Social/Roleplaying - Clan Attacks 2H0

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Social/Roleplaying - Clan Attacks 2H0

Post by Tepamina » Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:29 am

A small Clan squad attacked the 2H0 base, to destroy a new Juggernaut prototype. Sources say that the Juggernaut carried an experimental core, 10 times stronger than those in the original Juggernaut. This core would theoretically mean a Juggernaunt with 10 times more power to the engines, as well as 10 times more powerful weaponry.

After a few brief skirmishes with Omni forces, the Clan force charged in 2H0, where they met with more omni forces, Unicorns, as well as many Omni mercenaries. After a relativelly short fight, the clans succeeded against all odds in decimating the experimental Juggernaut, and destroying the dangerous core. The clan force fled the scene afterwards.

Another prototype Juggernaut, as well as the core\'s contruction plans, remain at large.

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