Lord Galahad gives RK Mission

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Lord Galahad gives RK Mission

Post by Windguaerd » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:57 am

This is a pre-recorded messa...
This is a pre-recorded message: 'Greetings. I call myself Lord Galahad, my true name is unimportant. You might have seen my picture in the newscast from Thrue Space Network, or heard my name in the propaganda from Omni-Tek. In doing so you might think: 'Oh my God, look at that clown! Look at those clothes! He was born 30,000 years too late!' And indeed, you may be right. Indeed, you might see through my skin into my very soul, and see my longing for something else burn brightly inside. But what is so wrong in believing in higher ideals? What is wrong in thinking that someday our land, our home might belong to us, and not be the property of someone else? If being called a clown or being an anachronism is the heavy burden I have to wear to become a symbol of my beliefs then I will bear that cross proudly. Yes, I wear clothes not suited for a harsh, red, dry planet. Yes, I look weird. And, yes, I do shout for justice, freedom and democracy. And the irony of it is: Democracy is just as out of place today. Quickly, friend. There is a mad bomber planning new attacks in Broken Shores. He is in a house. Go there and kill him and Lindsay Gomey will respawn back in the asylum.

Realtime left: 1 days, 23 hours, 32 minutes.
Cash: 41130 credits
Item reward:
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