Social/Roleplaying - OOC RP Meeting 01/10/2006

Newsentries to be discussed

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Social/Roleplaying - OOC RP Meeting 01/10/2006

Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:30 pm

The OOC RP meeting was held this evening in Reets on Atlantean and chaired very successfully and professionally by Keanne.

The following points are examples of what was discussed:

- Communication
- Awareness of those who RP
- Advertising
- Tools available
- Limitations of different types of media / forums
- Activity

Follow the link to the discussion thread to read the log, see some pictures and also discuss the points/ issues raised today!

Thank you to Keanne, to all players who attended and to Akelei attending on behalf of the Events team. Everyones attendance was really appreciated!!

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Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:32 pm

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Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:55 pm

Begin of Logfile: 10.01.2006 - 20:12

[Vicinity] 20:12 Keanne: Welcome to the meeting.
[Vicinity] 20:13 Keanne: From here, moderation goes so that if you want to present something, send me a tell and I'll give you time to speak. After that, chatting can be more free on the issue at hand.
[Vicinity] 20:14 Keanne: So, if you actually planned to say something in this meeting, drop a line to me now.
[Vicinity] 20:14 Keanne: First things first, I'm going to explain why I'm wearing this horrible green cloak.
[Vicinity] 20:15 Keanne: It was proposed in the thread that this kind of OOC-meetings should happen with some regularity.
[Vicinity] 20:16 Keanne: I agree with that, and am now using this green cloak to show everyone that I'm Out of Character.
[Vicinity] 20:16 Vermione It's better than wearing antlers
[Vicinity] 20:16 Keanne: I dont' think many people use it otherwise, for a reason, so as we don't have OOC or AFK tags to attach to our names, something else can be used instead.
[Vicinity] 20:17 Keanne: It's not like everyone in such a meeting have to wear one, but I'm proposing it to be used as a sort of code from now on.
[Vicinity] 20:18 Freak1: Where do we get it
[Vicinity] 20:18 Keanne: OOC-meetings could be used not only to coordinate things in general, but also for general chatting. All of us have different idea what roleplaying really is.
[Vicinity] 20:18 Keanne: It's buyable from tailors and normal clothes booths.
[Vicinity] 20:18 Sirnegs: Swapping back items may be a problem ;) but good idea otherwise for most RPers
[Vicinity] 20:19 Keanne: Sirnegs, of course. But that's why, if there's a clump of mixed faction players chatting in somewhere, and some have robes, the other RP:rs know better than to accuse them for treason IC :)
[Vicinity] 20:19 Khuri: I like the idea.
[Vicinity] 20:19 Keanne: It's just an idea, and there's no reason to enforce it, just wanted to present it to you.
[Vicinity] 20:20 Sirnegs: I like the idea too :) <3 neutrality getting to talk to anyone :)
[Vicinity] 20:20 Kotts: aside from the cloak being ugly, I like it
[Vicinity] 20:20 Angellis: ((I definetly prefer these brackets))
[Vicinity] 20:20 Jujuwalker: i dunno....
[Vicinity] 20:20 Sary: Hehe, me too.
[Vicinity] 20:20 Keanne: That's the point, Kotts... no one is using it otherwise.
[Vicinity] 20:20 Keanne: And not everyone HAS to use it.
[Vicinity] 20:20 Kotts: figured as much.. they are still ugly :D
[Vicinity] 20:20 Salvena: But, but... ~GREEN~?!
[Vicinity] 20:20 Kotts: coming from the guy in gold armor and blue gloves...
[Vicinity] 20:20 Jujuwalker: it's like....i'll jut put on my little occ hat and be happy.
[Vicinity] 20:21 Keanne: I picked the most horrible back-item easily available.
[Vicinity] 20:21 Sheytancy: nods...
[Vicinity] 20:21 Mancenzo: Could be worse, it could be plad
[Vicinity] 20:21 Keanne: In my opinion.. only slight joke on those who actually like it.
[Vicinity] 20:21 Waltiri: Could be the NLF cloak...
[Vicinity] 20:21 Keanne: the cloak, not the color.
[Vicinity] 20:21 Keanne: the cloak.. not the IDEA.
[Vicinity] 20:21 Keanne sighs
[Vicinity] 20:23 Keanne: Alright. Anyone want to voice opinion on this matter?
[Vicinity] 20:23 Areania: It is a good Idea, the treason talk I find is very common. and as long at it gets more videly known.
[Vicinity] 20:23 Jujuwalker: i think i speak for myself here when i say there is no way in hell i'll be wearing a green radioactive cloak.
[Vicinity] 20:24 Jujuwalker: but the idea has some merit.
[Vicinity] 20:24 Akelei: chuckles.
[Vicinity] 20:24 Vedia: Link removed -How about Metal Bikini?
[Vicinity] 20:24 Keanne: The idea today is to compile a list of ideas how to revive our...scene a bit, and I suppose the cloak will go to that list.
[Vicinity] 20:24 Sirnegs: I'm with you juju .. idea is good, i'm just not going to do it :)
[Vicinity] 20:24 Mindtrap: I think the idea is sound, but not sure how many people would take the time to follow it just to speak OOC
[Vicinity] 20:24 Choshu: I'm gamne. Ill cloak or no.
[Vicinity] 20:24 Sirnegs Plus as a Neutral I don't have to worry about "treason"
[Vicinity] 20:24 Salvena: Ha!
[Vicinity] 20:24 Jujuwalker: ANd... i have the silly hat
[Vicinity] 20:24 Kotts: I like it... there is only about 5 people in this room I can speak with kindly IC.... soo.... it'd be nice as long as it isn't over done
[Vicinity] 20:24 Freak1: I don't mind the cloak
[Vicinity] 20:25 Nuser: I wouldn't care if it was pink with green polka dots..its the idea that matters
[Vicinity] 20:25 Waits: ... and the idea is good.
[Vicinity] 20:25 Aedro: It is a good idea. I like it.
[Vicinity] 20:25 Choshu: Aye.
[Vicinity] 20:25 Waltiri: Idea is good. Precise choice of cloak can be argued later.
[Vicinity] 20:25 Jynlia Its good
[Vicinity] 20:26 Waits: Maybe grey would be more "appropriate" ?
[Vicinity] 20:26 Areania: the Idea yes and as keanne stated "the most horrid look" isnt that the point so that nobody wear it because they like it and that line of misunderstanding starts.
[Vicinity] 20:26 Kotts: point
[Vicinity] 20:26 Freak1: I like black personelly
[Vicinity] 20:26 Nuser: people wear black all the time..I wouldn't work
[Vicinity] 20:26 Kotts: alot of people wear black ICly though... *coughpolscough*
[Vicinity] 20:27 Choshu: Exactly.
[Vicinity] 20:27 Nuser: it needs to be a color noone wants to green
[Vicinity] 20:27 Ovee: the idea is that noone wears it regularly, so I think the green cloak idea is sound
[Vicinity] 20:27 Freak1: Then lets just wear green
[Vicinity] 20:27 Keanne: Alright... next Trgeorge will say... something about something. The cloak goes to "the list"
[Vicinity] 20:27 Kotts: yup no one uses it
[Vicinity] 20:27 Trgeorge: well, that's just visual
[Vicinity] 20:27 Keanne: Trgeorge, speak up, others, shhh
[Vicinity] 20:28 Vermione: Well some people might still be wearing green casually, so it can't be assumed as an universal rule, can it?
[Vicinity] 20:28 Trgeorge: since there are already items ingame that color your name, maybe some dev work and different color would be better?
[Vicinity] 20:28 Mindtrap: I agree Trgeorge
[Vicinity] 20:28 Freak1: Same
[Vicinity] 20:28 Trgeorge: ofc using color changing item would make more sense when actually IC
[Vicinity] 20:28 Windguaerd: Ehem, idea noted. I think we can all munch on it a while, besides the fashion suicide statement part of it.
[Vicinity] 20:29 Trgeorge that's all
[Vicinity] 20:29 Windguaerd: Shall we begin with point #1: The current status of roleplaying at Atlantean Server
[Vicinity] 20:29 Jujuwalker: food for the Fc forums]
[Vicinity] 20:29 Keanne: There's no need to run around wearing the cloak. And I wont' hold my breath until we actually get a new item.
[Vicinity] 20:30 Keanne: Yes, let's.
[Vicinity] 20:30 Keanne: Alright, cloak-discussion is over for now.
[Vicinity] 20:30 Keanne: What is the current status of roleplaying community on our server?
[Vicinity] 20:30 Choshu: Stagnation is bad. And the status seems to be stagnating.
[Vicinity] 20:31 Deagnor: agreed with Choshu
[Vicinity] 20:31 Briie: Stagnation is an understatement...
[Vicinity] 20:31 Windguaerd Let's see...based on 5 years of activity, I can give a moderate view of the past few years
[Vicinity] 20:31 Sirnegs: I find myself staying within the org, and/or other neutrals. Don't see much from Omni/Clans
[Vicinity] 20:31 Ukblizzard: How can we have a stagnant Roleplaying community with all of us here today?!
[Vicinity] 20:32 Ukblizzard: Surely this just proves we need to communicate better with each other
[Vicinity] 20:32 Sirnegs: Probably most of us don't RP together?
[Vicinity] 20:32 Briie: Lack of events?
[Vicinity] 20:32 Playboyfixer: before today i haven't seen most of you around :p
[Vicinity] 20:32 Kotts: I havn't been involved in anything outside of assembly in about 6 months.... started to wonder if ya'll quit or something
[Vicinity] 20:32 Ukblizzard: Well why not then :)
[Vicinity] 20:32 Windguaerd: 2001, slow, 2002-2003 very active, 2004-2005 decline...I mean downhill, 2006 slowly recovery but still low activity compared to 2002-2003
[Vicinity] 20:32 Sirnegs: We each have our circles we stay in.
[Vicinity] 20:32 Choshu: I think it creates a vicious cycle, where inactivity creates apathy, and eventually boils down to an "Eh, whatever..." outlook.
[Vicinity] 20:32 Windguaerd: Most RP events are created and run within guilds, few cross-guild events
[Vicinity] 20:32 Aedro Perhaps we should change that, then. Get an inter-guild council up to keep stagnation down, make big events, and communication easier
[Vicinity] 20:32 Playboyfixer: mostly when there is an RP event i see more PVPers than RPers around lol
[Vicinity] 20:33 Jujuwalker: i find neutral RP to be extremely limited recently... with omnitek coming in and jackbooting their way to whatever they want and limiting us to being expandable ( read : shootable) extras.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Salvena: I like the sound of this inter-guild thing.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Choshu: I think more cross-org and cross-faction scenarios could spark things up a bit.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Briie: RP event does not have to equal PvP
[Vicinity] 20:33 Ukblizzard: It is only as limiting as you make it for youself.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Khuri: Actually, i don't think it is just the "Big Events" - thats just a small part, and those are overrun by greafers lately too much; But the simple things are lacking as well, just go to a bar like this one during the week, it is wasted if there's no GSP-party running.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Salvena: Here, here, Choshu.
[Vicinity] 20:33 Sheytancy: maybe because u are one?
[Vicinity] 20:33 Windguaerd: And here comes the part that will hurt, at least the clan and omni players here....
[Vicinity] 20:33 Choshu: I second that, Briie.
[Vicinity] 20:34 Windguaerd: CoT and BoD do least nothing that matters IC, events are extremely rare
[Vicinity] 20:34 Kotts: PVP is only a tool. use it or don't plane and simple ;P
[Vicinity] 20:34 Varyo: As a new roleplayer I would like to say that finding a way into roleplaying is quite hard.
[Vicinity] 20:34 Sirnegs agrees with Juju completely
[Vicinity] 20:34 Windguaerd: And both bodies have a lot of orgs in it
[Vicinity] 20:34 Jujuwalker thinks we should take a speaking turn, because this is getting out of hand.
[Vicinity] 20:34 Soldatius: Agree with Varyo
[Vicinity] 20:34 Cotteroh: I agree with Yaryo not advertising
[Vicinity] 20:34 Sheytancy agrees with Sirneg
[Vicinity] 20:34 Cotteroh: no*
[Vicinity] 20:35 Waits: What Varyo is saying, does have some merit to it... it's hard to get a hold of people who actually DO roleplay.
[Vicinity] 20:35 Icewind: I agree
[Vicinity] 20:35 Windguaerd: Lets start over, send a tell to Keanne for speaking turn.
[Vicinity] 20:35 Jujuwalker: i think one of the issues of that is the fact that fnoob players DO NOT have access to the rp boards.
[Vicinity] 20:35 Kotts: How about establishing hangout for different factions and Orgs?
[Vicinity] 20:35 Kotts: Kinda like Juju claims nueters.
[Vicinity] 20:36 Kotts: if you ever need to find him in person that's the safetst bet
[Vicinity] 20:36 Choshu: I think that because events require so many 'extra' aspects, and are time-consuming, relying on them is a bad idea. I'd say more involvement on the part of the -players- themselves could help. A small event or storyline can be just as enjoyable, and far easier to pull off.
[Vicinity] 20:36 Keanne: Alright. Who thinks there's too little roleplaying activity currently going on around Atlantean? Type 1 in vicinity if you feel this way.
[Vicinity] 20:36 Taiseiten: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Vermione: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Waits: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Sirwallace: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Playboyfixer: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Freak1: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Mindtrap: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Jujuwalker: ((and the radar terasse in newland city.))
[Vicinity] 20:36 Kotts: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Choshu: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Cotteroh: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Astera: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Sinjinsmiley: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Insanity187: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Soldatius: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Jujuwalker: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Kreydax: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Sooli: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Sanqq: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Quilluck: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Bruntos: 1?
