Community - Monthly Development Update - February 2013

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Community - Monthly Development Update - February 2013

Post by Silvana » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:26 am

Ilaliya has posted a brief update which includes a video of a grassy area using the new graphics engine. He has also introduced the new creative director that will be overseeing all three MMO games under the Funcom banner. He is taking over as Ilaliya is leaving the company, as others have also previously announced about themselves..

There does seem to be a bit of confusion in that his comments about the merge make it sound like it might not happen today if QA runs in to any problems. It could be that this update was written prior to today and the wording is phrased accordingly, as it is stated in the introduction of the new creative director, that it is for sure happening today.

You can read the full update, view the video, and read the introduction from Joel (Nusquam) HERE.

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