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Community - New Year Updates

Post by Khuri » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:23 am

Almost a month into 2007 and you might be wondering what we have been up to. Well, our most exciting new addition to AO-Universe may be our Events Calendar. This was launched at the end of 2006 but we have been working on making this not just something for you to access on our website.
The information from the Events Calendar can be recieved as XML-Sheet for all you constructive folks out there ( ... r&link=xml). Alternatively, if you would like to add the calendar to your website, there is a Premade file you can easily edit and add it to your website ( ... ools&id=14). On top of that, a popular RP-chatbot on Atlantean, Channel42 (/tell channel42 !join), will soon include the calendar ingame.

Another feature, which was silently added at the end of 2006 as well for testing, is the Guild Database ( We developed it based on the ideas of the Community, giving both, guild members and people searching for a guild, a place to add and find detailled information about a guild before you join them.

The popular AO-Webcomic will soon get it\'s very own place on the website and of course the biggest part of AO-Universe, the Knowledge Database, is also not left behind. We are making sure to keep our guides updated, with new content as well as old. As always, your feedback is most welcome.

Based on a recent discussion about our standing among other community sites, we\'d like to mention that AO-Universe still has the same slogan as it had when this site launched more then a year ago. We are not part of any big network, and we are ad-free (even if a lot of leets crawl over the current layout). We are a fansite, made By Players, For Players.

We would like to thank you, the Players and Community, for your support and feedback of the last year, and we are looking forward to another exciting year with Anarchy Online, and you.

The AO-Universe Team

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