[Vicinity] 20:36 Trgeorge: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Freak1: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Thegenerator: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Briie: 1
[Vicinity] 20:36 Sheytancy: 1?
[Vicinity] 20:37 Rijnswand: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Icewind: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Zulu69: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Deagnor: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Ovee: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Akelei: gasps.
[Vicinity] 20:37 Aedro: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Chaupin: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Khuri: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Areania: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Vedia: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Varyo: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Sirnegs: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Windguaerd: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Jynlia: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Playboyfixer: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Mancenzo: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Salvena: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Keanne: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Freak1: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Mikep: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Waltiri: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Schwartzhund: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Choshu: laughs.
[Vicinity] 20:37 Zulu69: O.o
[Vicinity] 20:37 Willtann: 1
[Vicinity] 20:37 Choshu: That's settled.
[Vicinity] 20:37 Sooli: 3
[Vicinity] 20:38 Keanne: It seems we agree on the matter. However, there is no simple way to fix matters. WAITS has a suggestion. Please listen.
[Vicinity] 20:38 Freak1: Hi Daniel
[Vicinity] 20:39 Mindtrap: I do have an idea if I may
[Vicinity] 20:39 Waits: Thank you Keanne. I have a suggestion, based on some RPing experience I have from RK2. Over there, they have a widely used bot, which can handle inter-roleplayer chat. From any fraction.
[Vicinity] 20:40 Salvena: Like Channel42?
[Vicinity] 20:40 Kotts: like an OOC 42 from the sound of it
[Vicinity] 20:40 Waits: I don't personally have the resources to launch such an initiative, but I think it would help, if it was as easy as sending a tell to a name, and you could write to other roleplayers.
[Vicinity] 20:40 Waits: Yeah, that's basically it.
[Vicinity] 20:40 Sooli nods
[Vicinity] 20:40 Keanne: when it's his turn, there are others to speak before him.
[Vicinity] 20:40 Windguaerd: Please. Wait for your speaking turn. Thank you.
[Vicinity] 20:40 Kotts makes sence
[Vicinity] 20:41 Salvena: raises hand for Waits.
[Vicinity] 20:41 Waits: Basically, the easier it is for us to find other roleplayers, the more roleplaying will be going on.
[Vicinity] 20:42 Waits: I'm not sure huge events is the solution, but rather a proper communications network.
[Vicinity] 20:42 Waits: <done>
[Vicinity] 20:42 Icewind agrees
[Vicinity] 20:42 Virta nods
[Vicinity] 20:42 Khuri nods
[Vicinity] 20:42 Choshu: The hurdle there is getting the knowledge out. Same problem with C42, really. Amazing how many people have never heard of it.
[Vicinity] 20:42 Keanne: I agree with your general idea, though chat-channel alone is not enough, as 42 proves.
[Vicinity] 20:42 Kotts: lookit how many are on now
[Vicinity] 20:42 Kotts: and how many are in this room
[Vicinity] 20:43 Mindtrap: I heard a tumbleweed roll across it yesterday
[Vicinity] 20:43 Keanne: Ok, are you done Waits?
[Vicinity] 20:43 Waits: Yep.
[Vicinity] 20:43 Keanne: Trgeorge, you had something. Your turn to speak now
[Vicinity] 20:42 Trgeorge: one of problems regarding ARK events is that you can't please everyone..players are from different zones. So while ARKs try to catch those logging off and those logging in, maybe they should pick times suited just for 1 timezone? And next time for other etc...What players make for themself, well that's for whoever runs the event to decide on time. But those events are usually advertised.Done.
[Vicinity] 20:43 Keanne: Next, Mindtrap. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 20:44 Mindtrap: okay well my idea since a lot of people keep RP in org is to maybe pair up omni and clan, etc. opposing guilds, that way they can make interesting stories that are adversarial
[Vicinity] 20:44 Mindtrap: so people can find an opposing org that agrees with their playstyle
[Vicinity] 20:44 Sirnegs: *cough*Neutrals*cough*
[Vicinity] 20:44 Choshu: Give the orgs 'arch rivals' then?
[Vicinity] 20:44 Sooli oooohs
[Vicinity] 20:44 Mindtrap: well the NLF hates everyone anyhow, so...j/k
[Vicinity] 20:45 Cotteroh Tis a good idea
[Vicinity] 20:45 Sirnegs: There are other neutral orgs than the NLF
[Vicinity] 20:45 Keanne: Alright, Jujuwalker next. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 20:45 Mindtrap: I know but I said that for simplicity, you guys can choose your rivals, amognst your selves, clan or nuetural
[Vicinity] 20:45 Jujuwalker: Well, i think there are several issues here.
[Vicinity] 20:45 Mindtrap: clan an omni is more obvious
[Vicinity] 20:45 Jujuwalker: first up, sometimes it is close to impossible to actually contact people
[Vicinity] 20:46 Jujuwalker: for example : who the hell am i supposed to go to to have a chat with people about the omni board of direcotrs?
[Vicinity] 20:46 Jujuwalker: the general communications problems, coupled with " everybody doing it's own thing" really does not help the community.
[Vicinity] 20:47 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 20:47 Jujuwalker: Also, FNoobs, that i am sure a LOT of them would be interested in RP, so not have access to the Fc forums
[Vicinity] 20:47 Icewind: I think you hit it there.. everybody doing its own thing
[Vicinity] 20:47 Jujuwalker: or at least, they can't read the RP forums on a guest account.
[Vicinity] 20:47 Choshu: Very frustrating for a froob, trust me. ;)
[Vicinity] 20:48 Freak1: I know
[Vicinity] 20:48 Jujuwalker: so say we had 300 fnoobs interested in RPing ? they wouldn't even know about the meeting.
[Vicinity] 20:48 Jujuwalker: That is a key issue right there.
[Vicinity] 20:48 Icewind agrees
[Vicinity] 20:48 Nuser: small add in..they can read just not post
[Vicinity] 20:48 Keanne: Communication between players should be better?
[Vicinity] 20:48 Choshu: I pretty much rely on other sites for details.
[Vicinity] 20:48 Freak1 nods
[Vicinity] 20:48 Jujuwalker: by cutting off the fnoobs folks, you cut your recruitment
[Vicinity] 20:48 Kotts: most don't even know to read
[Vicinity] 20:48 Jujuwalker: (done)
[Vicinity] 20:48 Kotts: err where to read
[Vicinity] 20:48 Cotteroh: Im a froob and whole heartedly agree with Juju
[Vicinity] 20:49 Choshu: Same here. Reading is fine, but if we have a question, we're essentially screwed.
[Vicinity] 20:49 Freak1: I too, am a Froob
[Vicinity] 20:49 Sheytancy agrees with juju
[Vicinity] 20:49 Keanne: Alright, let's take few more comments before more open discussion. Khuri, you are next.
[Vicinity] 20:49 Jynlia: applauses!!!!
[Vicinity] 20:49 Choshu: Thank goodness for alternate sources.
[Vicinity] 20:49 Khuri: Thank you, Keanne.
[Vicinity] 20:49 Khuri: As announced on the short "Pre-meeting" already, we're about to add some more tools for Roleplayers to AO-Universe.
[Vicinity] 20:49 Khuri: Currently in mind is a "Guild Guide", to help people find an organisation that fits their playstyle and of course the way Roleplaying is done as they'd like it for their character. This hopefully can be used then as well to find other organisations you could do an event with. There's right now already quite some options already for guilds to set, as well as for people to search then, and find organisations. We're working on this, and hopefully can preset a first version soon, so keep an eye on the forums.
[Vicinity] 20:50 Khuri: Second thing is an "Events Calendar", as the old ARK-Events one was, just in an "improved" way. The only problem with such a calendar will be the same with Channel42, once it is out: People have to use it, to make it useful.
[Vicinity] 20:50 Khuri: Done!
[Vicinity] 20:50 Kotts: Woo!
[Vicinity] 20:50 Cimitech: I have a question
[Vicinity] 20:50 Windguaerd applauds proudly
[Vicinity] 20:50 Keanne: All good poits, and can help in communication.
[Vicinity] 20:50 Keanne: Waits had a small comment.
[Vicinity] 20:50 Keanne: Waits, speak up
[Vicinity] 20:50 Waits: Yes, thank you.
[Vicinity] 20:50 Playboyfixer: there's an events calendar?
[Vicinity] 20:51 Waits: May I suggest GSP? That's one way of spreading the word... I'm sure we could either buy an ad, or negotiate some deal with them.
[Vicinity] 20:51 Khuri: ARK Events calendar was a good source a long time ago, then it was broken for 2 months or so and after that, it got dusted.
[Vicinity] 20:51 Waits: I know LOTS of roleplayers are in some way connected with GSP.
[Vicinity] 20:51 Waits: <done>
[Vicinity] 20:51 Playboyfixer: i know alot that are with excessradio, don't forget them
[Vicinity] 20:51 Keanne: Alright, even without a tell, Cimitech, your turn. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 20:52 Cimitech: has anyone considdered merging an omni,neutral,and clan org to centralize communications ?
[Vicinity] 20:52 Briie: shudders at the thought!
[Vicinity] 20:53 Jujuwalker: a word : i actually negociated something thru GSP for a RP thing, an actual contract from the NLCC... and i dunno... it got complicated
[Vicinity] 20:53 Jujuwalker: but some people thought the ad was killer tho.
[Vicinity] 20:53 Keanne: Ukblizzard has something to say about communication. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 20:53 Ukblizzard: We are all aware that the communication needs to improve, a lot of us are aware of the resources already available.. others arent. There just now somehow needs to be some links put into place
[Vicinity] 20:54 Keanne: I agree. We don't need to build MORE resources when existing ones aren't in full use.
[Vicinity] 20:54 Ukblizzard: We have so many guild sites, guide sites.. forums
[Vicinity] 20:54 Choshu: Seems to me we have a variety of communication tools as is. We just need to better implement them.
[Vicinity] 20:54 Ukblizzard: Those resources need to be channeled together somehow. Done.
[Vicinity] 20:54 Freak1 agrees
[Vicinity] 20:54 Keanne: And we need to raise the knowledge about them.
[Vicinity] 20:54 Choshu: That's -vital-.
[Vicinity] 20:55 Waits: Choshu hit it on the head there. We don't need MORE information - we need to raise awareness about the stuff that's in place already.
[Vicinity] 20:55 Nuser: just look at how many are here today..and how many of us are actually on channel42
[Vicinity] 20:55 Quilluck: And i'm sure it's already started here today. I for one had only heard rumors of this 42-thingy *grins*
[Vicinity] 20:55 Akelei: nods.
[Vicinity] 20:55 Choshu: I encounter so many people looking for RP-related things, and as of now, all I can suggest is various sites and C42.
[Vicinity] 20:56 Mindtrap: I check it from time to time, but just hear crickets chirping so soon forget its there
[Vicinity] 20:56 Ovee: Maybe the Bill Boards all over the major cities may be a good place to start...advertise about the ways to communicate and make people aware of Ch 42 and excessradio, ect....
[Vicinity] 20:56 Keanne: Kreydax has something to say. Speak up, Kreydax.
[Vicinity] 20:57 Kreydax is spooked
[Vicinity] 20:57 Mindtrap: ovee yes very good idea, like the helpbot in the subway
[Vicinity] 20:57 Kreydax: Uhm... idea: Specify a central RP forum that everyone who really wants to RP can go to?
[Vicinity] 20:57 Kreydax that's all
[Vicinity] 20:57 Waits: Unrealistic. Sorry. That's the truth.
[Vicinity] 20:57 Keanne: Dabblez is up next, Speak up.
[Vicinity] 20:58 Dabblez: JUst a quick word on CH42.
[Vicinity] 20:58 Dabblez: It is just a tool, it only as good as people make it
[Vicinity] 20:58 Freak1: What is ch42
[Vicinity] 20:59 Dabblez: If people log on and just hear crickets, may they are not bringing anything to the channel
[Vicinity] 20:59 Dabblez: We can't all just be reactive
[Vicinity] 20:59 Mindtrap: then just echos *smiles*
[Vicinity] 20:59 Virta nods
[Vicinity] 20:59 Dabblez: It take a lot of energy to keep keep thing lively all the time
[Vicinity] 20:59 Icewind: I didn't know about ch42 till i heard it mentioned here
[Vicinity] 20:59 Zulu69 claps
[Vicinity] 20:59 Sirnegs: agrees :) don't expect others to start RP for you.
[Vicinity] 20:59 Xaun nods in agreement
[Vicinity] 20:59 Nuser its the usual issue of people waiting for others to create RP for them
[Vicinity] 20:59 Dabblez: Play your characters Ch42, roll quirky on off characters just to play a character roll on Ch42
[Vicinity] 21:00 Dabblez: Use it. That's all
[Vicinity] 21:00 Choshu: nods.
[Vicinity] 21:00 Keanne: Thanks, Dabblez.
[Vicinity] 21:00 Keanne: Choshu is up next.
[Vicinity] 21:00 Choshu: Ma'am.
[Vicinity] 21:00 Choshu: On the subject of billboards:
[Vicinity] 21:01 Mindtrap: btw if I log a channel I am proactive but when there is no reaction, well what can you say
