chat with NPC Dragor Krupp

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chat with NPC Dragor Krupp

Post by Gimpeline » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:30 pm

(southern fouls hills: Pos: 2147.5, 1664.7)

Dragor Krupp: Hi.
Gimpeline: Who are you?
Dragor Krupp: I am Dragor Krupp, honest merchant.
Gimpeline: What do you do?
Dragor Krupp: I don't smuggle.
That's an evil rumour spread by my enemies!
I'm an honest merchant, just trying to make a decent living!
Gimpeline: Tell me about Southern Fouls HIlls.
Dragor Krupp: Southern Fouls Hills is a mutant-infested hell!
The mutants, led by a mutant called "The One" are gathering in the Hard Luck Ruins and spread terror all over the region!
Gimpeline: Tell me more about the Hard Luck Ruins.
Dragor Krupp: The Hard Luck Ruins used to be a great trading outpost called Hard Luck.
Now it's the base for a pack of mutants.
In time, I hope to see the mutants thrown out and Hard Luck rebuilt.
Gimpeline: Tell me more about "The One".
Dragor Krupp: He's the leader of the mutants.
That's all I know.
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