Chat with Conserver Gil Gala-Hume

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Chat with Conserver Gil Gala-Hume

Post by Windguaerd » Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:43 pm

Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: You have returned.
Titan: It wasn't clean and tidy, but it's done now.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: Very good. We are happy about the progress you have had and our scouts tell us that the target we needed eliminated has left this world. You have done a great service to the Redeemed, Titan. Please take this as a token of gratitude from Gilthar and us, the humble followers.
The Conserver gracefully inclines his neck at you.
Titan: I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the Xan life in Adonis.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: What? You would want to know about the Xan ancestors? You...
He cuts himself short and just looks at you for a little while.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: Very well...I will tell you something from the past. Perhaps something your kind can learn from. Settle down and I will tell you about the eternal strife.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: Even before Adonis City was built there had been disagreements among the ancient Xan. Concerned groups who raised questions about what was happening, both to the world and to the people, came into existence. These few eventually built the flow control system that would later become Ergo.
The mainframe for this explosively expanding control system was placed in Adonis, but it soon became evident that only one was not enough, so the system was branched off to include massive databanks at the nodes that were spread around the populated world.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: Originally, the system was built to make sure that all the systems and machines got all the Source feed they needed. You must remember that even in all the growing disagreement, the Xan still had one common goal above anything find the answers to their eternal questions. Perhaps we still do, being direct descendants from the ancient ones.
He sounds sad for a moment, speaking of the fountain of his heritage.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume:
The listening devices used extreme amounts of Source material and as the city grew larger, the allover use got more concentrated around this one spot in the known lands. The batteries, the transport tubes, the technology, the increasing creation processes... Everything they did used more and more Source.
Titan: So they did nothing but argue anymore?
He nods and speaks gently now.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: Oh no, don't get me wrong. While there was growing friction, they were still spiritual beings, as always. The temples saw an even number of devotees within their walls and when another Brace, Gilthar and Dalja, was discovered, it was widely celebrated and thought of as a sign from the Creator that they were still the chosen ones who would eventually sit in the halls of the Divine.
Titan: But in such a great society, surely there must have been smaller problems?
His voice drops low again and the shimmering beauty of his being seems to flicker, like light sources sometimes do.
Conserver Gil Gala-Hume: I am sorry, Titan. This is too difficult to talk about for me. I suggest you find someone else who is not as closely bound to the history here to talk about that.

There is a human that lives here in Adonis. He is trying to make a name for himself with you travelers. Perhaps he has something for you? His name is Free. If I remember correctly he usually stays around the old city and suburb ruins.
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