[Vicinity] 21:02 Choshu: Rumor has it they may be used for various RP-related things, but regardless, that'll tae alot of time, and is essentially "out of our hands". As much a boon as they would be, it seems alternate routes may be more viable at this time. Regular billboard use would be at FC's whim, after all.
[Vicinity] 21:02 Choshu: Annnnd, done.
[Vicinity] 21:02 Waits: Heard.
[Vicinity] 21:03 Keanne: Waits had a comment too. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:03 Waits: Thank you. Just wanted to elaborate on my comment to Kreydax' suggestion before. It would be nice to have only _one_ forum that everyone points to. But in reality... who decides which one? I wouldn't be suprised if we have at least 5 people here, who have their own AO forum/site out there.
[Vicinity] 21:03 Waits: <done>
[Vicinity] 21:03 Kreydax shrugs
[Vicinity] 21:03 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:04 Keanne: Windguaerd, your turn now. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:04 Windguaerd: A lot of you know me, I'm one of the RP old timers here. I'm also the Site Manager of AO Universe along with Khuri. Most of the AOU Team is here, so you can tell that AO Universe is practically run by dedicated Roleplayers.
[Vicinity] 21:05 Windguaerd: My dream project was not only to become a hub of info for all players, but a hub for roleplayers like myself, and not only peeps that can easily access the official forums, but fr00bs as well.
[Vicinity] 21:05 Windguaerd: AO Universe has a Roleplaying section, which had been improved and developed specifically for the RP Community. Basics of RP, AO Stories Backgroundstory Pager, A Rubi-Ka Exclusive and links to official forums related to RP and the CoT/BoD sites.
[Vicinity] 21:05 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:05 Xaun nods agreeing
[Vicinity] 21:05 Khuri: And we're working on making it better!
[Vicinity] 21:05 Khuri giggles
[Vicinity] 21:06 Windguaerd: We're working regularly to help the RP Community, be blunt...there is little activity on the part of the community to use what we offer.
[Vicinity] 21:06 Freak1: bye
[Vicinity] 21:06 Windguaerd: What FC and ARK has not been able to create or provide we're trying to do. Thank god for Khuri's coding skills, let me tell ya...
[Vicinity] 21:07 Windguaerd: And the rest of the AOU Team...basically AOU is not just RP friendly....we represent what you love to do, what we all like here, otherwise...this meeting would be pointless
[Vicinity] 21:07 Playboyfixer: oh right
[Vicinity] 21:08 Playboyfixer: mt sorry
[Vicinity] 21:08 Windguaerd: We need your support to improve the tools you may want now and the near future, but for that, you need to drop by and tell us
[Vicinity] 21:08 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:09 Keanne: Thank you. Virta had next comment.
[Vicinity] 21:09 Windguaerd: If you have an idea to improve comunitcation OOC outside the game, post or PM us
[Vicinity] 21:09 Virta: Yes, hello!
[Vicinity] 21:09 Virta: A comment about the slightly earlier discussion. I think most of AO players dont read any forums. I guess we should assume that unless the information is not in-game, it does not exist for the majority of people. We should keep that in mind when trying to think of better communication. Done.
[Vicinity] 21:10 Sheytancy: applauses!
[Vicinity] 21:10 Waits: Well said! I second that!
[Vicinity] 21:10 Windguaerd: If you have tools that we could implement or improve, Khuri can prob mke it work somehow....
[Vicinity] 21:10 Choshu: nods.
[Vicinity] 21:10 Windguaerd: thank ya for your time
[Vicinity] 21:10 Xaun nods and agrees
[Vicinity] 21:10 Kairistrife agrees
[Vicinity] 21:10 Vermione applauses heartily
[Vicinity] 21:11 Keanne: Alright, Playboyfixer has a comment now.
[Vicinity] 21:11 Cotteroh claps
[Vicinity] 21:11 Playboyfixer yes
[Vicinity] 21:11 Playboyfixer: we talk about GSP
[Vicinity] 21:11 Playboyfixer: but excess radio (XSR) can do and does great events now & then too, even if it is a party to make people familiar with parts of AO that are getting forgotten
[Vicinity] 21:12 Playboyfixer: yet most people don't know or don't go to XSR events, cause it seems ARK's refuse to go to any event hosted by XSR, while thy go to any GSP event
[Vicinity] 21:12 Playboyfixer: i have heard from ARK's alot that that isn't true, even from bekrowe, yet even when you "order" an ARK 3 weeks before hand, none will come
[Vicinity] 21:13 Playboyfixer as for the forums, i think they can scare some people away cause it is too big, with old obsolete posts and all too
[Vicinity] 21:13 Playboyfixer: done
[Vicinity] 21:13 Keanne: Thank you. Dabblez is up next. Speak up
[Vicinity] 21:14 Akhilleus is afk
[Vicinity] 21:14 Dabblez: Just a comment on fforum reading - You cannot play AO without reading forums, quest guides, getting your Sanctuary keys, profession guides, so what's the big deal on checking the RP news?
[Vicinity] 21:14 Dabblez: DOne
[Vicinity] 21:15 Keanne: Thank you. Khuri, your turn.
[Vicinity] 21:15 Khuri takes a big breath
[Vicinity] 21:15 Khuri: About the point Virta mentioned, that the forums might be too, well "chaotic" or too much stuff for some people to read there all the time, we've been assuming the idea that once we got the "Events Calendar" ready to roll, to look for a way to make bots like Channel42 access the data of this calendar, and people being able to get just the facts from it ingame at any time, through that bot.
[Vicinity] 21:16 Khuri: Also of course, add notification options to it, like mail or tell notifications.
[Vicinity] 21:16 Khuri: Done.
[Vicinity] 21:17 Keanne: Sounds good. Thanks, Khuri.
[Vicinity] 21:17 Vermione: That does sound very promising.
[Vicinity] 21:17 Keanne: Xaun is next. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:17 Windguaerd smiles proudly
[Vicinity] 21:17 Xaun nods and clears her throat
[Vicinity] 21:17 Xaun: What I would like to point out is first a comment regarding others creating RP, RP does not happen you have to make it happen. One of the biggest things to help RP is being willing to both win and loose. I have had no problems finding or being involved in RP for many reasons.
[Vicinity] 21:18 Xaun: I do not RP title hug.. No offense but it seems many are doing this.
[Vicinity] 21:18 Bubblereborn: RAAWR!!!
[Vicinity] 21:18 Xaun: You win some you loose some. Kudos to Omni-Pol for being able to understand this for so many years now.
[Vicinity] 21:18 Dabblez: RP Title hug?
[Vicinity] 21:19 Windguaerd: Hmm, explain or give an example please.
[Vicinity] 21:19 Windguaerd nods to Dabblez
[Vicinity] 21:19 Xaun: Equivellent to PVP Title hugging.
[Vicinity] 21:19 Kotts: bang bang I got you.. no you didn;t I got you first
[Vicinity] 21:19 Choshu: "God moders".
[Vicinity] 21:19 Kotts: my char is more uber'er I win
[Vicinity] 21:19 Xaun: You have to be willing to loose once in a while..
[Vicinity] 21:19 Xaun: You have to be willing to take a hit to your RP ego..
[Vicinity] 21:19 Mindtrap agrees fully RP sucks if you expect to win, and can't play the defeated side
[Vicinity] 21:20 Xaun: To take a chance on an unknown outcome.
[Vicinity] 21:20 Xaun: My second point is an idea..
[Vicinity] 21:20 Keanne: Thank you, Xaun... oh, continue.
[Vicinity] 21:20 Ovee: I didn't think there was a win or lose in RP
[Vicinity] 21:20 Xaun: I don't know about the existing radio stations. But I would be willing to do anything to see a 100% IC Radio station 24/7
[Vicinity] 21:21 Windguaerd: Well, most of us have been assasinated, kidnapped and tortured IC. There is no win in RP, just and downs really.
[Vicinity] 21:21 Kotts: not supposed to be, but ....
[Vicinity] 21:21 Xaun: XSR and GSP are not IC
[Vicinity] 21:21 Ovee: true
[Vicinity] 21:21 Xaun: Why do I want to see this?
[Vicinity] 21:21 Soldatius: I agree with Xayn. Radio with news break
[Vicinity] 21:21 Icewind: Yeah good idea
[Vicinity] 21:21 Khuri: I'd like IRRK News back, on that point...
[Vicinity] 21:22 Windguaerd: Well an IC radio is good, problem is getting people willing to talk and provide voices, those are mostly DJ's...and they spin music
[Vicinity] 21:22 Choshu: I'm sure you could find -alot- of volunteers.
[Vicinity] 21:22 Xaun: Because 1 the forum ideas albeit great and the tools being provided there are fantastic. But having an 100% IC Radio station is a way to broadcast News as it is happening cover stories, etc..
[Vicinity] 21:22 Kreydax: Maybe rotate the RP DJ's between the orgs?
[Vicinity] 21:22 Windguaerd: XSR would be the most flexible for an IC-hour
[Vicinity] 21:22 Xaun Its more than just an IC-Hour
[Vicinity] 21:22 Xaun: that sounds too much like the COT
[Vicinity] 21:22 Windguaerd: I suggested that to Lyzor
[Vicinity] 21:22 Xaun: RP hour once a month
[Vicinity] 21:23 Xaun: I play this game on all levels but I enjoy RP most.
[Vicinity] 21:23 Windguaerd: RP hour weekly was my idea
[Vicinity] 21:23 Xaun: Anyway, That is my motion for the floor.
[Vicinity] 21:23 Xaun does a little dance
[Vicinity] 21:23 Keanne: Alright, thank you. Nuser had a comment about radio-stations too. Nuser, speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:23 Icewind agrees with Xaun
[Vicinity] 21:23 Windguaerd: But I dunno, bring that idea to XSR or GSP and see what can be worked out, still it requires at least 1 person to 'talk'
[Vicinity] 21:24 Xaun chuckles
[Vicinity] 21:24 Xaun: I am sure we got plenty of those
[Vicinity] 21:24 Nuser: Just a small commend on the suggestions that have ben made on promoting RP via GSP and excess
[Vicinity] 21:24 Choshu: Mm hmm.
[Vicinity] 21:24 Nuser: Lets say we want to target newcommers and the like..if they barely know about RP how are they supposed to know about the radio stations?
[Vicinity] 21:25 Nuser: Took me around a year to acknowledhe that GSP excisted..and I can't say i listen to it often either
[Vicinity] 21:25 Choshu: Excellent point.
[Vicinity] 21:25 Kreydax: Forum Sticky?
[Vicinity] 21:25 Xaun Newcomers page
[Vicinity] 21:25 Sheytancy: agreed, discovered the radio-stream just last weeks....after months of playing
[Vicinity] 21:26 : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Laax' has reached enlightenment.
[Vicinity] 21:26 Xaun: there is a topic devoted to newcomers
[Vicinity] 21:26 Kotts: more like getting them in game once they come off of newbie island
[Vicinity] 21:26 Playboyfixer: well, i do constant parties with XSR, inviting everyone to party
[Vicinity] 21:26 Nuser: same goes for excess radio..not many share my taste of music..if one dj gets on that plays music i can't be bothered listening to i turn it off
[Vicinity] 21:26 Nuser: done
[Vicinity] 21:26 Keanne: Thank you, Nuser, a valid point. Taiseiten, you are up next. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:26 Choshu: I listen on occasion...I just don't care for many of the playlists. ;)
[Vicinity] 21:26 Playboyfixer: or at least did
[Vicinity] 21:26 Xaun: A billboard on Newbie island about Ingame radio stations would be nice..
[Vicinity] 21:26 Xaun shrugs
[Vicinity] 21:26 Icewind: Me too Nuser, thats why a Universal - ish station IC would be great
[Vicinity] 21:27 Xaun: Exactly non music oriented.. station.
[Vicinity] 21:27 Windguaerd: There is an XSR billboard and the GSP billboard in the subway is still there
[Vicinity] 21:27 Soldatius: Problem is they dont know they are real stations
[Vicinity] 21:28 Choshu: Sometimes I wonder if new players realize those things are 'real', and not just IG ads.
[Vicinity] 21:28 Taiseiten: One, about having a RPing station, this is a good idea, I'll agree. But difficult. Not just to get voices. As WInd said, he suggested RP hour. And we all agreed, those of XSR's DJ that still play AO and RP in it, this was a good idea. We've been trying to crack out ideas... No one's got anything. The closest we got was my skit about creating a character. That's it.
[Vicinity] 21:28 Sheytancy: aye.thought thats meant as a gag
[Vicinity] 21:28 Keanne: I agree with Taiseiten. Producing quality content is not easy.
[Vicinity] 21:29 Thegenerator: RP hour? what about people in other time-zones?
[Vicinity] 21:29 Msice listens
[Vicinity] 21:29 Xaun: I suggested 24/7 IC radio
[Vicinity] 21:29 Bubblereborn: Rocking the House!
[Vicinity] 21:29 Choshu: Well, as an idea for a RP segment on the radio, why not something similar to Juju's monologues?
[Vicinity] 21:29 Xaun smiles
[Vicinity] 21:29 Taiseiten: XSR has and dos occassionally get something fresh to fuel the IC fires. I know for a fact that Elliya and I have had chats on-air about various situations on RK. But truth of the matter there's not much to go on for pleasing content. Although the Clan-to-Omni themed day was a hit.
[Vicinity] 21:29 Deagnor: especialy since it's so hard to find multiple people in the same city, much less time zone
[Vicinity] 21:29 Windguaerd: Podcasting?
[Vicinity] 21:30 Mindtrap: or my own personal yahoo music station
[Vicinity] 21:30 Playboyfixer: i think sometimes the difficulty is too that clanners can't talk in omni ooc & other way around to announce events
[Vicinity] 21:30 Mindtrap: mt
[Vicinity] 21:30 Windguaerd: GSP saves some shows so people can download and listed to missed shows
[Vicinity] 21:30 Keanne: Alright, thank you Taiseiten. Waits has next comment.
[Vicinity] 21:30 Waits: Thanks. I strongly disagree with what Dabblez said earlier. I personally don't read _any_ forums. Not even my own org's forum. I enjoy the game, not reading up on forums. While I do every rare once in a while, search for info outside AO, I spend at least 95% of my AO-time actually IN AO.
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Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:02 pm

