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Community - Anarchy Online 12th Anniversary Info

Postby Silvana » Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:20 am

The first bits of information about the happenings for the 12th anniversary of Anarchy Online have been posted. You can click HERE to read the general outline of what will be happening.

As more concrete times for parties are available, we'll be letting you know. There are definitely going to be some good ones!

The events will be lasting from June 17th through June 29th. Here is a small bit of the information from Anarrina's post:

On June 22nd at 17:00 GMT the Advisors of Rubi-Ka will open the ARK Island of Ceremonies up for Visitors, a door will appear in Borealis allowing anyone wishing to, to enter the Island and visit with the ARKs on their own playfield. During the next 4 hours ARKs will be present to answer questions about the ARK Program as well as a party is being planned to happen in the Ceremony Hall. A Doorway will be provided for those wishing to return to the normal part of Rubi-Ka to exit back to Borealis. Once this party ends we will take a break to clean up and prepare for the next part of the celebration.

From here we will open parties at different locations around Rubi-Ka for the rest of the weekend. Sunday night will end the party celebration for a bit. Community Relations will have random events going on during the week and once Friday the 28th of June hits Parties will again start sprouting up around Rubi-Ka to again celebrate the Anniversary of the Game. We will attempt to ensure ample information is provided during this time so people know what is going on and where.

We hope everyone is able to participate in the festivities and keep an eye out for some special prizes we'll be giving out during the celebration!
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