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Community - Big Changes in small portions on AO-Universe

Post by Khuri » Wed Nov 01, 2006 6:54 pm

A lot of updates and changes are being applied to AO-Universe. Most of them are small, but netherless effective. With a new month starting, i thought it couldn\'t hurt to mention some of them.

The probably best-to-notice update right ahead.
We designed a brand new News/Frontpage Design. Instead of having lots of news stacking on each other, we\'re now focusing all latest news subjects on one page, ordered by their categories. To read the full news, in the future all will have a forum thread behind them, allowing you to comment things directly as well.
Registered Users will take advantage of a new tracking system. While old news postings and already read ones will display normal, all new content will be displayed bold in the overview, giving you a quick view on whats new. The top story will always be displayed on top.
I\'ve also updated the XML-sheet of the news. Some former problems with the XML-style and some HTML-special chars got removed. The XML-sheet contains always the latest 10 news. It can be found here

Next up is the new tracking system on the forums. The forum will now remember which threads you have read yet, and which not, regardless if you logout and visit again tomorrow. For more details on this feature, read here

Minor updates
A small layout update on the page now displays the left column correctly for IE users. The Shoutbox and Poll stick directly below the menu.
The Poll is also open for Guests, as well as our Tools Download.
There is also an update on certain parts of the forum software, as well as server changes, to hopefully improve issues with password recovery and cookie problems during login.

More things to come!
See you at

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