Zibell the Wanderer

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Zibell the Wanderer

Post by Gimpeline » Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:43 pm

(Central Artery Valley. Pos: 3430.5, 2652.4, 20.1, Area: The Great Bulk)

Zibell the Wanderer: So there's life here after all.
Nissemann: Tell me about yourself.
Zibell the Wanderer: I am Zibell. This much is obvious.
Nissemann: Thank you for that information.
Zibell the Wanderer: You are most welcome.
I have no home to invite you into, but consider yourself invited.
Nissemann: Where?
Zibell the Wanderer: Inside the home I do not have for the drink I will not offer and for the warm hospitality I so courteously refrain from showing you.
Nissemann: I don't get it.
Zibell the Wanderer: Then it is out of my hands.
There is no more I can do for you.
I bid you farewell.
Nissemann: Let's talk about something else.
Zibell the Wanderer: "Something else?" Not a very interesting topic. Very broad, very...how shall I say, undefined?
Nissemann: What are you doing here?
Zibell the Wanderer: Indeed I do.
Nissemann: No, seriously, what are you doing out here?
Zibell the Wanderer: Yes. Very much so.
Nissemann: Do you understand what I'm saying?
Zibell the Wanderer: Completely.
You're making all the sense of a gagged squabble.
I on the other hand...or perhaps the right hand.
I never really liked the left one, but I guess I can't do without.
You're probably wondering what a man such as myself is doing out here?
Nissemann: Yes.
Zibell the Wanderer: Then let me enlighten you.
Wiggelings have taken over the outer zones, and are moving in.
This is the only safe area from them and their kind.
They want to rule, but they want to hide, you understand?
The Omnificents are gathering and they mean business.
Nissemann: Who are the Wiggelings?
Zibell the Wanderer: They mean you no well.
Trust me. Fear them and hide!
You are never safe amongst people. Stay alone and hidden.
I do, and I'm alive.
Nissemann: But what are the Wiggelings?
Zibell the Wanderer: Dark people from the outer zones. Hidden. Masked. No one wants them near.
Nissemann: Who are the Omnificents?
Zibell the Wanderer: Great forces gathering.
I can say no more.
Nissemann: Do you mean Omni-Tek?
Zibell the Wanderer: If I meant Omni-Tek I would have said so, and I didn't.
So, no.
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