highest critical strike value?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Dh
[Vicinity] Silverguard: ive no idea on ql 19. lol
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: laughs
[Vicinity] Silverguard: *question
[Vicinity] Jilien: does 19 need to have a specific answer or a general one?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is afk
[Vicinity] Chethy: is afk
[Vicinity] Silverguard: wait erm epicines fist!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: that has to be it
[Vicinity] Virta: The more exact the better.
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hey Virta, your robe is on backwards
[Vicinity] Gainer: if i'm right, it's a big named one
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Made you look!
[Vicinity] Virta: Didn't!
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is back
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: sticks out his tounge
[Vicinity] Virta: 22. Which engine powers the current scout mechs?
[Vicinity] Silverguard: erm.....
[Vicinity] Virta: For your information it is Beam-Sterling Charge Compression MK II but I bet you did not know it.
[Vicinity] Virta: beams
[Vicinity] Virta: 23. Name the starting Shadowlands zone.
[Vicinity] Gainer: hehehe
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: "Inthebeginning"
[Vicinity] Zombeh: "Rubi-Ka"
[Vicinity] Virta: We are doing 5 more, so it is time to really perk up!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: lol
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: "AO disconnected"
[Vicinity] Gainer: my ship crashed :/
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Only 5?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =/
[Vicinity] Eeod: this a very wierd Omni Pol Iterrogation
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Silverguard: hehe
[Vicinity] Gainer: i was in the mailroom at the time.
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Question 20: Where do you live and what is your furniture worth?
[Vicinity] Virta: 24. How many different professions are there?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: See the new beer keg in the mailroom Gainer?
[Vicinity] Gainer: whoa, we have one? ohmans...
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: told you I would see you tight
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: *right (but tight is ok too)
[Vicinity] Virta: 27. Name 2 well known food vending stands on Rubi-Ka.
[Vicinity] Gainer: yeah, i know this one
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Gen's place (always sold out)
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: so fast ;p
[Vicinity] Virta: 32. How long does it take to run from the east wall om Omni-Trade to the west wall with 590 run speed (in a straight line)? It is 59 seconds but let's do another one instead:
[Vicinity] Virta: 34. How many highrises are there in Omni-Trade?
[Vicinity] Gainer: heh!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: highrises?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: what's highrise lol
[Vicinity] Gainer: apartment complexes
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: backyards
[Vicinity] Silverguard: theyre backyards
[Vicinity] Virta: It is a tall building!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: then call them backyards u leet
[Vicinity] Silverguard: omni's have to be complicated
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: it's called highrise clam
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Hey Grim
[Vicinity] Silverguard: backyard
[Vicinity] Gainer: yeah, ours are fancy & clean
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: HIGHRISE
[Vicinity] Grimrider: Sir
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Hi Grim
[Vicinity] Silverguard: cos thats what it is
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: KIll the clammer kill
[Vicinity] Kendor: waves at Grimrider.
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: kill the clammer kill
[Vicinity] Kendor: heya Grim
[Vicinity] Silverguard: shut up ofab
[Vicinity] Gainer: hey Grim
[Vicinity] Virta: 36. Give the answer to the following riddle of Spencer Moss: "How do you know when the moon is going broke?"
[Vicinity] Gainer: "why the long face"
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: kill clams
[Vicinity] Kendor: drum rolls.
[Vicinity] Dabblez: grins
[Vicinity] Gainer: that's the punchline to every joke
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: lol
[Vicinity] Silverguard: thinks ofabulous should be quiet
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: k
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: well u did give me 1 credit
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =(
[Vicinity] Chethy: is back
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i want to be bribed more
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =)
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: thinks worse things
[Vicinity] Silverguard: yeah , be quiet then!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: wasn't the punchline "..and only the robot leaves"
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: nooez
[Vicinity] Kendor: offers Ofabulous a fat lip.
[Vicinity] Virta: Ok, the final question.
[Vicinity] Gainer: shoot, you're right boss
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: not enough
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: -.-
[Vicinity] Kendor: throws in a black eye and bloody nose
[Vicinity] Virta: 40. What are the commands when ordering a salute?
[Vicinity] Eeod: hmm.. i wa thinking of "but who's wearing my simming trunks?"
[Vicinity] Gainer: ooh, playing favorites
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: 99 bottles of beer on the wall
