RP - Clan Day (Atlantean) UPDATED!

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RP - Clan Day (Atlantean) UPDATED!

Post by Zagadka » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:15 pm

Event Calendar Entry:
[img]http://www.ao-universe.com/website/imag ... r/sf_0.png[/img] Clan Day

Event on: Atlantean
Event Time: [usertime=1271613600] (your time)
Event Duration: aprox. 2 hours

Event Description:
A day for the Clans to hear from their Legacy leaders and celebrate the struggle and victory we have achieved.

This year's event will be celebrated in Wine, accessible via Whom-pah from Tir to Varmint Woods.

For additional merriment, there is a 5% bar to have a slugfest in!
(Attention: This event has changed!)
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