Community - New AoRK v2.1 is now out!

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Community - New AoRK v2.1 is now out!

Post by Onack » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:03 pm

New AoRK v2.1 is now released and is packed with new information. Lots of dungeons with character tracking and the new playfields 3 craters east and west.

Downloadable at

We have had some problems with Demoder's patcher not fully supporting Windows 7, so we've decided to take down patch-server until new Demoder's Patcher is released.

  • Added 5 new grid exits:
    -Coast of Tranquility
    -Coast of Peace
    -Three Craters East
    -Three Craters West
  • Added 1 new wompah:
    -From Omni-Ent to Mutant Domain
    -Added Caves/Instances/Statics with tracking:
    -Abandoned Mall/Subway
    -Steps of Madness
    -Temple of Three Winds
    -Inner Sanctum
    -Smugglers Den
    -Crypt of Home
  • Added ICC Shuttleport:
    -3.5x normal zone size for easier viewing
    -With dynas and their level
    -Shop terminal
  • APF Updates:
    -New graphics
    -Sector 10 information
    -Xan Hub lift added
  • Adjusted SL jumpoffs according to AoSL:
    -One SL zone leads to one zone on RK
  • Daily Missions Agencies added to Rome Blue and Athen
  • Daily Mission locations added:
    -Green Hill in TLR added
    -Enigma Dogtrainer in Belial Forest
    -Criminal Hideout in Deep Artery Valley
  • PVP Mission Shop added to Borealis
  • Prisoner mission NPCs added
  • Added Quintus Romulus to The Longest Road
  • Added Investigator - Ace Starr to The Longest Road
  • Adjusted Jon Solare and David Meyers in Broken Shores
  • Removed support for DNW, they can still use map, but wont show DNW specific Land Control Areas
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Post by Scene » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:54 pm

GJ Onack! downloading now...

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