[Vicinity] 21:31 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:31 Sheytancy agrees
[Vicinity] 21:31 Msice thinks forums are the backbone for communicatino across timezones
[Vicinity] 21:31 Choshu agrees.
[Vicinity] 21:32 Waits: Regarding the radio discussion, I just wanted to point out that GSP has lots of IC elements already. Both comedy, but quite often the DJs do try to relate to in-game situations.
[Vicinity] 21:32 Keanne: While I do read forums occasionally, I understand the point there. ALL of us have different ideas about communication just like we have different ideas what's roleplaying.
[Vicinity] 21:32 Waits: <done>
[Vicinity] 21:33 Keanne: boils things so far talked down a bit.
[Vicinity] 21:33 Keanne: It seems we agree that we need more and better communication.
[Vicinity] 21:33 Keanne: Several ideas how the communication can be made better and information more widely available have been made.
[Vicinity] 21:34 Keanne: Choshu has a comment at this point, go ahead.
[Vicinity] 21:35 Icewind is afk
[Vicinity] 21:35 Icewind is back
[Vicinity] 21:37 Choshu: Thank you. I'd also like to mention that I feel a more 'visible' RP base could be helpful, as well. Now, some would avoid it, due to the "norms" not understanding, or even screwing up a scene, and that's valid. For myself, and some others, those people don't 'exist'. I think if more people are actually -seen- In-Character, it can grab the attention of new players, and others who would like to join in.
[Vicinity] 21:37 Choshu: finally breathes.
[Vicinity] 21:37 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:37 Keanne: A valid point
[Vicinity] 21:37 Kotts: very good point
[Vicinity] 21:37 Keanne: Sheytancy, you are up next. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:39 Sheytancy: Thank you. Channel42 sounds like a good idea for communication though. But why just dont call it something like "RP-channel"? As been a newb (still feeling so a bit) that channel could be added to the channel list along with such like "ooc" and "shopping" channel with regular announces.
[Vicinity] 21:40 Akelei is afk
[Vicinity] 21:40 Mindtrap its a voluntary channel not run by FC Shey
[Vicinity] 21:40 Sheytancy: After leaving e.g. newbi island all players could get this added automatically to get the attention
[Vicinity] 21:40 Khuri: Regular RP-announces have been done by the IRRK-News channel before, though that network went offline and accoding to Lornavash, no one knows why.
[Vicinity] 21:40 Sheytancy: oh, oki. *done*
[Vicinity] 21:40 Angellis: t
[Vicinity] 21:41 Keanne: Thank you, Sheytancy. Msice, your turn.
[Vicinity] 21:42 Angellis: Hey Gunney!
[Vicinity] 21:42 Gunney nods to those present and smiles
[Vicinity] 21:42 Angellis: Where's your army?
[Vicinity] 21:42 Msice: Sometimes i find it difficukt to be accepted by the non-RP community. i am sure many of you have had the pleasure to see the fantastic work of Sargeant Gunney and his Squad.... sadly we have run into situations where we get spammed with complaints about his performance and the possible zone lag it may cause.
[Vicinity] 21:42 Gunney: Dey az gutz da day offv sah
[Vicinity] 21:42 Windguaerd: Reminder: Point #2 in the agenda will be *Roleplayer recruitment in general: how to get a newcomer to join the right organization for him or her?
[Vicinity] 21:43 Msice has that answer
[Vicinity] 21:43 Msice: Isn't it sad when we are flamed for rp'ing?
[Vicinity] 21:44 Msice: Especially someone like Gunney... and the tremendous work he does.
[Vicinity] 21:44 Choshu That's an excellent point, Msice...By the same token, I dislike having my conversations lag due to masses of pvpers in front of the subway. ;)
[Vicinity] 21:44 Msice: cheers for Gunney!
[Vicinity] 21:44 Kotts: every one gets flamed for something. least we know what when and where we'll get it :P
[Vicinity] 21:44 Xaun nods
[Vicinity] 21:44 Keanne: Alright, two more comments before we move on... we actually DO have the second point to talk about, as Wind pointed out.
[Vicinity] 21:44 Xaun: I never mind the flamage.. *winks*
[Vicinity] 21:44 Msice is done
[Vicinity] 21:44 Xaun: have any idea how many times I get.. aren't you supposed to be dead?
[Vicinity] 21:45 Keanne: Well you WERE Supposed to be dead ^^
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun giggles
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: I was >_<
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: for two whole months!
[Vicinity] 21:45 Sirnegs: We can dream
[Vicinity] 21:45 Sirnegs: :p jk :)
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: that was painful
[Vicinity] 21:45 Trgeorge: but can you prove it this is really you?
[Vicinity] 21:45 Keanne: Good... well, Rijnswand, your comment next.
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: suddenly gets a robotic sounding voice
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: I am her clone
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun twtiches
[Vicinity] 21:45 Xaun: :P
[Vicinity] 21:45 Rijnswand: PVP?rs have flags. How about (voluntary) RP flags? Makes us easier aproachable to newcomers...
[Vicinity] 21:45 Taiseiten: Yep. That's Xaun.
[Vicinity] 21:45 Keanne huggles Xaun
[Vicinity] 21:46 Khuri: Can we please stick to the topic, the meeting is taking a long time already anyway.
[Vicinity] 21:46 Gunney raises a hand
[Vicinity] 21:46 Xaun: ^_^ huggles back
[Vicinity] 21:46 Rijnswand: done
[Vicinity] 21:46 Kotts: They had that in SWG Rijn, worked very very well
[Vicinity] 21:46 Xaun: umm not a bad idea
[Vicinity] 21:46 Keanne: Something to tell as feedback, most likely out of our hands as such.
[Vicinity] 21:47 Keanne: And WAITS has the final comment before we move to point 2.
[Vicinity] 21:47 Rijnswand: i dont know any other game ;-/
[Vicinity] 21:47 Waits: Sheytancy's idea is good, but like with the colour of the cloak, I won't hold my breath till the channel is added. I think we should try to rely more on the facilities already in place; Channel 42. Start using it! ...and do advertise it mouth to mouth to other players.
[Vicinity] 21:47 Kotts: :P
[Vicinity] 21:47 Waits: <done>
[Vicinity] 21:47 Keanne nods
[Vicinity] 21:48 Sheytancy nods
[Vicinity] 21:48 Keanne: Ok, does anyone feel they just HAVE to comment something VERY QUICKLY before we move on?
[Vicinity] 21:48 Xaun raises her hand
[Vicinity] 21:48 Kreydax: I like pie and hate pink...
[Vicinity] 21:48 Chaupin raises his hand
[Vicinity] 21:48 Keanne: Gunney makes a superquick comment
[Vicinity] 21:48 Xaun: Might I suggest a Clan Only/Omni Only/Neutral Only RP bot..
[Vicinity] 21:48 Gunney: Okay. This is probably the only time you will ever hear me talking OOC
[Vicinity] 21:48 Msice thinks a cloak would cramp her sense of fashion
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: So please, your attention for a few seconds.
[Vicinity] 21:49 Msice listens
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: Those who have been RPing here for many years now
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: would love to see it bloom
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: so Why do we not make a community of people
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney alts if you will
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: that are named simply with a prefix RPname
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: just an idea.
[Vicinity] 21:49 Gunney: Thank you for listening
[Vicinity] 21:50 Keanne: Chaupin's comment is the last one, then we'll move onward. Chaupin, Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:50 Chaupin: cant we make a billboard for Ch42 like helpbot has? one that always stays and wont get replaced during a contest?
[Vicinity] 21:50 Healthdealer: that would seperate the RP comunity more than unite it
[Vicinity] 21:50 Msice leans back against Gunney
[Vicinity] 21:50 Mindtrap claps
[Vicinity] 21:50 Xaun nods in agreement
[Vicinity] 21:51 Xaun: More visibility for RP <3
[Vicinity] 21:51 Windguaerd: Billboards, we need to talk to Comunit Relations for that, Silirrion may be our best shot, he is very open minded.
[Vicinity] 21:51 Xaun nods and starts her spambot to silirrion
[Vicinity] 21:51 Keanne: Alright. Thank you for all your views and valid points... well, all opinions, actually.
[Vicinity] 21:51 Windguaerd: We must ALWAYS assume that what we do here, is player-run...maybe assisted by FC/ARK, but...we can't count on their resources, only ours.
[Vicinity] 21:51 Waits: Can someone take responsibility for following up on that ?
[Vicinity] 21:52 Keanne: The second thing to discuss came up a week ago.
[Vicinity] 21:52 Choshu: Great point, Wind.
[Vicinity] 21:52 Msice likes the pushiness
[Vicinity] 21:52 Keanne: Point #2 in the agenda will be *Roleplayer recruitment in general: how to get a newcomer to join the right organization for him or her?
[Vicinity] 21:52 Xaun: can be pushy.. "shh don't tell anyone"
[Vicinity] 21:52 Keanne: As said, we ALL have different ideas what's roleplaying.
[Vicinity] 21:53 Keanne: With some people, the ideas are close to each other, and very far apart with others.
[Vicinity] 21:53 Keanne: In ideal case, likeminded and -styled roleplayers are in same organization.
[Vicinity] 21:54 Msice nods
[Vicinity] 21:54 Keanne: Currently, that's not always the case, and differences in opinions can cause, if not drama, at least newcomers who ended up in "wrong" organization to their playstyle give up roleplaying.
[Vicinity] 21:54 Keanne: While I don't think it's a huge problem.
[Vicinity] 21:54 Keanne: It might be a good idea to... centralize all recruitment somehow.
