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RK Ergo

Postby EDTA » Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:37 pm

I went for a talk with Ergo in Stret West Bank:

Suspended in mid air in front of you is this mysterious android you have heard so much about.Ergo.
Doodytrad: Have a look around...
What you see before you is some sort of large metal ball, hovering in midair. Etched in its surface is a face, ancient, classic, like the Utricarian golden age frescos.Stern, lofty, almost Godly.And those eyes...So intently watching you, fixing you with their gaze that the rest of the world seems to draw to a halt for a moment or two.Eyes are said to be the mirrors of the soul. If that is true, this non carbonic creation posesses the Soul of the AgesBut then again somone said that the countenance is the portrait of the soul and the eyes mark its intentions. If that is true, this thing definitly has some intentions, considering the way it is looking at you.Buzzing around this airborne android is a small, ragged fellow, one of those mysterious Yuttos it seems. He sure looks innocent enough, but there is something about his manner that tells you that you would not want to get on the bad side of him.The Yuttos is busy rummaging through a pile of scrap electronics and wires, pulling out small treasures and sorting them into some of the infinite number of pockets his cloak seems to posess.All three of you have now been "standing" there for a while and the silence is becoming a bit awkward, you are about to say something when you suddenly hear some faint "clicking" sounds from the stern looking spheroid, followed by an ever so slight vibration...And then it speaks!
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Hail Thee my Master!
In which way can this humble automation be of service today?
Doodytrad: Who are you?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I am Ergo
Doodytrad: All right "Ergo"... why do you call me "Master"?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I am here to serve
Doodytrad: Serve whom?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
You, the Master of Light!
Either this fellow has a loose screw somwhere, or your self image has been majorly underexposed during development...Master of Light eih...Better try another approach...
Doodytrad: All right, lets say that for the time being. But tell me, what is an "Ergo"?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Ergo am I.
What you see here is just an interface, all my hardware is in the Shadowlands where I watch, maintain and serve!
Doodytrad: Watch? Watch what?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I watch the shadows and guard them.
Doodytrad: Guard the shadows? Why?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Where the light flows freely, there is little danger, the beasts and people of the land defend those places vigorously. But it is in the shadows that evil gathers and the Devourers of our existence lurk, waiting for the slightest chance to cut away yet another strand from the fibers of our world.
I am the Conserver of Light!
I am the Guardian of Shadows!!
Doodytrad: What do you mean by "Conserver of Light"?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
The Light my good Master.
As far as a metal ball can show emotion, you notice that this "Ergo" construct displays something that could by androipologists be interpreted as a comforting gesture
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I realize that time has fogged your memory and much ancient wisdom has been lost.
I suggest a journey! A journey of rediscovery!
Doodytrad: Tell me more about "guarding the shadows", please.
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I wish I could my Master, but I am afraid you need to see more before you can quite comprehend what is involved.
You must start The Journey!
As this metallic creation emits this last phrase, you notice some squeeks and chirps coming from within the metal shell, noises that if they came from your ordinary kitchen appliance would prompt you to start thinking about shopping for a new oneYou watch the hoovering ball for a secondBut when nothing seems to be falling off Ergo at the moment, you decide that this was probably some old version of an android vocal sign of urgency
Doodytrad: Journey? Where..? Err..? You mean I need to? What?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows: I am frightfully sorry Master, but could you please rephrase that?
Doodytrad: You mean the journey to the Shadowlands, right?
With a hint of theatrical bobbing in mid air, Ergo says with a trembling voice
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I am talking about a journey through the lands of Eternal Light!
It is obvious that this Ergo really wants you to take him up on this journey idea...
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
And of shadows dark and creeping!
Or is he?...
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
So, what do you say my Master, are you ready to guard the shadows?
Doodytrad: Sure, but I really liked better the part about the Eternal Light... Any chance I could take care of that rather?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Outstanding my Master! Let us begin!
The journey you are embarking on is long and arduous. You will tread paths dark and dangerous, you will meet horrors beyond imagination and you will witness sorrows that break the hearts of mortal souls
But don't despair and never falter, in the shadow there is hope, in your journey there is salvation and when you reach your destination, the dust of the ages will fall away and the Light Eternal will once again flow into every corner of the world!
Right... This sounds impressive enough, but where is that bit about what I need to do??
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Even though man kind has tried in shame and sorrow to bury the memories of the past, the sins of the forefathers are branded into their legacy and have left a mark in the deepest shadows of every persons mind.
Android philosophy...?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Great minds throughout history have in search of the meaning of life, the universe and time itself, on occasion reached deep enough to touch these marks, felt the contours with the tips of their mental acquisitiveness and each in his way recited the history of a paradise lost.
This is...deep.
Doodytrad: This is getting interesting, better let him continue...
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
It is this history that will be unravelled through your efforts and new chapters written as you travel closer to the Source. On your journey you will meet more people like you, brave souls set on righting the wrongs of the past and unite worlds divided!
Does he mean that you...save the world? You have done worse career moves than that!
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Many have gone this path before you and thousands will follow in your footsteps. Some will prove to be your friends, other will reveal themselves as adversaries, but know that the more people you join forces with, the more possible the all but impossible will become.
Friends...adversaries? Is he talking about the clans and omnis, or is there something more to it?And what was that about the "Source"? I need to remember to ask him about that later...
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
But you must not tarry, you may not linger!
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Time is of importance here!
Yepp, Get On With It!!
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Through a rift I arrived from the Shadows, searching for materials important to the continuous well being of my systems. I ask you to go and bring me certain conductors and circuitry so I may ensconce this interface of mine here comfortably.
Do this and I will give you what you seek!
Doodytrad: Seek? Should i look for anything?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
I have shown you the path you must take for the sake of Humanity, the World, yes the Universe itself!
One thing is sure, this Ergo seems to have selective hearing...
Doodytrad: What do you mean by "certain conductors and circuitry"?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Just bring whatever you find and looks like I could use it; wires, circuit boards, chips, processors....
My little assistant here is very resourceful and will find uses for most anything.
Make sure to talk to my personal assistent here, Auxilliary One Third he will be able to tell you exactly what we are lacking!
Doodytrad: Who is the assistant, really? An Yuttos?
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Yuttos, yes. Or Yuttocra as they call themselves. Quite remarkable little mechanics, resourceful and inventive.
Remember, they are on our side, so be nice to them!
You have no idea what Ergo is made of, but it must be some remarkable alloy, this metalface actually is smiling!
Doodytrad: Goodbye
Ergo, Rubi-Ka Guardian of Shadows:
Farewell traveller, may your shadow never grow thinner!
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Postby Snakebite » Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:58 pm

It's the first line of that text that always gets me...
Suspended in mid air in front of you is this mysterious android you have heard so much about.Ergo.

HAVE we heard so much about him?
Is there someone we should have been talking to BEFORE him???

What gives?
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Postby Casorinth » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:17 pm

technically if you start in SL and do the starter quests it gets mentioned...

That said everyones heard of ergo these days, him and his insatiable chattiness
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Postby Uragon » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:38 pm

Do the Yuttos actually talk about anything else? :)
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Postby liquidzoo » Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:19 pm

Ah yes, Ergo the Long-Winded. How I've missed his inane chatter.
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