Chat with Danny Sawyer

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Chat with Danny Sawyer

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:02 am

Danny Sawyer: Yeah?
Titan: I got you the book.
Danny Sawyer: Great! I hope they didn't give you too much trouble. I know they can be a bother, what with their fanatic enmity towards the opposing side. Crazy twits, all of them. If they sent you on a goose chase on their behalf first, I apologise for the inconvenience.
Titan: He said you were a great friend of theirs...
Danny Sawyer: Oh yeah. Danny Sawyer is a great friend to everyone. Omni-Tek, the clans, Redeemed, Unredeemed, high born, lowly scum and the criminally insane. Even my mother-in-law!
He gives you a slick grin and brushes back a couple of his jet-black hair spikes.
Danny Sawyer: I'll smile at each of them and do as they want, dance to their tune and pretend to be their friend...anything that makes me a cred, and keeps the peace.
Danny winks and a mischievous grin plays on his lips.
Danny Sawyer: had the book, you said?
He takes one look at the book, nods and tucks it away.
Danny Sawyer: Yeah, that's it. Thanks, kid. You saved me some real time with this. Hope these credits will have some use for you. Please accept it as pay for your work.
Titan: Say, do you know anything about the religious strife between the Redeemed and Unredeemed?
Danny Sawyer: Well, being around them all the time, I've picked up a thing or two. And from all the things I've heard, I've learned one thing. Nothing good ever comes from wars fought to prove whose god is the right one.
He throws his hands up in the air.
Danny Sawyer: Just look at the poor buggers here. They're so narrowminded, so set in their ways and their hate for each other that they're unable to see other problems in the lands. At this point, I think they're fighting more for the purpose of fighting than actually fighting for their gods, but you never know.
Titan: How did it all start? Here, I mean.
Danny Sawyer: Well, you may know how the old Xan worshipped many gods in pairs? Braces they called them. The Brace the Xan discovered last, before the cataclysm, is called Cama and Vanya. After the catastrophe, the Xan sought to their gods to have mercy and save them from this nightmare but the gods were silent.
They started blaming each other and before long, the two opposing groups had split the Brace apart through their faith, taking what was not for mortals to meddle with and broke them apart. They ended the Brace and with it ended the balance they represented.
Titan: What happened then?
Danny Sawyer: Who knows all the details? Not me, that's for sure. But it's safe to assume that when the Redeemed and the Unredeemed split up the five Braces they had known, they also laid down the law on the gardens, sealing them even further than they had.

That said, they never lost their faith. On the contrary, they seemed to grow more zealous. Some would say so fanatical that they learned to care for little else than to destroy their enemies.
Hell, I'd say that's what drives them today. You can get away with most things on either side of the fence, as long as you play them up against each other. Remember that, kiddo.
He gives you that slick, boyish grin again.
Titan: Thanks for the talk. I better split. Still have some things to do and to see.
Danny Sawyer: Oh, you don't have to explain to me, kid. I know how it is. Hey, if you happen to stop by Anticipating Six down south, tell him hello, will you?
Titan: Anticipating Six? Who's that?
Danny Sawyer: He's one of the yuttos here in Penumbra. Not the brightest of the yuttos, but a nice guy all the same. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, kid. Travel safely and stay out of trouble, ok?
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