[Vicinity] 21:54 Playboyfixer: sorry guys, but i should be going now, seeing it's my last day here i'd like to finish up some greetings and stuff too :) gl all & till later
[Vicinity] 21:54 Jujuwalker: ?
[Vicinity] 21:55 Keanne: I'm sure I presented some other ideas about this matter a week ago, but...
[Vicinity] 21:55 Keanne: Khuri has a comment, and will likely remind me now... Speak up.
[Vicinity] 21:55 Msice: would like Keanne to elaborate on centralize
[Vicinity] 21:55 Choshu: I have that proiblem alot, actually. Just recently I encountered 2 people looking for an rp-org, and was hard-pressed to know where to send 'em.
[Vicinity] 21:56 Akelei is back
[Vicinity] 21:57 Msice: How could anyone miss the recruitment thread, it is full of RP org advertisements
[Vicinity] 21:57 Khuri: I know i mentioned it last week, and earlier today as well, but i'm just gonna do it again, as it fits the topic... We're working on a "Guild Guide" on where people can sign up their organisations. It will include a form to fill out considering several questions about your organisation, like how much you roleplay, or powergame, if you got a bot... and of course full descriptions about your guild, as well as some more functions.
[Vicinity] 21:58 Msice: Sweet!
[Vicinity] 21:58 Choshu: Sounds like centralization to me.
[Vicinity] 21:58 Xaun cheers
[Vicinity] 21:58 Msice: nods, understanding now
[Vicinity] 21:58 Khuri: People signing up will help create a list then. People who're looking for organisations then, can use a similar form to that people use to sign up, to search and filter organisations fitting the points you prefer and are looking for.
[Vicinity] 21:58 Vincentprice: Nice!
[Vicinity] 21:59 Khuri: As the guild profiles will be created by the users, they can edit them themselves then of course as well, unlike a forum thread.
[Vicinity] 21:59 Keanne: The idea behind the centralization would be to get the players to join A roleplaying org, instead of MY roleplaying org. Having more people around helps everyone, even if your own organization don't get a new member.
[Vicinity] 21:59 Msice nods agreeing
[Vicinity] 21:59 Choshu: The greater good is really the focus here, anyway.
[Vicinity] 21:59 Kreydax: sig pointers might help
[Vicinity] 22:00 Keanne: Xaun has next comment. Speak up... as I think Khuri is done.
[Vicinity] 22:00 Khuri: I'd likely present the current state of the "guild guide", but it got a little but currently, so we better postphone that a bit :)
[Vicinity] 22:00 Choshu: A better scene lets us all win, really.
[Vicinity] 22:00 Keanne: or not...
[Vicinity] 22:00 Khuri: Done.
[Vicinity] 22:00 Xaun nods
[Vicinity] 22:00 Khuri: *got a bug, that is
[Vicinity] 22:00 Keanne: Ok, NOW :)
[Vicinity] 22:00 Choshu: laughs.
[Vicinity] 22:01 Healthdealer: do you plan to make this guild guide accessible via chat - bot like?
[Vicinity] 22:01 Khuri: If that would be of help, it can be considered, yes.
[Vicinity] 22:01 Xaun: Well I want to say.. kudos to Khuri's efforts in this regard. I was going to suggest something like this. You see, Having members in your org that are RPers is great. But having RPers in lots of orgs makes things more dynamic fun and unpredictable. A searchable guide to RP Orgs on all factions with concise descriptions based on an application is to me the best bet.
[Vicinity] 22:02 Xaun: The current thread with the list is nice.. but does not describe the orgs motivations.
[Vicinity] 22:02 Kotts: or if it does it's drowned out with bumps
[Vicinity] 22:02 Xaun: For example, The CoT website has clans listed by factional standing. This determines an orgs motivations and why one org would be more suited for one than another.
[Vicinity] 22:03 Xaun: I think that having a solid listing that does not just outline the "amount" or "type" of RP but also the goals behind the RP.
[Vicinity] 22:03 Xaun: Filtering options for this list would be nice too.
[Vicinity] 22:04 Xaun: such as Clans + Sentinel + 100% IC
[Vicinity] 22:04 Xaun: that is all
[Vicinity] 22:04 Khuri: Currently, beside the global organisation description on the guild guide, there's an option for adding "keywords" for your guild, which can be searched for then.
[Vicinity] 22:04 Kotts: like which faction or department the Org is allied with.
[Vicinity] 22:04 Vermione: That kind of information would be essential
[Vicinity] 22:04 Keanne: Thank you, Xaun. Deagnor is up next. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 22:05 Deagnor: just a quick comment. combining an event with recruiting...
[Vicinity] 22:06 Deagnor: we could occasionaly hold "job fair' events
[Vicinity] 22:06 Vincentprice nods
[Vicinity] 22:06 Areania gets ready to leave ( and we havent gotten to where I had some things to add yeat, going to work in 20minutes)
[Vicinity] 22:06 Deagnor: where org reps attend, and make themselves avaliable to talk to people
[Vicinity] 22:06 Areania waves
[Vicinity] 22:06 Xaun smiles and giggles
[Vicinity] 22:06 Icewind waves
[Vicinity] 22:06 Msice loves this idea
[Vicinity] 22:06 Choshu: That's a fabulous idea, Deagnor.
[Vicinity] 22:06 Deagnor: make it easier for people to find us. would obviously need advertising to work as well
[Vicinity] 22:06 Vermione Deagnor's comment is very interesting
[Vicinity] 22:07 Xaun: I love it
[Vicinity] 22:07 Deagnor: (done)
[Vicinity] 22:07 Msice: a Meet n Greet?
[Vicinity] 22:07 Icewind: yeah
[Vicinity] 22:07 Sheytancy applauses
[Vicinity] 22:07 Msice: applauds Deagnor!
[Vicinity] 22:07 Choshu: That has -alot- of potential.
[Vicinity] 22:07 Mindtrap: I like it
[Vicinity] 22:07 Xaun gets her Knights recruiting gear out and sets up a display
[Vicinity] 22:07 Vermione: Very omni, a job fair, but interesting nonetheless
[Vicinity] 22:07 Xaun: ^_^
[Vicinity] 22:07 Cotteroh As a Rper in no Org i love Deagnors idea seems like a bunch of fun etc
[Vicinity] 22:07 Icewind: extra points for Deagnor
[Vicinity] 22:07 Kotts gets out cardboard and a big sharpie
[Vicinity] 22:07 Msice recruits Cotteroh
[Vicinity] 22:08 Bubblereborn: SQUEAL!!!!
[Vicinity] 22:08 Keanne: Thank you, Deagnor. Waits has a comment. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 22:08 Waits: I'd like to ask the AOU guys, wether they're planning on manually going through entries? I could imagine some peole would try to abuse your service... Last thing we'd need when a good thing is introduced, is that it's reputation and functionality is undermined by shady people with questionable morale.
[Vicinity] 22:08 Jujuwalker feels targetted.
[Vicinity] 22:08 Choshu: I'd assume that would be a given, no?
[Vicinity] 22:08 Keanne: I think clanners should be allowed to use it, too.
[Vicinity] 22:08 Xaun has Juji in her sights
[Vicinity] 22:08 Xaun remembers she uses a sword
[Vicinity] 22:09 Choshu: laughs!
[Vicinity] 22:09 Quilluck: scary leet!
[Vicinity] 22:09 Ukblizzard: We dont do manually when Khuri is responsible for coding.. we do button pressing ;)
[Vicinity] 22:09 Khuri: We aren't using Frontpage for programming, if you aim on that part...
[Vicinity] 22:09 Choshu: Oh, touche.
[Vicinity] 22:09 Khuri grins
[Vicinity] 22:10 Msice questions her own morale
[Vicinity] 22:10 Xaun giggles
[Vicinity] 22:10 Xaun: I am a saint
[Vicinity] 22:10 Xaun: ...we love we are peace, for we are blessed of Her presence until She calls us. But Her power is purer than snow, and we are bound to Her for eternity, so we heed her call. We long for her call...Wearing this item will provide you with an innate 10% resistance against normal temptations of the flesh, handcuffs and chains. Right clicking on this item will provide you with a blessing of the Divine One...The Halo of the Redeemed
[Vicinity] 22:10 Xaun: Angelic Certification
[Vicinity] 22:10 Xaun grins
[Vicinity] 22:10 Khuri: Although, submits will be checked. Someone already tried to "abuse" our Backgroundstory-Pager.
[Vicinity] 22:11 Waits: That's why I asked...
[Vicinity] 22:11 Waits: A good tool can quickly lose it's userbase if people learn that they always get the same 2 or 3 orgs up, no matter what they search for.
[Vicinity] 22:12 Keanne: Alright, thank you.
[Vicinity] 22:12 Msice replaces her tiara with a halo
[Vicinity] 22:12 Keanne: The meeting has been running for two hours now, and we've discussed lot of things in surprisingly orderly manner.
[Vicinity] 22:13 Vermione: Astonishing
[Vicinity] 22:13 Msice is sad she missed the beginning
[Vicinity] 22:13 Windguaerd Users abusing our tools, be it for RP or otherwise....well, to be flank...we ban those moron out of AOU, we help the community, not idiots looking to abuse our good nature of that of those we intend to help
[Vicinity] 22:13 Katralina: cause as a comunity we want to be around a long time
[Vicinity] 22:14 Keanne: While this green horror is really starting to get on my nerves, even when covered by message-windows, I still have another thing before making a sum-up.
[Vicinity] 22:14 Choshu: Mm hmm.
[Vicinity] 22:14 Katralina: Just goes to show you how much we can acomplish together
[Vicinity] 22:14 Msice listens
[Vicinity] 22:14 Icewind: Its a shame youget folks trying to undermine your hard work.
[Vicinity] 22:15 Keanne: It's been proposed not only by me, but even when the most important thing to do is to roleplay, certain degree of OOC-communication is needed, as we all have agreed here.
[Vicinity] 22:15 Xaun quotes Keanne [we've discussed lot of things in surprisingly orderly manner.] oO(Perhaps because RPers tend to be slightly a tad more mature than the typical gamer :P) [I know thought bubbles ftl!!]
[Vicinity] 22:15 Akelei: grins.
