Chat with Ocra about Omega Eric Miller

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Chat with Ocra about Omega Eric Miller

Post by Windguaerd » Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:20 pm

The air thickens, it's pressure chrushing your chest. You stumble, suddenly dizzy. As you struggle to regain balance you feel a painful throbbing in your head and sweat springing cold on your neck and forehead. You finally manage to draw a full breath, and another. Then, out of nowhere, a faint whisper calls your name.
Redeemed Ocra:
Titan: Where are you?
As your eyes get used to the light, you realize that the impressive creature towering in front of you is the incarnation of Ocra himself. He chooses to ignore your question.
Titan: Who are you?
The sound of your voice echoes down the hall. A long silence follows, amplified by the sound of your heavy breathing.
Redeemed Ocra: You know who I am.
Titan: I apologize for disturbing you Ocra, but I need help.
Ocra nods slightly.
Redeemed Ocra: Young Min-Ji Lui underestimated Miller and the means available to him.
Titan: Can you tell me more about Miller?
Redeemed Ocra: Miller is an Omega.
Ocra notices your doubt.
Redeemed Ocra: Yes, one would think they do not exist.
But even though time has passed and the battle for emancipation has been lost from the memories of man - we remember.
And we know what he and the likes of him are capable of doing.
Titan: But where has he been all this time?
Redeemed Ocra: Hiding and waiting, looking for the one he despises more than anything.
The empath referred to as David - David Marlin.
The remains of the Council of the Nine tried to convince Miller that David was seen leaving Earth in a spaceship and that he was now lost in space, never to return.
Retreating to a cave, enveloped in hatred and spite in his solitude, he literally lost his mind, living only for the chance to one day lay the body of David in front of the other Omegas.
Titan: Go on, please.
Redeemed Ocra: Someone searched Miller out.
He almost killed the intruders, who were only kept alive by the aid of advanced nanobots.
Miller was then somehow convinced to join them in their renewed quest for divinity.
Titan: You mean they convinced him to return to this place?
Redeemed Ocra: Yes, these lands..
Ocra first projects images of the pleasant deep forrests in Nascence and then the open inviting meadows in Elysium. He finally projects images of places you have never seen.
Redeemed Ocra: But a mere shadow of it's former splendor.
Yes, they returned and are now a great cause for concern.Chat with Ocra About
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