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I think Virta should maybe have been a little more detailed in that question
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: 99 bottles of beer
[Vicinity] Silverguard: yeah
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: take one down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: :P
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: he's omni
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: they're never detailed
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: I take them all down and put 'em in my bag, no bottles of beer on the wall
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: OMG
[Vicinity] Silverguard: begins to look in bag for duct tape
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: stealer
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i break j00 like a twig
[Vicinity] Virta: Attention!
[Vicinity] Virta: Preseeeeeent...
[Vicinity] Virta: ARMS!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: and the winner is playboyfixer
[Vicinity] Silverguard: slaps a piece of duct tape across ofabs mouth, then covers it with superglue
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: w000 time to announce i lost :D
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: yay
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Ok, please be really patient with me while I count my scribbles
[Vicinity] Dabblez: and now they arrest us all
[Vicinity] Dabblez: ... and only the robot leaves
[Vicinity] Gainer: amen
[Vicinity] Ofabulous:!
[Vicinity] Kendor: hehe... in that case
[Vicinity] Virta: Thank you all for taking part in the Quiz! Just a moment while we determine the winner of THIRTY MILLION credits!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: 'Bout to die!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: tax free?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: ehm, you mean 500 million
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: fix...
[Vicinity] Kendor: I canz leaves?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Ya!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: if its 500 mill and i win, i will be retiring
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: The winner is Ukblizzard!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous:!
[Vicinity] Jilien: thanks for reminding me I have to turn off voices in vicinity chat too.
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: you still owe me 499M
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: applauds
[Vicinity] Kendor: dai said robots leaves
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: CHEATER!!!!!!!!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg he stole all my answers
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =(
[Vicinity] Gainer: smart thinking, Ken
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: he really di
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: durkahiboboboo
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: that reminds me to close zigball bets :p
[Vicinity] Kendor: I is not Ken. Who is dis Ken. I is robot. I couldn't murder hims. I is machine.
[Vicinity] Silverguard: oh, need to pay u 100k
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: i lost weee!!!!!!!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: awww
[Vicinity] Zombeh: its a toy robot!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: 'Bout to die!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Hello! Little help?
[Vicinity] Kendor: snatches gainer-bot away from Zombeh!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: wishes ofab would really die
[Vicinity] Gainer: ow, hey
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Let's get the hell out of here!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Ken, watch the claws, you might break her
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Assist me, boys!
[Vicinity] Eeod: hums a little engineer tune
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: Feeling lucky? Bet on the zigball team of your choice now and win BIG! For more info contact your local bookie: Playboyfixer.
[Vicinity] Kendor: But we are made of same metal... won't can't wouldn't
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Dude! Juice man!
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Dude, stop :(
[Vicinity] Gainer: (( yay for having voices off :p ))
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Kendor: ./tell playboyfixer wtb BIG! err WTW Big!.. hmmm... gimme cr3dz tanx plx
[Vicinity] Virta: looks at all the faces beaming with the sure smile of a winner
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Greetings citizens!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Your attention please for the following announcement.
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Omni-Pol will soon be having it's 6th Birthday Bash party!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Everyone is invited! Don't be afraid to bring your friends!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: For more information contact me. That is all, have a good day.
[Vicinity] Gainer: woohoo!
[Vicinity] You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Giganticheal' has reached enlightenment.
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Weeee!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Congratualtyions OP
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: who won?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Thank you
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_o
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Gah! another shifty feller!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: 6 years... that is a lot of donuts
