Social/Roleplaying - Guns on Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings

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Social/Roleplaying - Guns on Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings

Post by Khuri » Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:07 pm

Since there has been a lack of people attending the OTAM-Meetings for a long time, due to many people not wanting to drop their weapons just for the meeting, a change has been announced on this part.
After a poll on the official OTAM-Website, asking if guns should be allowed on Meetings to a certain point, most people voted for a yes. Now the ARK team made an Official OOC Announcement that weapons will be tolerated at the next meetings.
If this rule will stay has to be seen as of how the next meetings will go.

Source: OTAM-Website

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Post by Tipha » Tue Aug 22, 2006 1:03 am

*yawns* Yet another desperate attempt to keep their employees. *Grins* I already have a few.
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