Chat with Anticipating Six (Yutto)

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Chat with Anticipating Six (Yutto)

Postby Windguaerd » Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:01 am

Anticipating Six: You're back. What did you find out?
Titan: Well, he sure wasn't the girl's father! He was some sort of messed up shape changer creature.
Anticipating Six: A shape changer, you say? Would you be willing to tell me more?
Titan: (Tell the Yutto about the Mezzorash)
He falls silent for a moment after you speak, eyes pointing toward the ground.
Anticipating Six: This is... disturbing, to say the least. The Rashan and their kind are simple creatures, their actions little more than pure instinct.
Typically, their "speech" is nothing but mimicry from what they have managed to hear repeated to them over time. But we have noticed certain aberrations within their species, things that have lead us to believe that they may be more than they appear.
Titan: Aberrations? How do you mean?
Anticipating Six: Did you know that, after a certain age has been reached all Rashan are implanted with Xan technology? Even more interesting is that they appear to do so themselves, taking scraps and pieces of junk to build small machines that eventually interface with their neural pathways. We are not entirely certain as to why they do this, or even what purpose the machinery serves - From what we have found, they seem to be very tiny memory storage units.
There has never been any evidence, though, that the Rashan are intelligent enough to create or control such things. It seems to simply be an instinctual process, somehow hard-coded into the genetic structure - Be they Arcorash or Gluarash, they all undergo the same process at a young age.
Titan: Any idea what these memory units are used for?
Anticipating Six: None. Which is to say that we have never found them being used at all. Any examples we have ever found, regardless of the age, have all been completely empty - No data has ever been written to them. From what you say, and what we know of the creatures, it may be possible that someone managed to control this memory unit, perhaps somehow taking control of the Rashan.
The Yutto's head shakes, glittering eyes peering down to the ground.
Anticipating Six: As I said, disturbing.
Titan: It was a nasty thing, but I took care of it.
Anticipating Six: And for that you shall have thanks, young one. Here, please take this. I hope it will prove useful for you in your daily work. And else may I help you?
Titan: I'd like to learn a little more about the Unredeemed and Redeemed and their fight for power.
Anticipating Six: That's good to hear. I am happy to find there are still several people who are interested in learning what happened in the past. For their own research, to learn, as part of an investigation, or for whatever other reason there may be.
I can try to explain a little about the relationship with you humans and the Redeemded and Unredeemed.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Anticipating Six: There is a close relation between your kind and theirs. Perhaps you have come to that conclusion yourself, perhaps not. In either case, it is a journey you must do yourself. Just by standing here you may have gone the full circle and learned much of it already.
Now, there is much in common between your history. Through the age of man, you have time and time again showed how you cannot co-exist and keep making war with each other. You are often corrupted by the prospect of power and wealth and yours is a short-lived kind so everything you do, you do with full intensity.
Gee...does he have to be so doomy? Surely, there's something good to be found...
Titan: But...
He lifts his free hand to silence you and interrupts what you have to say. How rude.
Anticipating Six: In that, you are very much like the Xan. They have been blinded by the corruption they suffered, they rose to glory and greatness and fell down from it. Even after their punishment, they continued their plight, still thinking they were the Supreme Creator's chosen ones. As the Unredeemed and the Redeemed, they took up the search for their destiny in between the bloody wars they fought with each other.
And they nearly succeeded. They traveled the broken lands of what remained of their world, erected their temples and tried again and again to harness the Source to no avail. Until...
Titan: Until?
A deep sigh sounds from within the depth of the hood. He sounds terribly tired now.
Anticipating Six: Until they discovered the place you call Pandemonium and within, the strongest vein of the Source they had ever known along with its protector. They had hopes again. Both sides rushed. They, needed to be the first, but it would not come to pass. Just being in the vicinity of the power corrupted them into madness. Being creatures so closely tied to the Source, the corruption did not sneak into their hearts like the first time. It engulfed them and took from them their own will and bound it to its own. Perhaps it was to protect itself or even them, or perhaps it was an animosity.
No matter the theories, it was clear that the sorry remains of the once so mighty Xan would never be all they wanted to be.
Titan: Why do they keep it up, then?
Anticipating Six: Why does a hungry man hunt for food? Why does a cold man seek shelter? Because they have to. If they want to survive, they have no other choice, it's too deeply rooted in their ancestry, their blood and their minds. And so it was and is for the Redeemed and the Unredeemed. They can never be the Xan again, so they must strive harder for their own sake and future. It no longer comes to them as their birth right. All has left them but the incarnations of their gods, and even they are corrupted by now. They have all turned so very blind.
Titan: What does all that have to do with me?
Anticipating Six: Yours is a young race, child. You are still in the cradle of your existence, but there is so much hope in you. You have courage, intelligence and you live life with love and joy side by side with grief and worry. It is what makes you human.

Humans fail. Humans make mistakes. But humans learn and grow. You create and destroy with the same limbs that embrace and strike. Such duality, such inconsistency, such promise. There are those who are jealous of your race and development, who envy you greatly. Those who can no longer shape their destinies.

Perhaps, some day, humans too will become as they did, locked into their own instinct and aggression, no longer willing to grow or change. But, for now at least, what promises you show are things that no other sentient life can truly match. Because underneath it all, for all of humanity's frailty, for all of your mistakes, and for every misstep you may take, you have one thing that separates you from everything else. Unending, undying, relentless hope. Hold on to it well, young one, for it may some day be all that your species has left.
Titan: Thank you...I will take your words to heart.
His eyes are shining bright and his voice is smiling, if you could say such a thing.
Anticipating Six: You will have to excuse me now. I am old and my bones are tired. I need what remains of my strength to talk to whoever else passes by today. I thank you for lending me your ear, and I wish you only the best in all your travels. Good bye and travel safely, young
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