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Ancient and Ancient Modified Combat Bracer

Class: All Classes
Faction: All Factions
Level: 201-220
Item Links:
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To get the parts for these bracers you'll need to go with a team to Albtraum. For the tool needed, check this guide.

You will need the following items:

You'll also need this tool:

Here is the Process:

This step requires 1500 in Mechanical Engineering.
Note: The Ancient Engineering Device will not be used up, it's a tradeskill tool.

This step requires 1250 in Computer Literacy.

Modified Ancient Combat Bracer

Rifle / Aimed Shot version

This step requires 1250 in Computer Literacy.

Full Auto / Burst / Fling version

This step requires 1250 in Computer Literacy.

Melee weapon skill version

This step requirex 1250 in Computer Literacy.
For further upgrade to this version, check guide here.

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