[Vicinity] Gainer: indeed, huge congrats
[Vicinity] Virta: Featuring impersonator / clone / fancy dress competition! Come as you are, or come as a different character from either Real-Life or from Rubi-Ka! Participants will be evaluated by the appearance, act and speech imitation! Millions and millions of credits and a lifetime free parking pass will be awarded for the best clones!
[Vicinity] Virta: Thank you!
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: Featuring impersonator / clone / fancy dress competition! Come as you are, or come as a different character from either Real-Life or from Rubi-Ka! Participants will be evaluated by the appearance, act and speech imitation! Millions and millions of credits and a lifetime free parking pass will be awarded for the best clones!
[Vicinity] Kendor: what about speeding amnization?
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is afk
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: Thank you!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: that will be gunney from SOS who wins that then lol
[Vicinity] Gainer: how many speeding tickets have you guys issued in those 6 years?
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: too soon? :p
[Vicinity] Virta: Just a little while more to determine the winner of THIRTY MILLION credits!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: had 8 clones dance in perfect unison in borealis last night
[Vicinity] Eeod: give us speeding Amnesia!!
[Vicinity] Virta: Yes.. that guy is a wizard.
[Vicinity] Virta: I am baffled.
[Vicinity] Gainer: hehe
[Vicinity] Kendor: Virta: Featuring impersonator / clone / fancy dress competition! Come as you are, or come as a different character from either Real-Life or from Rubi-Ka! Participants will be evaluated by the appearance, act and speech imitation! Millions and millions of credits and a lifetime free SPEEDING AMNIZATION will be awarded for the best clones!
[Vicinity] Virta: smiles to Jilien
[Vicinity] Kendor: fixed that for ya
[Vicinity] Jilien: smiles back
[Vicinity] Gainer: ...i need a costume, and fast
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: is back
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: So.. shall we get ready for someone to be buying us drinks?!
[Vicinity] Grimrider: scratches his chin
[Vicinity] Grimrider: I might go as Ofabulous
[Vicinity] Gainer: hmm, i see the similarity
[Vicinity] Playboyfixer: just got to gain alot of weight
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Ok.. little bit of quiet please.. we need to build up the moment
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: stomps on her chair with her feet
[Vicinity] Silverguard: plays drumroll on mini skeaker set
[Vicinity] Kendor: tells club owner, pointing at Ukblizzard, where damages should be charged.
[Vicinity] Silverguard: *speaker
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Well, as I mentioned earlier.. some answers may provoke history books to be rewritten.. I think 8:30pm was a good answer!
[Vicinity] Gainer: yay Lynn!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I also believe that those who stated me as Omni-Pol President are right.. i should get a pay rise!
[Vicinity] Kendor: bows.
[Vicinity] Eeod: beams
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Infact, if you want to put it in writing to Vallaroo.. just for the payrise.. that would be wonderful!
[Vicinity] Kendor: chears new OP Boss!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I dont actually want to be president.. just the money ok
[Vicinity] Eeod: woohoo
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Righty, on with the important stuff
[Vicinity] Eeod: just give us amnesty!
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: try uniion rep for the money
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: I am sure you guys want to know who won.. and who maybe didnt
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wooooo
[Vicinity] Kendor: prepares to boo Dabblez for winning!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: SO!!! Winner of the Omni-Pol Pub Quiz!! With a staggering 19.5 points... issssssssss
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Let's declare the winner at the party
[Vicinity] Silverguard: not me
[Vicinity] Virta: Ooh.. who?
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: YAY I LOOZE!!!!!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: :P
[Vicinity] Kendor: your loose?
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Gainer!!! Congratulations!! You win 30m Credits!! Come and open trade with me
[Vicinity] Gainer: buh?
[Vicinity] Jilien: rigged.
[Vicinity] Virta: gasps
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Yay Gainer!!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: CHEATER
[Vicinity] Gainer: yay!
[Vicinity] Virta: Congratulations!
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Grats Gainer!!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Gratz Gainer
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: Way!!!!
[Vicinity] Grimrider: is afk
[Vicinity] Eeod: wha???
[Vicinity] Gimpeline: Congrats'
[Vicinity] Jilien: Congratulations :)
[Vicinity] Silverguard: gts
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: his bot gave him the answers
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Weeee!
[Vicinity] Scenegg: Grats Gainer
[Vicinity] Kendor: w00t GAINER is da ma... WOman!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: but gz
[Vicinity] Gainer: whooo, thanks!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Congratulations!!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: who came second, thrid and last?
