Hard to find and odd items

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Hard to find and odd items

Post by Chopz » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:15 am

Some items are hard to find, I'm not talking missions.

Radiation armor- in the "old days" it was in the Fixer Shop (the trash pile behind Bore)
Basic hat to make medical leveling hat (trader booth)
Trader guns (trader booth)
Low level Miy armor
High level Miy armor

I will add to this list as people 'come out' and share their wisdom.

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Re: Hard to find and odd items

Post by Higain » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:35 am

On my sub account:
Buying random turnspirit bags for specific turnspirits was infuriating after the devs nerfed killing the Yutto vendors.
Farming SL for a no-drop Mudurlugu shotgun for my trader. Never did get one. I actually did find a few, but not while I was playing my trader. Some of that odd social clothing that drops from chests in SL dungeons.


White Shirt with Clan Symbol.
Rare spawn in clothing terminals. People used to want those sunglasses found in outdoor terminals, too.

Metal Armlet of the Quartet.
I used these sleeves on my froob trader many years ago. I'd not seen them drop very often when farming the Ace camp for refined blank implants. This was a long time ago.

Eyemutant Orb Laser
Rare to loot an eye or laser above L75ish. Something like that. Cold and Hot Ray Orbs can be looted from the Trash King. Still kinda rare.

Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Crushing Weapons)
Rare drop from L7-L10 human engineer type mobs outdoors.

Level 100-150 Rhinoman armor.
Drops at the Chief camp in Varmint Woods and the "easy" side static mission building off rhinoman guru at Mort Sentinels clan outpost near the grid terminal. The static mission buildings aren't missions per se. There are many static type dungeon-caves throughout Rubi-Ka, you've just got to explore to find them. Some few are in Mort, PW, the 0% /25% gas mayhem buildings at Wine outpost. Another cave is found in Belial Woods at a place labeled "shelter" on the zone map.

L70ish Medusa Savage (they patrol the swamps) drop lower level MIY Nano outdoors, though I don't think there are more than six of them up at any one time in DAV. There's a L70ish dyna at Tranquility Outpost PW and the scorpid type minions drop MIY gear.

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