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Myi's Armor Mob help

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:52 pm
by OTdude

I cannot seem to find out where the mobs are that drop Myi's Melee Armor, i no borgs do but they are too high for my lvl 25 MA twink. I just need to find what level mobs are where so i can farm them with my soldier. if anyone can post me a link that has a Map of that, telling me the level of the mob and the names of the mobs on Rubi-Ka, if such a map exist.

I cannot seem to find such a map, i tried,, even this site, i cannot find anything about the armor. I can find what mobs drop it, but i need to know where they are and the level of them.

Thank you for your time.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 6:45 pm
by Nadab
From what I've been hearing in OOC... it's mission mobs... but non-humanoid. That means you have to set the slider to full chaos.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:49 pm
by Hahnsoo
In the wilderness, I don't think there are any mobs that drop Miy's Armor below level 50 (as stated in the patch notes). At least, I've not been able to find any.

In missions, however, you can find several Miy's Armor off of the appropriate mobs. Roll missions with Full Chaos. Depending on the territory, you may get 20-50% of your missions with the appropriate mobs to drop Miy's armor.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:16 pm
by OTdude
I was in a team with a friend, level 30 enfo and my MA is 25...

I have seen it drop and thats what made change my mind with carb and decided using Myi's. so I no lvl 49 and lower mobs do drop, because they were level 40-45. But is there a place i can find a map that shows what mobs, and level's in a certian spot so i can start farming? Thats the main thing i need.

If its a level 50+ mob, thats no problem, my MA can esily get 47 carb on so 50+ ql melee armor is not a problem.

Like i said, the map (if there is one) is my main goal of getting. i can do the farming with no problem.

And i just dont wanna take the time to farm in missions.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:33 pm
by Hahnsoo
OTdude wrote:And i just dont wanna take the time to farm in missions.
Well, the droprate is higher in missions anyway. I have reports from my orgmates that they get 5 or 6 pieces in solo missions with the requisite mobs. But whatever...

There is no "hunting map" that I'm aware of for Anarchy Online. I've compiled a list of common hunting locations for 100+ mobs at AOFroobs, but it's still a work in progress, and doesn't have any low level mobs so far. You can check for some approximate locations, but no maps.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:35 pm
by OTdude
Ok, never heard of that site, ill try it out, tyvm

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:49 pm
by OTdude
Those didnt help. ill find some other way of finding something close to what im looking for, thnkyou anyway and have a good day

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:42 pm
by darcek
Well mobs outside in RK that drop mya armor are borgs (found north of meetmadre and other places..usally writes on the map where are borg encampments)aquanns so mostly at swamp by the outpost 10-3,and medusas,those have specific areas also writen on map...South artery vallyt or something.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 5:13 am
by Hahnsoo
darcek wrote:aquanns so mostly at swamp by the outpost 10-3
Those aren't Aquaans. Those are Biledrinkers. There's a big difference (namely, that they don't drop Miy's).

The only wild Aquaans that I've found were around a dyna camp in Omni Forest, southern section. They drop really low Miy's Ranged and Melee (QL 10-30ish).

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:22 am
by xaatxuun
You may say I have my own personal mission, looking for Aquaan's, outside of finding them in missions. kinda wish I had a yalm, but I don't :cry:
If I can find any I could post the locations here (this post)
I got a lot of xp waiting to earn back from this special personal mission, :D Thar just has to be some secrete spot they are hiding, and I am going to find it, even if I have to be cloned again, and again, and again :twisted: