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Chat with Scott Free

Post by Windguaerd » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:07 pm

Scott Free: Hey again!
Titan: Got your shards.
Scott Free: You did? That's awesome, man! Let me see!
Scott Free: Thanks so much for the help. With these, I may be able to decipher where the Xan stored their va-..err..nevermind.
He gives you a slick grin and nods.
Scott Free: I got plenty of stuff to keep me busy now. See, the Xan didn't use the same kind of information storage as we do. Their technology was so different. The same goes for their security installments and cryptographic systems. These babies may make it a bit more clear for me.
Titan: So you're trying to...hack Xan info?
Scott Free: I didn't say that. Not at all. Can't a guy be interested in archaeology and culture without being accused of history crime? Sheesh! It's not like I'm the big fish in the Syndicate or anything.
Titan: The Syndicate?
Scott Free: You don't know what the Adonis Syndicate was? Just the biggest, baddest crime organization that ever hit the Xan. They were, like, the original mafia.
He snickers for a moment.
Scott Free: They rose to power here, in the decadence and debauchery of this once so marvelous metropolis. In the beginning they weren't too big, nothing I've ever read about them claim they were more than a group of thugs and small time crooks to begin with. But that changed soon enough.
Titan: How so?
Scott Free: Well, y'see...I'm sure you've heard enough times how grand Adonis city was, how full of life and activity it was. A large portion of the Xan lived in or around here, and they had always been a people who adored entertainment. Adonis was no different. Dance, song, music, theater...gambling.
Oh yes...the good ol' Xan weren't too good to gamble. Perhaps not the way we do, and certainly not the same kind of games, but still betting for the big win. The Syndicate started their reign of scheming and manipulating there, running most of the places where the Xan could enjoy all the gambling they could afford. You may wonder about what kind of money they had, or if they had any money at all, being such a god-like people. To tell the truth, I don't know exactly what kind of currency they used if any, but they did have valuables, things they held in very high regard. Like finely crafted art, technological gadgets and stuff like that. Stuff that would be invaluable if found today...kinda like they were those days.
His eyes glaze over a little, as if his thoughts are somewhere else.
Titan: Didn't the law enforcement stop them?
He laughs out loud, sounding truly surprised with your question.
Scott Free: Law enforcement? Hahaha...what law enforcement? Hell...what law? No, see...the Xan didn't have such a thing as legislation, law enforcement or even a judicial system. There were no laws other than the norms of society, and those changed all the time, especially in this place.
Either way, the Syndicate was just a product of their time.
Titan: What do you mean?
Scott Free: The good times in Adonis couldn't last forever. The Xan were changing, inevitably moving towards a more greedy society, where the people thought more about how they could make something benefit them personally rather than their civilization on a whole. The increasing strife between the different classes had to bear fruit in shady business some time or another, and from there, the Syndicate rose.
Towards the end, not too long before the cataclysm, they were practically running Adonis. There was a recession in Adonis, see. A period of time without much happiness and with a lot of fighting and disagreement. The Syndicate saw this as a golden opportunity to step up and take charge. They had nothin' to hide and nothin' they were ashamed of.
Titan: Let me're looking for a way to walk in their shoes?
Scott Free: I ain't sayin' anything this way or that. I'm just a guy trying to find interesting things to do while I wait for things to calm down for me out there. Sure, I'm interested in the Syndicate. Hell, they built some superb technology that us hacking savvy folk find easy to use. They did a lot of stuff and pulled all the right strings, and hell...I ain't saying they were any kind of angels. But then again...who can say they are?
Titan: Hey, it's none of my business, heh.
He shrugs again and seems to want to avoid talking more about that subject.
Scott Free: Let's talk about something else instead. You're traveling this place, you say... Bet you've seen a lot of strange things, huh?
Titan: Yeah, it's amazing.
Scott Free: I know what you mean. When I first came out here, I was blown away by all the freaky things I saw. But now, I've found my place, kinda. Of course, I won't stay here forever, but I've done well for myself so far.
And even so...I still find strange things. For example, have you seen the baratons? No? Didn't think so. Some say that they were originally some sort of pet fad or craze for the socialites in Jobe, but then they grew too big and the brats just threw'em out, like an old shirt. Senseless people!
Anyway...You should definitely go check'em out. In fact, I heard about one of them running amok out west. That's not so good, cause it'd chase away the local wildlife, which means that poachers like you and everyone else ain't got anything left to hunt. Can't risk that, now can we...

He grins and winks at you.
Scott Free: One of my contacts here in Adonis told me they had seen this crazed baraton up north west. Why don't you head up there and check it out, then come back to me.
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