[Vicinity] 22:15 Keanne: Thus, I'm proposing to have this kind of OOC-meeting to be held in future too, even in regular basis.
[Vicinity] 22:16 Xaun seconds the motion
[Vicinity] 22:16 Msice: will come
[Vicinity] 22:16 Vermione tosses Omni-mints at Xaun's direction
[Vicinity] 22:16 Choshu: thirds.
[Vicinity] 22:16 Gunney: Bluhdee Marvahluuz! An abowt tayum tuu ifv yuu azks mee
[Vicinity] 22:16 Msice: Aye!
[Vicinity] 22:16 Keanne: To distill and come up ideas, sharing, chatting, even coming up with the idea what roleplaying is about.
[Vicinity] 22:16 Mindtrap chokes on coffee
[Vicinity] 22:16 Kotts hates real life
[Vicinity] 22:16 Xaun laughs
[Vicinity] 22:16 Akelei: nods.
[Vicinity] 22:16 Xaun: wtb a jack-in-mind-uploading-feature for AO
[Vicinity] 22:17 Xaun: PST!
[Vicinity] 22:17 Keanne: I'm not expecting this bit crowd turn in bi-weekly, but to have such regular meeting time surely would not do harm to our community.
[Vicinity] 22:17 Kotts: it is the future...
[Vicinity] 22:17 Keanne: There WON'T be time everyone agrees.
[Vicinity] 22:17 Xaun: can't wait
[Vicinity] 22:17 Vermione: Approved!
[Vicinity] 22:17 Waits: It is a very good idea. Communication and coordination is what we need... That, and to get it in there and start roleplaying!
[Vicinity] 22:18 Cotteroh nods
[Vicinity] 22:18 Nuser: my biggest problem is figuring out where to find other rp guilds
[Vicinity] 22:18 Choshu: What about a mini-meeting bi-weekly, and a main meeting once a month?
[Vicinity] 22:18 Keanne: Msice wants to propose a time. Speak up.
[Vicinity] 22:18 Kotts: any chance we can get the logs posted, maybe a discusttion post started after word?
[Vicinity] 22:18 Deagnor: with some planning, those who attend can solicit ideas from those who can't attend within their orgs
[Vicinity] 22:18 Nuser besides sending tells..everyone knows wehre to find nlf members..and i know where to find IR members..but thats about it
[Vicinity] 22:18 Msice: Oh.. yea the best i have found it NoonPST, 2100CET
[Vicinity] 22:19 Msice: It gets at least the europeans and americans in
[Vicinity] 22:19 Choshu: Ouch, 9am my time. I'd better stock up on coffee.
[Vicinity] 22:19 Vermione: Midnight, perfect.
[Vicinity] 22:19 Msice: Over four years, this time has worked best for me
[Vicinity] 22:19 Gunney nods in agreement
[Vicinity] 22:19 Jujuwalker thinks there should be a section the guild's descriptions : best way to reach.
[Vicinity] 22:20 Kotts: people to contact, or places to find them in person
[Vicinity] 22:20 Vermione agrees to Juju's telepathic mass-broadcast
[Vicinity] 22:20 Gunney thinks Guilds should have recruiting offices in places like Borry / Trade / Tir
[Vicinity] 22:20 Msice: And a post of the meeting highlights is handy too, done
[Vicinity] 22:20 Msice has a recruiting office in Trade... kinda
[Vicinity] 22:21 Msice uses the Rompa too
[Vicinity] 22:21 Keanne: Weekend is probably best time to have... and considering how many of us were available today...
[Vicinity] 22:22 Dabblez: Tag the ooc meeting after either the CoT or BoD, that way the scheduling is already done for us and a good part of the rp community already gathered
[Vicinity] 22:22 Msice: does a Saturday meeting cheer Rah! Rah!
[Vicinity] 22:22 Dabblez: BoD meetings are probably a bit shorter
[Vicinity] 22:22 Waits: Sunday would probably be the best day, for attendance.
[Vicinity] 22:22 Vermione: I'd say sunday probably works for most best, least people work on sundays
[Vicinity] 22:23 Keanne: There's one problem with that. The lenght of meetings isn't known beforehand.
[Vicinity] 22:23 Keanne: I'm thinking the same. Today shows it's not impossible for us to gather.
[Vicinity] 22:23 Dabblez: Once the meeting is over, se3dnt he word of Ch42/leader channel..
[Vicinity] 22:23 Deagnor: should get shorter from here
[Vicinity] 22:23 Msice: will adjust other commitments to come to the rp meeting
[Vicinity] 22:24 Waits: I assume the same, it should get shorter.
[Vicinity] 22:24 Vermione sends a tell to boss not to schedule any sinday shifts
[Vicinity] 22:24 Gunney nods and reschedules his diary
[Vicinity] 22:24 Keanne: Personally, I'm looking forward learning your ideas about roleplaying in general. We've already discussed about it's state for two hours, but I have no idea what you think roleplaying is. This is matter for another time, though.
[Vicinity] 22:25 Msice Sundays work well, that's when we do the weekly Org meeting, with great attendance
[Vicinity] 22:25 Windguaerd: Never assume, I remember the CCL started short and then went on for hours, the Council of Clan Leaders which back in the day were the RP leaders gathering and using a forum in between monthlu meetings
[Vicinity] 22:25 Windguaerd: To me this is a short meeting
[Vicinity] 22:25 Xaun: I could care less if this meeting went on for 4 hours.. I just want to see more RP
[Vicinity] 22:25 Xaun: nothing gets solved in 1 hour
[Vicinity] 22:26 Keanne: Before proceeding to third item: Another meeting in two weeks, and before that we'll all ponder and work on communication. Attendance is not mandatory.
[Vicinity] 22:26 Msice 's Org meetings are notoriously long
[Vicinity] 22:26 Xaun is guilty as charged
[Vicinity] 22:26 Windguaerd: nothing can be solved in 1 year...unless people are willing to invest on it
[Vicinity] 22:26 Xaun checks her bank account
[Vicinity] 22:26 Gunney hears Wing and agrees whole heartedly
[Vicinity] 22:27 Waits: Ouch :)
[Vicinity] 22:27 Keanne: Nothing can be solved. But... any comments before we move on?
[Vicinity] 22:27 Xaun: Can I make a few short term and a long term one?
[Vicinity] 22:27 Xaun: ^_^
[Vicinity] 22:27 Xaun: I have a comment.. I love you all for today.. This is what RP needs.
[Vicinity] 22:27 Xaun: Communication
[Vicinity] 22:27 Keanne: This, and actualy roleplaying happening.
[Vicinity] 22:28 Keanne smirks
[Vicinity] 22:28 Xaun cheers for the organizers
[Vicinity] 22:28 Nuser places a bomp in the corner..sets the timer hands all solitus and opifex a beer and encourage the nanomages to leave the area
[Vicinity] 22:28 Msice poits downstairs for RP happening
[Vicinity] 22:28 Nuser: *bomb
[Vicinity] 22:29 Msice: points*
[Vicinity] 22:29 Windguaerd: We must all thank Keanne for this meeting, much respect Kean, I've been where you are and I wish I had more time these days to run such a wonderful and productive meeting.
[Vicinity] 22:29 Xaun: oh and one more thing.. WTB Nevvyr in 25% Gas ;) That was courtesy of my baby, Vixen..
[Vicinity] 22:29 Sanqq: cheers Keanne and all the participants.
[Vicinity] 22:29 Windguaerd: hehe, Xaun the PvP'er
[Vicinity] 22:29 Icewind: hear hrear
[Vicinity] 22:29 Keanne: Alright, to move on... Jujuwalker has a random rambling to do. Go ahead, Juju.
[Vicinity] 22:29 Waits: Good job keeping order Keanne - well done :)
[Vicinity] 22:29 Jujuwalker: the meeting's done?
[Vicinity] 22:29 Xaun: hell no topic three coming right up!
[Vicinity] 22:29 Xaun listens
[Vicinity] 22:29 Keanne: Not yet, your turn to ramble now.
[Vicinity] 22:30 Msice: h0000t Keanne
[Vicinity] 22:30 Xaun: hoot <3 you Keanne
[Vicinity] 22:30 Windguaerd: Point #3: *All sorts of rambling
[Vicinity] 22:30 Nuser: i'm always up for a friendly pvp session ;)...I have no title to hug
[Vicinity] 22:30 Jujuwalker: yaaaaayys.
[Vicinity] 22:30 Xaun: AMEN!
[Vicinity] 22:30 Kotts: I challenge you nuser!!! Rwar!
[Vicinity] 22:31 Gunney: I wud layuk ta invayut yuu awl ta enee ofv mai Ladz Pahtrawlz. Feel free ta pohp bai mai offiz ihn Omnee Trayud.
[Vicinity] 22:31 Xaun: Hell I already got a 280SK pool
[Vicinity] 22:31 Nuser: *sighs* you havent given u yet kotts?
[Vicinity] 22:31 Keanne: Please, quiet down, Jujuwalker has the turn to speak.
[Vicinity] 22:31 Xaun: Nerf being ganked by an ARK
[Vicinity] 22:31 Kotts: why would I? got nothing to lose... just don't alpha me this time
[Vicinity] 22:31 Herow: I challenge you !!....just gimme a few years to train up... :D
[Vicinity] 22:31 Kotts: kinda embarasing
[Vicinity] 22:31 Xaun: lol
[Vicinity] 22:31 Msice listens
[Vicinity] 22:31 Jujuwalker: one thing i think we should definitly look in the face is the PERCEPTION of RPers the other players have.
[Vicinity] 22:32 Xaun nods and hushes up
[Vicinity] 22:32 Herow: their perception....RP? GEEKS!
[Vicinity] 22:32 Akhilleus perks up
[Vicinity] 22:32 Gunney: Yup
[Vicinity] 22:32 Jujuwalker: no shit, most of the impressins i get from people is that RPers are greasy, slightly creepy people that never go OCC, ever.
[Vicinity] 22:32 Kotts: at least we cybor... err I mean...
[Vicinity] 22:32 Xaun: pfft as if grinding and farming for a twink isn't geeky
[Vicinity] 22:32 Kotts coughs
[Vicinity] 22:32 Msice shoves all the non rp'ers into Counter-Strike
[Vicinity] 22:32 Xaun smirks
[Vicinity] 22:33 Jujuwalker: and THAT people is something that makes a lot of people throw us, literally, in the basket.
[Vicinity] 22:33 Keanne: It's a valid point.
[Vicinity] 22:33 Xaun yes
[Vicinity] 22:33 Dokurochan deletes Counter-strike with all the evil people in it
[Vicinity] 22:33 Jujuwalker: (done)
[Vicinity] 22:33 Nuser: ooh theres a log on the nlf forum you should read about one persons view on the nlf and rp'ers
[Vicinity] 22:33 Xaun: Amen Juju
[Vicinity] 22:33 Katralina: well the gamers will just have to figure it out what are the rp orgs and if they want our help have to put up with us rping
[Vicinity] 22:33 Xaun: preach it brother
[Vicinity] 22:33 Xaun raises her hands into the air
[Vicinity] 22:33 Gunney: Fankz Juju.. Wehll put!
[Vicinity] 22:33 Xaun: motions for black erm sunday was it?
[Vicinity] 22:34 Jujuwalker: the best example i got was that "RPers are like those dudes in the medieval societies that talk all funny all the time".
