Discuss your AO friends that have been lost or become less visible over time.
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Post by Clairemonet » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:46 am

Maybe she will google search her name. I know I do mine for AO every so often to chuckle at myself.


MJ was a clan MA and I don't remember if I met her during my clan days or my more infamous Omni days. I believe we became friends when I was still Clan. She would hang out at Tir Arena always and look for duels. Whereas I was a creep and would hang out there and gank people. I taught her the importance of jacking up run speed on a MA for kiting and after that that girl was practically the best for her level range. Then she moved on and rolled other toons and twinked the living hell out of them and was by far the most prolific twink dueler on Rk2. I believe I was in the top tier of Pvpers during my days, but MJ went beyond my skill after awhile.

I miss chatting with her. Maybe she will find this post somehow. And I'll get to strike up an old friendship. Probably not though.

There are others I remember and miss. But MJ was the greatest.

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