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APF Loot Tradeskills

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Energy Redistribution Unit

Visible Light Remodulation Device

Dynamic Gas Redistribution Valves

Action Probability Estimator

Notum Amplification Coil

Drops in APF 28.
Regardless of what you'll make, you'll need 1250 Computer literacy for this tradeskill process

Inertial Adjustment Processing Unit

Please note that the Viral Data Storages, Overheated Compilers, and Cannisters of Powder are common drops off of city Generals; and they may be any ql from 200-300 to be of use in this process.

To remove the "Atrox Only" equipping requirement of a QL 250+ Diamondine Kick Pistol or Murder Maul, combine with the Inertial Adjustment Processing Unit.

Hacker ICE-Breaker Source

Requires 1000 Nano Programming

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