[Vicinity] 22:34 Jujuwalker: And well... sometimes they are right.
[Vicinity] 22:34 Keanne: Anyone else for random rambling?
[Vicinity] 22:34 Xaun: Sadly the one perspective I get about RPers is.. Gimps..
[Vicinity] 22:34 Xaun: Keanne I got one
[Vicinity] 22:34 Windguaerd: I must agre, not everyone is a geek or a nerd....I'm a bit of a geek, but if you see me in RL you'd have no idea, and probably would avoid pissing me off by my looks. Roleplayers are seen as the AD&D nerds/geeks with glasses that breathe and live in fantasy alone.
[Vicinity] 22:34 Vermione: "lol I totally pwnd j00 azz" isn't talking all funny?
[Vicinity] 22:35 Keanne: Go ahead, Xaun.
[Vicinity] 22:35 Msice thinks of Tarryk
[Vicinity] 22:35 Xaun Ok..
[Vicinity] 22:35 Rlet raises hand
[Vicinity] 22:35 Xaun: I have something that might interest some of you
[Vicinity] 22:35 Choshu: arches an eyebrow.
[Vicinity] 22:35 Khuri: Hey, i have glasses and a t-shirt with dice on it saying "choose your weapon" - I R no geek :P
[Vicinity] 22:35 Nuser: "I done hate rp'ers. I hate the never do anything than rp. Its not healthy. you should stop sneaking around at home. does your parents know you play..your a 11 year old boy. wts life I suggest you buy"..just to name a few
[Vicinity] 22:35 Windguaerd: So perhaps changing that view of us would be good, a challenge for any Public Relations Manager
[Vicinity] 22:35 Herow: what's this real life thing everyone keeps talking about?
[Vicinity] 22:35 Xaun: As many of you know I am the RP leader and founder of a hybrid RP/PVP org..
[Vicinity] 22:35 Mizzpuzzicat: Durrrrr.... Haaz aneebodee seen--wait, there you awre!
[Vicinity] 22:35 Xaun: We have excellent twinkers
[Vicinity] 22:35 Xaun: I want to
[Vicinity] 22:36 Mizzpuzzicat waves at a few NLFers
[Vicinity] 22:36 Xaun: Me tries again...
[Vicinity] 22:36 Akhilleus waves back
[Vicinity] 22:36 Herow waves
[Vicinity] 22:37 Mizzpuzzicat takes a seat, the table rattling near "her"
[Vicinity] 22:37 Xaun: Something that I personally feel would change the impression people get about RPers is the amount of PVP added.. I can suggest somethig here you may care to listen to..
[Vicinity] 22:37 Msice raises her hand
[Vicinity] 22:37 Jujuwalker: ( take turns people)
[Vicinity] 22:37 Angellis: ((Im soooooooo soooo sorry))
[Vicinity] 22:37 Xaun: As many know Assembly has strict rules about OE'ing..
[Vicinity] 22:37 Nuser: ((LOL))
[Vicinity] 22:37 Angellis: ((I fell asleep on the keyboard -_-))
[Vicinity] 22:37 Dokurochan: doesn't have the mandatory 5 billion worth of gear a MP needs to even think about PvPing
[Vicinity] 22:37 Kotts: Over equiping?
[Vicinity] 22:37 Xaun: Yes..
[Vicinity] 22:37 Kotts: since when?
[Vicinity] 22:38 Kotts: hence my gun fo instance
[Vicinity] 22:38 Xaun: last I read forum rules >_<
[Vicinity] 22:38 Xaun: doesn't assembly have anti-twinking rules?
[Vicinity] 22:38 Kotts: nope
[Vicinity] 22:38 Xaun: meh nerf
[Vicinity] 22:38 Xaun: anyway
[Vicinity] 22:38 Xaun: I have a setup for PVP that is both cheap.. easy to make can be done with any breed and is good enough to not get ganked by true pvpers without a serious fight
[Vicinity] 22:39 Jujuwalker: run away ?
[Vicinity] 22:39 Rlet: Isnt it the point of this meetings to well, comunicate better. Show what the different RP orgs can offer you. And well, make RP more know as a whole to well get rid of thoose misconceptions? (aimed at Jujuwalkers comment)
[Vicinity] 22:39 Waits: root'n'run ?
[Vicinity] 22:39 Herow throws a note at Nuser beaming her in the head with the datapad. "I wanna join!"
[Vicinity] 22:39 Vermione applauds Juju's remark
[Vicinity] 22:39 Nuser: hint: may have been the nlf as we demand people to wear robes at our meetings...on rare occasions people are allowed to wear their gear
[Vicinity] 22:39 Xaun: I would be willing to share this setup if you all want
[Vicinity] 22:39 Xaun: Mind you its not rediculously uber
[Vicinity] 22:40 Xaun: but would put the RPers are gimps to rest
[Vicinity] 22:40 Xaun: most of us have alts
[Vicinity] 22:40 Choshu: I avoid pvp like the plague, but I'm curious.
[Vicinity] 22:40 Kotts: teir armor is excellent if you want good ACs and not loose the ability to change into social
[Vicinity] 22:40 Keanne: Alright, thank you Xaun. We are running late, and Msice would like to make a comment.
[Vicinity] 22:40 Msice tries to not be the Gestapo of rp
[Vicinity] 22:40 Msice: Yes, well Wind said "So perhaps changing that view of us would be good, a challenge for any Public Relations Manager "
[Vicinity] 22:41 Xaun: <.<
[Vicinity] 22:41 Xaun: >.>
[Vicinity] 22:41 Msice: And personally i find this to be a drastically unrealistic challenge.
[Vicinity] 22:41 Jujuwalker: i say we should pay for a public announcement message.
[Vicinity] 22:41 Mizzpuzzicat: [Just so everyone knows, I'm an alt of Vilentviolet; she's just exiled herself so I figured I'd give Mizz a chance for a bit. Okay OOC mode on.] Yes, to me PvP is a pitiful way of stroking your ego so I want no part of it at all.
[Vicinity] 22:41 Choshu: "RP'ers! We get laid too!" ?
[Vicinity] 22:41 Cotteroh: I dont
[Vicinity] 22:41 Xaun laughs her ass off
[Vicinity] 22:41 Msice: You can not change the views of people, immature or otherwise.
[Vicinity] 22:42 Mindtrap: I think the main way to change our rep is just to respect differences and demand that they do as well
[Vicinity] 22:42 Msice: Done
[Vicinity] 22:42 Choshu: I find is amusingly tragic that in an MMORPG, the RP is a minority.
[Vicinity] 22:43 Jujuwalker: i think some of it has to do with gamer's actual age.
[Vicinity] 22:43 Mindtrap: defend the RP community intelligent don't back down from stupid insults thrown at us but respect them for not embracing our style as well
[Vicinity] 22:43 Keanne: Alright, Gunney will make a last "official" comment of the meeting.
[Vicinity] 22:43 Gunney Thanks
[Vicinity] 22:43 Gunney: I will try to keep it brief
[Vicinity] 22:43 Msice ignores ignorance and does what she does best, stay IC
[Vicinity] 22:43 Herow throws another note at Nuser "Thanks"
[Vicinity] 22:43 Gunney: Why are "WE" here. To enjoy ourselves.
[Vicinity] 22:43 Windguaerd: We cannot change view of people who decide to remain blind. But we can say "Hey guys, we're just like you. We like gaming, we watch TV and play videogames...but among the games we play we are more inclined to the RP genre, we're alike"
[Vicinity] 22:44 Jujuwalker: most "new" mmorpgs are mostly about grinding and killing shit, roleplay is not even really possible. As to RP was more encouraged/possible in the older mmorpgs out there.
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: Why should we care what others think of us
[Vicinity] 22:44 Akhilleus smiles
[Vicinity] 22:44 Waits: Does it actually matter? the people who think ill of "us" aren't very likely to ever become RPers anyways. I sure as hell don't care if someone thinks I'm a geek or whatever.
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: Let us organise OURSELVES
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney Events in RP
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: in character
[Vicinity] 22:44 Choshu: Yes!
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: And simply do what WE are here to do.
[Vicinity] 22:44 Mizzpuzzicat: I mean, any doofus with enough spare time can acquire enough gear to become "t3h ?b4h m4st4h" of the game. It takes more creativity and wits to think up good plots, stories and interact with others that way. Some people do it through drama class; our medium is AO. It's something of a hobby to me, really.
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: Enjoy AO in an RP fashion
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: with like minded people
[Vicinity] 22:44 Mindtrap applauds
[Vicinity] 22:44 Xaun: amen!
[Vicinity] 22:44 Icewind: Good point Mizz
[Vicinity] 22:44 Gunney: and let us simply forget about those who are not inclined to our way of thinking
[Vicinity] 22:44 Vermione: Well said Ommlet!
[Vicinity] 22:44 Xaun cheeers and whistles
[Vicinity] 22:44 Choshu: applaudes Gunney.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Windguaerd: Eccho: We cannot change view of people who decide to remain blind. But we can say "Hey guys, we're just like you. We like gaming, we watch TV and play videogames...but among the games we play we are more inclined to the RP genre, we're alike"
[Vicinity] 22:45 Gunney: We will not change them
[Vicinity] 22:45 Gunney: so lets stop trying
[Vicinity] 22:45 Gunney: Thank you
[Vicinity] 22:45 Msice: cheers for Gunney!
[Vicinity] 22:45 Keanne: Thank you for attending, everyone.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Sanqq applauds Gunney
[Vicinity] 22:45 Msice: Thank you Keanne!
[Vicinity] 22:45 Khuri: Thanks for attending!
[Vicinity] 22:45 Waits: Thank you Keanne :)
[Vicinity] 22:45 Mindtrap thanks for organizing this great meeting
[Vicinity] 22:45 Keanne: Meeting officially dismissed, next one in two weeks.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Akelei: Excellent work on organising this meeting, all.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Akelei: smiles.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Xaun thanks for organizing this meeting
[Vicinity] 22:45 Astera thanks Keanne
[Vicinity] 22:45 Xaun: we love you
[Vicinity] 22:45 Windguaerd: Obviously the 'uberd00dz' that only see us as gumpz/nerds/losers are a waste of time
[Vicinity] 22:45 Mindtrap: I'm happy to see the enthusiam in this room
[Vicinity] 22:45 Ukblizzard: Log will be on AOU as soon as I edit my post!
[Vicinity] 22:45 Greenwolf: :)
[Vicinity] 22:45 Mancenzo:

