Patch - 17.4 Update from Silirrion

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Patch - 17.4 Update from Silirrion

Post by Ukblizzard » Fri May 18, 2007 9:31 pm

In the forums today, updates were given by Silirrion regarding 17.4.

Quote Silirrion:
Just a quick update today heading into the weekend on the status of the next update. The internal testing is looking pretty good and we hope to have a version on test live next week.

I have also updated the preview with a couple of other small, but hopefully welcome, changes that will be going into the update:

\'Upgrading\' a buff will now only require the difference in NCU cost to be available, not the whole amount.

We have split out the rank required to destroy city buildings and drop the City shields. Now only the top two ranks in an organisation can destroy buildings while the top three can drop the shields to start a raid. NOTE: Org types with the three or less ranks (Monarchy, anarchy etc) remain as they are.

Also one other thing you will start to see filter out over the coming updates is some new itemisation on some of the old Rubi-Ka mobs. These items wont be powerful end-game type items but is something we are starting to do as a little side project that we can use to add some interesting new items to lower level and free players so that there is also some new items for them to seek out. These items won\'t be \'earth shattering\' but they will be useful additions for some players and also lets us start to give people a reason to head out an explore Rubi-Ka a little more.

For 17.4 the Rhinoman population of Rubi-Ka have acquired some new armor items that some might like to collect.

If it proves that players like to see this kind of small additional itemisation we will try and look at a few areas or mob types in each update.

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