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Social/Roleplaying - AO Comic Update

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Oct 18, 2006 2:05 pm

A few people have asked when the next pages or issue #2 will begin. I\'ve been thinking about the comic and how to do it based on feedback from readers and friends.

I thought that doing the comic in Issues would make it more mixed and interesting, but now I realize that it would not be practical.

Trying to go and contact and search for a player-run event I could put in an issue would take too much time, and also having to get permission and having to go back and forth with others to get things right (so the story is not misrepresented or the hint or dates of an uncoming event are reliable) would make the release of pages a very long process.

My idea now will need to change so that it fits within my available time, meaning I intend to re-release \"Issue #1\" as \"Chapter #1\" of the \"Anarchy Online\" the comic. This is NOT officially authorized by Funcom (they have the AO name coyright and whatnot) or ARK, this will be the AO Comic that I\'ve always wanted to see after the old AO Comic \"Gearbox & Bob\" done by Kobby years ago stopped being published.

It will feature open-ended chapters. This means each chapter will have stories with NO ENDINGS (I\'ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what happened), some based on player stories I know, some fiction I will write myself. I\'m open to have guests comics and guest writers.

Also I will work on setting 2 days each week to release one page of the comic each of those days (maybe more than 1 page, no promises).

So this week, no comic pages. I need to redo the cover, add an intro page of Chapter 1 (and maybe add another page to it) and get the first pages of Chapter 2 (I already got the screenshots for it, I need to get the panels, angles and callouts (chat bubbles) done along with the text.

This will be an ongoing Comic here at AO Universe, and hopefully inspire others to make their own AO strips (be it a single page or an entire comic).

Bottom line is, I like doing it, the community seems to like reading it and AO itself has become a hobby for me over the years anyways, heh.

That is all, Arigato Gosai Mas!
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