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Community - Beta Invites

Postby Silvana » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:00 am

If you took part in the Winter promotional subscription offer that included beta access for the new engine, and have not received your invitation, check your account page ( for a download link. If you are still not receiving an invitation and you believe that you should have, you will need to contact Funcom support.

Keep in mind this is for people that signed up for an offer that specifically stated they would gain access. For everyone else, here is a reminder of the priority tier list.

  • Volunteers and Arks have the highest priority for closed beta invites to help us sort out the most critical issues.
  • Players who have signed up for 12 months Membership plans will have the second highest priority for invites.
  • Players who have signed up for 6 months Membership plans will have the third highest priority for invites.
  • Players who have subscribed for the past year without having their account frozen or banned, will have the fourth highest priority to get closed beta invite.
  • Players who have unique hardware that we think is important to test, might get a higher priority than the above mentioned list.

Sezmra has also posted information about how to make sure you receive your invitation and things you should check if you have not. You can view that HERE
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