Chat with One Who Remembers The Past (Yutto)

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Chat with One Who Remembers The Past (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:07 am

One Who Remembers The Past: You are back.
Titan: I took care of it.
One Who Remembers The Past: I am thankful, young one. I hope that this small amount of credits will serve as a token of gratitude.

Now, if you are ready, I will tell you about the exodus.
Titan: Yes, please!
He sounds happy that you're eager to listen and learn.
One Who Remembers The Past: Like I mentioned earlier, there were no warm feelings among the different factions of Xan. Even then, in the sunset of their existence, when they knew that their biggest chance to survive as a species would be to leave the planet, they did not co-operate.

But, let me begin at the beginning. You see...all the fears of those who would warn the rest of an impeding doom, a very profound end to the world, became real. We do not know exactly how their suspicions were proven true, but we may assume that planet core tests, air tests and the increasing volatility of the Source among others finally opened the eyes of those who would doubt.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Remembers The Past: By then, Ergo was fully operational, and we have had access to many datalogs with details of what happened. Most of it is gone, lost in the catastrophy following, but what we have is precise.

Analysis of the research material showed them that there were major changes to come, changes that could very well threaten their species on a whole, unless they could adapt, or somehow leave their world. Suddenly, all the Xan saw the danger, but even then they bitterly fought over who was to blame.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Remembers The Past: It was not like these changes would happen over night, or that the Xan could pinpoint it. Try to think of it how your kind has known for a very long time that one day, the sun will die and with it, all life on the solitus home world Earth and the colonies in that solar system. While it was not that reason alone that drove the old homo solitus to reach out and explore space they certainly found other planets and solar systems where they could settle, away from their fragile, original home.
And that is exactly what went through the minds of Xan. Or rather, some of them. Because even in the face of the very real threat of the future, there were some that firmly believed nothing would harm them, that the Braces and the Creator would protect them, their progeny. Fools...
He somehow sounds annoyed and sad at the same time.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Remembers The Past: In the years to come, the Xan researched space flight. They had never had a need or the curiosity to leave their world, but those who saw the danger in staying for their future generations also saw the need to leave the planet so that their species could somehow survive.
They would build magnificent ships and in only a few years learn more about space than your kind has in twenty thousand. In all of this, all their bitterness would shine through, and the two factions would plan their future independent of each other.
Titan: What was their plan?
One Who Remembers The Past: Plan? We don't know all. Maybe they weren't done planning, when...
He sighs.
One Who Remembers The Past:
We know that they loaded the ships with massive banks of their genetic code, embedded even in the core systems of the ship. We also know that there were several individuals picked out to go on certain ships. By then, the two factions were not on speaking terms at all, and they even stayed clear of one another in the escape routes. The conservatives planned to send their arks one direction and the liberals another.
But...none of them would see the completion of their plans.
Titan: Because of the cataclysm...
One Who Remembers The Past: That's right, young one. Because of the cataclysm. While the majority of the Xan were aware that their world would change to a point where they could no longer live there, none of them expected what happened.
It is perhaps something you could learn more of by another of my kin. His name is Mourning Calamity Five. You can find him by the drowning vortex.
His voice is warm and friendly when he motions you on your way.
Titan: Goodbye
One Who Remembers The Past: Travel safely, young one.
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