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Lost or 'borked' token boord

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:49 am
by Chopz
Perhaps you lost your board or clicked it on an unpaid account and the board 'popped' into a paid mode and became useless to you.

Not a problem. Below are locations for either side to get a new board.

In Omni Trade, coming from the ICC Whompah, go straight west under three sets of statues, at the fourth set on the right are mission terminals and a 'basic startup' booth. The boards and a few other items are there.
At Omni Entertainment, coming out of the Rome Whompah, take a slight left (southwest) into a street. A little way into the street, on the right side, is a portal to "Htech" with a white Yalmaha up and between the two doors. Inside each one is a booth for OT computers. Only the unpaid board is here.

At the Whompahs in Old Athen, just north of the Tir exit, are mission terminals with a 'basic equipment' booth in between them. This booth has paid and unpaid boards and a few other items.

No doubt there are other locations. these worked well for me.