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18.5.1 Update Release Notes

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:24 pm
by Windguaerd
Patch Notes: 18.5.1 (from the Official Forums)

Market (GMI) Updates

The "Net earnings" label now displays the unit "credits".[/list]
The QL Dropdown Box on the Item Info Window is no longer flickering, and is easier to select.
When you withdraw an item or cash from your market inventory, it is sent to you in a mail. The expiration time on these mails are 48 hours, and this differs from the normal mail (14 days). A message, informing you about this is now displayed when withdrawing an item or cash.
Some items have been changed to the correct search category.
Expired items should now return from the market.
"Basic Armor" is now called "Basic Fashion Armor", to make it easier to find when searching the market.
We have fixed some data issues with items that got stuck in the mail system. These items should now be possible to send to the market.[/list]

Various Code Updates

The claim command should no longer delete credits when used on a character that has reached the max credit cap.
Chat window settings, sound settings, item lock settings and hotkey settings no longer carry over between sessions.
You should now be able to run AO without having "Windows Administrator" rights.
An empty folder called "Chat" is no longer created on the root of your drive when you close the client.
We fixed an issue where effects preferences didn't kick in until after zoning once.
The client will no longer crash when opening mail.
We have changed the pvp rules so that only items with the "Use Hostile" and "Use Friendly" flags will PVP flag players. Some items will still unintentionally flag the user, but the amount of items with this bug has been drastically reduced.
It should now be possible to copy paste text from the in game browser.
The Adonis underwater effect should no longer appear at the character sheet after using /camp.
We fixed some UAC issues.

Profession Nanos and Perk Updates

Agent Perk Tranquilizer again snares both players and monsters.
The Keeper Aura "Courage of the Just" is no longer affecting the vicinity, instead it has been converted to a Team Aura and will also remove fear from your team mates. A short line cooldown has been added to prevent spamming of this nano.
The Bureaucrat PVP AOE Fear "Weekend Volunteer" is now Single Target. The blocker nano have been replaced by a line cooldown.
The MA Single Target PvP Fear "Footsteps of The Master" has gotten its blocker nano replaced by a line cooldown.
The Enforcer Single Target PvP Fear " You are Next" has gotten its blocker nano replaced by a line cooldown.
The MA proc "Disharmony" from the "Disharmony" perk line has been converted from a drain proc to a heal proc.
The Nano-Technician nano " Forget Me!" should no longer pull agro.
Debuffs with break on attack/debuff will no longer taunt and cause themselves to break.

Monster Updates

Ice Golem no longer give the Hollow Island reward buff, instead it gives a unique "Chill of the Ice Golem" reward buff for players 160+. The golem also has some new tricks up his rocky sleeve.
The Cenobites in Crypt of Home have forgotten how good they were at hiding, allowing players of the intended level range to spot them.
Npcs have put their running shoes back in the closet and will hunt you down if you taunt them.
Various npcs have gotten blue names to indicate that they are part of a quest.
Cleaning robots have stopped celebrating our 11th birthday.
Warden Ystanes bought a suppression gas item to protect himself from being killed.
All Boss/Raid buffs should now be in the same stacking line and have various level ranges.

Item Updates

Various armor sets have gotten new shiny textures and icon updates; Grid Armor, Bureaucrat Suits, Miiir suit, Monitor Smoking Suit.
A new fashionable black dress has been added to the clothing vendor as a result of turning the monitor smoking suit in to an actual suit for female characters.
New tokenboards have been created for subscriber characters. If you "right click" your current Rubi-Ka tokenboard, it should update to a better board if you are a subscriber.
The Clan Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Clan Advancement - Basic Board.
The OT Basic Startup Equipment now sells the Omni-Tek Honor - Basic Board.

Mission Updates

Lord Galahad's Sanctuary quest line now has the same duration as the Lord Mordeth's Sanctuary quest line.


We have fixed various exploits.
We have also fixed some typos.