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Type zip Clicksaver 2.3.5 Hits: 12,649 07.12.2011
  Clicksaver. Updated by Uragon 26-01-2011
See to use with AO 18.5 and later Download Details
Type zip AOU Mod 1.2.5 Hits: 2,977 23.04.2013
  Updated to work with the 18.6 patch series. Download Details
Type AOIA+ Hits: 2,469 04.10.2013
  Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus. A branch from the original project, developed by Dream. Download
Type Nanos by Skills/Profession Hits: 2,410 07.12.2011
  This is a great on-line tool by Sinslayer at KAZE. It allows you to see exactly what Nano programs you can use by skill for your Profession. Download
Type AO Damage Viewer v1.9a Hits: 2,201 07.12.2011
  Another great program to keep track of damage by players, provided by Selexia. Download
Type Demoder's Tower Wars Hits: 2,094 15.03.2012
  This site logs&displays activity, statistics and graphs related to tower wars on both dimensions. Download
Type zip Clicksaver 2.3.5 (source) Hits: 1,848 07.12.2011
  Clicksaver source. Updated by Uragon 26-01-2011 Download Details
Type Missing Map Upgrades Tool Hits: 1,781 15.03.2012
  Which maps am I missing AND able to upload? Developed by Demoder. Download
Type Premade Implants Search Hits: 1,735 07.12.2011
  This tool has a list of the available implants in the Premade Implants Shop in the basic stores. Developed by Demoder. Download
Type PlanetMap Viewer Hits: 1,659 27.03.2012
  See in-game maps outside the game - With character tracking and a lot more! Download
Type AOScripter Hits: 1,600 07.12.2011
  A program to create your own in-game scripts, provided by Unity of the Rose Clan (Atlantean Server). Download
Type Anarchy Online Map Compiler (C#) Hits: 1,488 07.12.2011
  Map compiler which allows people to convert images into planetmaps which AO can understand. Developed by Demoder. Download
Type AONow v0.18 Hits: 1,280 07.12.2011
  Winamp Plugin for AO Download
Type The Leet (Previously AnarchyTalk) Hits: 1,209 07.12.2011
  Android chat client by Novagen Download
Type Vha.Chat Hits: 1,177 28.02.2013
  Vha.Chat is a standalone Anarchy Online chat client. Download
Type Clicksaver 2.4.0 Hits: 1,065 25.12.2015
  ClickSaver. Updated by DarkBane for Anarchy Online 18.5 and later. Download
Type mIRC Hits: 1,006 07.12.2011
  Internet Relay Chat -- can be used to access AO Chatservers Download
Type exe Windguaerd's Alien Database v3.0 Hits: 777 07.12.2011
  This database was made to help players learn the basics of Alien Invasion, city raids, APF raids, ranks as well as other related information that could be accessed easily in-game. Download Details
Type zip SXC Hits: 715 07.12.2011
  Simple calculator to show the time needed to advance in levels, works for both regular levels and for Shadowlevels. Download Details
Type zip PHP Org Tracking Hits: 646 07.12.2011
  A simple way to take the information from the People of Rubi-Ka org list, and place it on your website using PHP. Download Details
Type zip ChatConverter Hits: 456 07.12.2011
  Convert Chatlogs easily to make them read and postable
Download Details

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