Chat w NPC Sirocco about alien intel

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Chat w NPC Sirocco about alien intel

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:26 pm

Sirocco: Do I know you?
Sirocco looks at you suspiciously.
Lobo: I was told to show you the Hacker Club Affiliate Card?
Sirocco: I don't know what you're talking about.
Sirocco lowers his voice.
Sirocco: Let me have a look at the card.
Sirocco: Interesting indeed... A hacker and even a hacker skilled enough to be reckoned as an affiliate of the Lounge.
Sirocco smiles.
Sirocco: Here, take the Card back before I forget.
Is there anything I can do for you, Lobo?
Lobo: I'm here to learn more about the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer.
Sirocco: Ofoz told me about the Omni-Tek hack.
Sirocco looks you deep into the eyes.
Sirocco: Are you willing to risk your, and my, life for this information?
Lobo: The truth must be found and spread to the people!
Sirocco: Old cliches... Is that all you can come up with?
Sirocco snickers.
Sirocco: The truth...
Who cares about the truth anymore?!
Omni-Tek try to hide it, the Clans are too scared to look for it and the Neutrals don't seem to care.
Lobo: But the Smokers Lounge care and are organized!
Sirocco: "The truth is out there", huh?
With a tired look in his face from years of suppressing noble values, it seems Sirocco manages to muster enough energy for one last try to get proven wrong about humanity.
Sirocco: Ok, Lobo. One last hack. But first, I want to look at the alien device.
Sirocco: I've heard about this kind of modified Kyr'Ozch technology before.
Sirocco works the microcomputer with a frantic pace as he speaks.
Sirocco: I didn't think much of the rumors regarding the crazy doctor, but perhaps there is more to Dr.Krank than meets the eye.
Sirocco snickers at the holographic display as he disables advanced node security systems.
Sirocco: They really think that will keep me out?
Lobo: Can you tell me where to find this Dr. Krank?
Sirocco lowers his voice.
Sirocco: Dr. Krank is, or was, an employee of Omni-Med.
For some reason he had to be silenced, my guess is that he stumbled onto something big, and what better way than messing up his mind and stationing him in the middle of nowhere?
Who listens to a mad scientist looking for pink elephants in the desert?
The microcomputer lets off an annoying sound, indicating a memory wipe.
Sirocco: And we're done!!
Lobo: Done with what?
Sirocco: I gathered the data Ofoz and you collected, and reused some of the decryption keys to break my way into an Omni-Admin node.
I found some disturbing information about the Unicorns.
It would seem they have been preparing for an alien invasion for quite a while.
First contact was, according to these logs, shortly after the opening of the Jobe portal to the Shadowlands.
Here are some references to an autopsy...
The logs also mention an alien crash site...
Lobo: Tell me more about the autopsy.
Sirocco: Ok, let's take a look...
They describe the Kyr'Ozch body to be weak and jelly-like.
Then there are some experiments...
...and more extensive testing...
Sirocco quickly pages through the research logs.
Sirocco: Here they find out that the Kyr'Ozch are weakened by spontaneous cell mutations if a particular type of chemical is injected into their bloodstream.
Sirocco continues to page through the research logs.
Sirocco: It would seem that the test subjects are very stubborn.
Weakened by chemicals, they are still very dangerous.
The Unicorns are increasing security gradually here...
Sirocco continues to page through the research logs and reaches the last report.
Sirocco: The last entry contains an attempt at ranking the different specimen by their intended purpose.
'Assault Force Commando'...
'Assault Force Specialist'...
There are more, and they all resemble regular military ranks...
Well, all except one rank. They are referred to as Channelers.
'The most telepathic creature of them all, the Channeler, is capable of maintaining telepathic bonds spanning entire galaxies'.
Lobo: Tell me more about the crash site.
Sirocco: Ok, let's take a look...
Crash-site 9, secured by the Unicorns...
Sirocco quickly pages through the event logs.
Sirocco: Here are some names....
Participating senior scientists: Dr. Zibell and Dr. Krank.
Those names appear in connection to the Kyr'Ozch autopsies as well.
Lobo: I have to tell Uncle Bazzit about this.
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