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Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:04 pm

[Vicinity] 22:45 Mancenzo: Thank you all
[Vicinity] 22:45 Choshu: Thanks, Keanne. Thanks everyone.
[Vicinity] 22:45 Akhilleus: Till all are free!
[Vicinity] 22:46 Kotts: <3
[Vicinity] 22:46 Mizzpuzzicat: I mean, look all around you. We COULD potentially have a thriving RP scene by the number of attendants.
[Vicinity] 22:46 Jujuwalker: yay occ meetings.
[Vicinity] 22:46 Nuser: when people tell me i'm a geek I ask them who of us are the bigger geek..the one enjoying them selves with rp or the ones camping the same mob 24/7 for 3 weeks for an item..usually shuts them up
[Vicinity] 22:46 Xaun sneaks behind nuser and whispers.. I got my eye on you
[Vicinity] 22:46 Vermione: Good work, a good meeting

Created with Khuri's ChatCon

(( wow that was one Huuuuge log! )

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Post by Windguaerd » Sun Oct 01, 2006 11:06 pm

(( wow that was one Huuuuge log! )
Gigantic, but productive.
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Post by Twistshot » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:43 am

If some one can get an IC radio station going in game I will be more than happy to record and send in segments to help fleash it out once a week or more. There is currently an OT IC radio station that is trying to get its self working that approched me for similer reasons.

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Post by xaun » Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:51 am

It was a great meeting. I look forward to more in the future.. When RPers communicate.. we all win.
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Post by Tussa » Mon Oct 02, 2006 9:51 am

Stop spreading rumours about my clan, Xaun. I don't care if you tried to be funny. It isn't, and it makes a wrong impression. We have no such rules, so please...your nose, our business. Keep them away from each other.

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Post by Soldatius » Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:41 pm

I like the meeting too, and as new Rper on Rubi-Ka I was glad I could be at this meeting.
I realise that I cant sit under a tree and wait for somthing to happend, and it is just like the RL. You get no fun if you dont do anything to have fun.

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Post by Vincentprice » Mon Oct 02, 2006 7:30 pm

Tussa wrote:Stop spreading rumours about my clan, Xaun. I don't care if you tried to be funny. It isn't, and it makes a wrong impression. We have no such rules, so please...your nose, our business. Keep them away from each other.
Drama potential? :wink:

Very nice meeting. Some seriously good ideas too. Maybe next time I'll even have something to say and I won't be as much late. *ahem*

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Post by Kotts » Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:50 am

Well I can see how the mistake was made. I mean, *I* was sitting just a few feet away with a QL285 Kyroczh type five.

And we *All* know how easy it is to for a fixer to equip those at 113. hell! I didn't even bother to update my QL 50 implants to symbiants yet, I mean really why bother?

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