[Vicinity] Scenegg: U Da Leet
[Vicinity] Toyobashi: Congrats dude
[Vicinity] Kendor: Gainer doesn't have a bot and she's a she
[Vicinity] Eeod: is she?
[Vicinity] Kendor: I can answer the last one... that'd be me
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Ok.. things were pretty close in the top scoring entrants!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: lol
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: laughs
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: and coming second!! with just 0.5 points difference to Gainer isssssss
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wooo i looze
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: can u say dead last now plz
[Vicinity] Virta: Ooh
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Zombeh!!! Congratulations Zombeh, you win 15m Credits!!
[Vicinity] Kendor: GAINER!! congratulations for getting second
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Please come and trade with me
[Vicinity] Virta: Congratulations Zombeh!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Yay to go Zombeh!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Woot!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: RUR again....
[Vicinity] Silverguard: gts
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: rur ic
[Vicinity] Gainer: woo, congratsy Zombeh!
[Vicinity] Grimrider: is back
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: cheaterz
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Pays to nea nerd
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: -.-
[Vicinity] Scenegg: Grats Zombeh
[Vicinity] Dabblez: *be
[Vicinity] Zombeh: thanks!
[Vicinity] Gainer: i figure it's because we'll just be giving it all right back to pay off the parking fines.
[Vicinity] Jilien: congratulations :)
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: what about last place now?
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: RUR ftw
[Vicinity] Eeod: yay zombeh!!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Now.. a quiz like this unfortunately had to have someone who came last. But in this case, I really liked this persons answers!!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Hehe
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: :D
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wee meee :D :D :D
[Vicinity] Gimpeline: Me. I didn't answer any of them
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: awwww
[Vicinity] Virta: It is not PBF then? *smirk*
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: =(
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: O_O
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: So, for making me really giggle out loud for the last hour and a half, Aleilyn, please come and collect your boobie prize!!!
[Vicinity] Gainer: yay Lynn!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Just so everyone can see what it is...
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: Gratz Lynn
[Vicinity] Virta: Yay!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: *holds up the Worn-Out Chair*
[Vicinity] Kendor: WOOT BOOBIES!
[Vicinity] Gimpeline: grats
[Vicinity] Eeod: woohoo Go RUR GO!!!!
[Vicinity] Zombeh: Grats Lynn!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: omg
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Come and collect your prize!!
[Vicinity] Gainer: aww yeah
[Vicinity] Silverguard: hehe gts
[Vicinity] Virta: It is a chair!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Yay Lynn
[Vicinity] Gainer: congrats!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: hey
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: I'll put it in out HQ
[Vicinity] Scenegg: Grats Lynn
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: that was supposed to be my trophie
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: -/-
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: smiles
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: Worn-Out Chair
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Weeeee!
[Vicinity] Aleilynn: In Dabbs's room
[Vicinity] Gainer: ouch
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: Thank you all for participating, it was a lot of fun!!
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: wtb a chair 1 millz
[Vicinity] Gainer: thanks!
[Vicinity] Thegenerator: nods
[Vicinity] Virta: Oh.. closing words. Yes thank you again. And see you tomorrow in various forms I hope!
[Vicinity] Dabblez: Yay!!
[Vicinity] Silverguard: thinks its time to go before omni pol decide it would be good to end night with an arrest
[Vicinity] Ofabulous: Let's get the hell out of here!
[Vicinity] Ukblizzard: We will post the questions and answers along with a log on AOU for you all to see

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Post by Ukblizzard » Sat Jul 07, 2007 9:30 am

Listing of questions and answers will be posted here shortly!

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Post by Gainer » Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:06 am

Winning 30 million credits is awesome, but
[Vicinity] Virta: 22. Which engine powers the current scout mechs?
[Vicinity] Virta: For your information it is Beam-Sterling Charge Compression MK II but I bet you did not know it.
[Vicinity] Virta: beams


[Vicinity] Virta: 32. How long does it take to run from the east wall om Omni-Trade to the west wall with 590 run speed (in a straight line)? It is 59 seconds but let's do another one instead:
totally made my day :D

Thanks for the fun (and the credits of course), hope to see another 6 years!*

*assuming I ever manage to get some sort of traffic violation amnesty. I can't afford it already!

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